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  1. thanks gents I will prob look for a set of taper tips.
  2. hmmm well ok then i was hoping for confirmation of taper tip requirement and some shaft model recommendations.
  3. Hi All its been ages since i have posted anything Its nice to be back. One of my iron shafts has broken. R steel shaft with 'Cushin' I love these irons. As there is not much groove wear i am inclined to reshaft the whole set. I am told they take a taper tip shaft. I am looking for a medium weight steel. Would probably be OK with S flex. Could anyone confirm the taper tip requirement and suggest a model/make. Many thanks
  4. i ve had 2 serious goes at this weird swing over a few years. it has some appealing ideas but its so compact that it has no flow its not a swing, more a hit. i dont think Hogan swung anything like this. It buggered my left hip, which has thankfully recovered. the other thing is the teachers of this swing have u doing the most silly drills !! And ive noticed from watching a few aussie tournaments on TV that there is hardly anyone really good using this technique. i think its not for most people. btw i ve gone for the complete opposite type of swing trying to emulate Fred Couples, and thats much more fun :)
  5. Thank you Zipazoid - that works so good :) For me its more like Fredddieeee (backswing).....Coup.....ples (followthough)
  6. They are not faults just wonderful features. It is interesting that many good players with strong grips actually fade the ball.eg Azinger They just ensure that whatever grip position they start with is maintained throughout the swing. It is the swing path that determines the shape the ball travels and with Fred i think is a slightly more upright (but shallows out brilliantly at the bottom) and slighlty across the line path (maybe becos of open stance) hence the high fade In Freds case if u look at slow mo vids of his hands at and past impact that cuppy left wrist is consistenly there, all the way to the finish. It also partly explains his flying RT elbow at the top - its there becos he maintains the cuppy left wrist. Oddly i dont think his method is harder on the back than any other swing out there. Sure the hips have to clear with any decent powerful swing! There are many reasons other why someone has a bad back.
  7. Yes, but I think it truly is 'outside;. Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz6fLTbDcFI At abt 3 mins he talks abt that backswing . Then there the magical timing !
  8. Hmm its nice ti find this discussion of the Freddy swing. I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to work it out. Why? cause i want to play with a fade and i have always loved the swing. Its a wonderful way to hit the ball. Heres what I have worked out: The strong grip is essential. It is key to the 'outside the line takeaway' and early set and u must maintain it at the top, so giving that cuppy look to the left wrist. His backswing is' arms and shoulder's initially . He then completes it with a massive shoulder turn - so that at the top he is on plane for the first time! The legs (open stance, not much knee bend ) dont do much , just turn in sympathy with that 'arm and shoulder dominated backswing'. He has a pause at the top then begins the down swing with a pretty big hip shift to the left. RT elbow tucks in and then he rips it. Its not natural unless u are Fred but it can be learnt!
  9. Yes, u know there s footage of him on Youtube! I worked out the problem with my swing in that i had 'forgotten' to get my RT elbow tucked as i shifted forwards in the downswing - suddenly i was reminded of a description in that old book from reading it abt 3 decades ago!
  10. After a big search online i am darn sure its - Tommy Armour - How to play Your Best Golf All the Time The copy i had looked different (green) from the editions shown on bookshop websites. Thanks all the same :)
  11. No no not Hogan's Fundamentals. Someone far less famous/ unknown as player , but if it made its way to Malaysia it had to have been quite well known as an instructional guide.
  12. Hi All, many many years ago i was lent a little green paperback with simple illustrations (ala 5 fundamentals) It was either authored by an American or possibly a Scot. I can't find it in the usual lists from Amazon etc ie Not Penick or Boomer . Can anyone help me? It was a great little book. Thanks
  13. gosh its been ages since i started that thread thank u The 19th Hole for responding so positively. must say i have ditched Edwin - was losing the crisp shots , maybe it was poor timing - but as i worked and worked on it i buggered my left hip. seems the set up position and the downswing action put so much stress on my hip. now i am back to a classic swing and enjoy the dynamics and the more flowing back and forth action. dam hip is better but not fully recovered - :(
  14. 2 wins before 18, clearly not a foolish decision !
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