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  1. After going all of last golf season without an eagle, my first round of the 2017 season saw me drain a 35 footer for eagle.
  2. I was watching the re-run last night saw Mimi absolutely crush her drive, you could tell the crowd was impressed by her power. I was very impressed by the composure these kids have, they walk right up and smack a drive down the grid with a big smile. Its such a great event and its nice to see these competitors having fun.
  3. Thanks for the info @Patch . These balls really intrigued me and at that price point I think its the perfect ball to work off the rust at the beginning of my golf season. I'll PM you my address!
  4. I missed out on the original K-Sigs and I'm hoping they send some stock north of the border to Canada, if this ball does indeed come to market. I'm really interested in trying these.
  5. For myself personally, having no consequences for bad shots on the range allows my confidence to rise while hitting range balls. Bring me onto the first tee with white stakes left and water lining the fairway on the right, that confidence lowers significantly. My mental game causes my discrepancy from range to course, something I am beginning to work on.
  6. After not golfing since October, I took a vacation to Palm Springs with my s/o and got to play 4 rounds in the area. First round: Desert Dunes - Gold Tees 6614 yds 72.7/134 - Got off the plane at 9:30am, unpacked and teed off at 11:30am. I was a little rusty, but played a pretty good front nine but then lost control on the back. Fired a 40-45 85. The weather was perfect, the wind wasn't blowing too bad. Second round: PGA West Nicklaus (Tournament) Black Tees 7204 yds 75.3/143 - I have never played a course that has hosted a PGA Tour event and I wanted to try and experience what the pros faceoff against, so I played the back tournament tees. After a really solid warmup session at the gorgeous PGA West range, I stepped up to the tips and the nerves set in a little. The driver was hit and miss, hit 1 OB and 2 into water hazards off the tee, but I managed to shoot a 43-45 88, which I was satisfied with. My irons and wedges were off, but wow was this a beautiful course and a great experience! Third and Fourth rounds were played at Indian Palms : Royal/Mountain 9's - Blue Tees approx. 6100yds 69.2/121 - I was staying at a house located on the grounds of Indian Palms and they had very favorable rates and the course setup for my s/o's game well. This course is extremely tight and I hit iron off of every tee. I was extremely sporadic with my tee shots and my swing just wasn't in a good place. First round at Indian Palms was a 44-45 89. Second round was a lot better than the first, my swing was in a much better place. Tee shots were finding a lot of fairways and my wedges were fairly consistent. Shot a 40-39 79, but I found this score could have been lower if I could have found a way to stop the ball on the greens. This location's greens were extremely firm. Overall, for not playing for several months, I was very satisfied with my performance. The Palm Springs area is gorgeous and has so many amazing golf courses in the area, I can't wait to come back and play more.
  7. Smylie Kaufman, this guy looks like a ton of fun and he's very talented.
  8. Play with better players and be very observant. I moved out west for grad school and the move brought me very close to my two cousins. My cousins are both very good golfers, 2 HDCP and a scratch who has won the Regional Amateur multiple times. After playing multiple rounds with them, I was amazed how they approached shots and what their shot processes were. I am a highly inconsistent golfer and was very aggressive, always attacking pins, and watching them showed me that managing where you miss the ball is very important. So instead of attacking that back left pin with OB left, maybe play to the right center of green and leave yourself a 2 putt par. In hindsight, it sounds pretty simple but I had the 'grip it and rip it' mentality and changing to become a little more conscious of my shot selection saw my handicap go from a 13 to a 9 in 6-7 months.
  9. Lucky enough to have voted no, however there has been some really close calls on some punch outs from the trees. Hitting myself with my own golfball is probably my worst swing thought I have when punching out.
  10. My neighbor/friend/co-worker is most definitely my golf nemesis; We'll play 35-40 rounds together a year at our club and we keep track of medal play matches between us. We are both similar handicaps, but he has got a lot better over the past 2 years which has given him a lot of confidence. 2016 showed well in my favour, I finished 19 wins, 12 losses, 5 ties. It always in good fun and we actually enjoy the rivalry, we both think it makes us play better. I recently started a new job at the same institution as my golf nemesis and I took an early lead in 2016. This allowed me to gloat a little to our co-workers. He then went on to wallop me 3 rounds in a row and photocopied and emailed the scorecards to all of the fellow golfers in the office. This lead to me getting a dry-erase board to show our head-to-head record for the entire office to see, our boss loved it and our co-workers were always asking when we're playing next. He recently took a different job elsewhere, so the dry-erase board has been retired, but I'll still occasionally keep the office informed about our record in 2017.
  11. My best round of 2016 started off as a potential worst round of 2016. I doubled the first 2 holes, both were 3 putts as well, and was 6 over after 5 holes. I proceeded to play the next 13 holes at 2 under which included 5 birdies. Funny thing about this round was that I was driving and striking the ball horribly, but my short game came around and really saved the day. Round Stats: 43-33 - 76 (+4) 3/13 FW 5/18 Greens 26 Putts (2 fairway/fringe Putts went in) It wasn't pretty, but I consider it my best round of 2016.
  12. That's too bad... As a Canadian without access, I'm making a trip to Palm Springs in the middle of February and I was hoping they would be re-stocked so I can ship it to my California address. I'll keep checking daily just in-case.
  13. Any updates on when Costco will be re-stocked?
  14. Daly is up there for me too, love the raw skill.
  15. Who would land on YOUR Golf Edition MT. Rushmore? Pick 4 people who impacted your interest in golf the most. It doesn't have to be the greatest players of all time, it can be anyone who helped you grow your love for the game (Family member, Local Pro, friend, driving range employee, coach, neighboring club rival etc...). My Golf Edition Mt. Rushmore: - Tiger Woods - Tiger brought so much excitement to the game and watching his dominance really grew my interest in golf. The hype of Tiger trying to catch Jack's 18 Major record always kept me glued to the television during the majors. - My Dad - He got me into the game at a young age and golf has created a special bond over all of these years between us. Also, now were very similar handicaps so its nice to have a little family competition to gloat about at family dinners. - Mike Weir - As a Canadian I am very proud of Mike Weirs accomplishments on the PGA Tour and seeing him put on that Green Jacket at Augusta was amazing for golf in Canada. - Derek (Head Pro at my Local club) - Derek was responsible in turning around the junior golf program at my club. He held free clinics on Sunday afternoons and was really good at making the game fun for kids of all ages and skill. He even got me my first job at 15 at the club, those were the best 2 summers as I never left the course. Now there are definitely others I could have added to this list, but as of today these are my top 4. I'm curious to see who has impacted other TST members' passion for the game. Thanks!