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  1. Started the round Double, Double, Bogey and then proceeded to play the final 15 holes in 1 under. I ended up with 5 birdies, 6 pars, 5 bogeys, and 2 double bogeys on the card. My short game saved the day today as I was not striking the ball particularly well. Stats: FW-3, GIR-5, Putts-26 - 43-33 76
  2. Congrats! I'm hoping the Golf Gods will allow me an Ace soon!
  3. HI index dropped from a 9.6 to 5.9 year-over-year. I'm hoping I can improve on my HI next year as well, but most likely not at the same pace.
  4. If Golf was easy they'd start calling it Tennis . You're down to a 21 HI after your 2nd year of golf, that is mighty impressive. Take a second to breathe, maybe even a few days without any golf, and come back with a fresh mindset. Negativity between the ears is a golfers biggest nemesis. Good luck
  5. I sucked up my pride and realized my self made swing wasn't good enough. I played college hockey in the US and our assistant coach also coached the golf team. After the hockey season I reached out to him to see if he would help me develop a more consistent swing. After about 6 weekly sessions I noticed a change and the improvement sped up rapidly. I was able to take those fundamentals that I learned through my coach and applied them to all of my practice sessions. I also have found that playing with really good players will help you improve. Just watching their shot preparation and how they approach each hole was really eye opening for me.
  6. Not much you can do 8 months later... Sell the club and be more cognizant next time, no need to sweat over $12!
  7. Played 54 holes this weekend, twice on Saturday once on Sunday. Went 83-79-81. Sunday I was 4 over standing on the 18th tee box and drove my ball down the right side into the rough. I proceeded to hook 2 balls into the bush and put my 3rd green side. I was unable to find my first 2 balls and played my 3rd, chip and 2 putts later I carded a 9 on the hole for a 81 finish. Not the finish I was looking for, but I played solid the first 17 holes. Going for redemption next round!
  8. I'll be hitting this shot when I'm in Palm Springs in February. Bladed 8 iron it is!
  9. I have broken 80, my eyes are now on breaking par (Shot even 6 weeks ago!).
  10. League play season vs playoffs I give putts relatively the same. I take circumstance and difficulty into consideration when choosing whether to concede a putt or not. If they have 18" down hill to halve the hole late in the match, I would usually make my opponent putt it.
  11. Yesterday it down poured rain, so we waited it out in the clubhouse until we saw a break in the clouds. It was still raining pretty heavily but one of my golf buddies was adamant that we go out and play, there wasn't lightning so I grabbed my rain gear from my locker and we went out. It turned out to be a lot of fun, I was trying shots I wouldn't normally try and was a little more aggressive on tee shots than I am normally. Some shots worked great others didn't but all in all a great, though wet, round of golf. 43-38 for a 81.
  12. Heck of a job battling back on the final 9 holes. Tournament golf is a different animal and I applaud you for finishing your round with some solid golf. Good luck in your Club Championship this weekend.
  13. I think playing a round of speed golf would be the only way for me to play a round of golf without swing thoughts . I would have no problem if my club had the first 2 tee times of the morning reserved for speed golfers, as long as it doesn't damage the course in any way.
  14. Like other posters above have stated, post a My Swing thread. I'm very curious to see your swing and your progression. Good luck!
  15. Playing a Thursday after work round at my home course, I sprayed my 17th hole drive right on to the adjacent 18th hole's fairway. I had 160 yds, somewhat blind shot, over the trees to a middle pin and I ended up smacking the pin dead centre and it ricocheted down wards and left me 3 ft for birdie. My ball had a decent sized dent in it, but I was still able to roll in my birdie!