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  1. I've been using the same driver since first picking up golf 4yrs ago. Not that i haven't tired to trade it in for a newer more adjustable driver, but every time i've contemplated a new driver, i take my current driver into the booth and consistently carry and drive it further than any other driver on the market. This afternoon after a weekend golf event, i noticed my driver having a distinct different sound and feel. Upon inspection, i found a crack in the face and i felt as though i just witnessed my dog getting ran over by a car. It literally put me in a horrible and depressed mood for the rest of the weekend. Today i got home and removed the head from my shaft and found that my shaft, too has failed. The fibers are all frayed and extends into the core of the shaft. Nonetheless, my bread and butter of a driver is now gone. For the past two weeks i have been fighting a fade when i normally draw the ball. So the shaft tip being frayed as badly as it is makes me feel a lot better about my swing and knowing it was now probably the shaft. However i am left questioning myself, where do i go from here? My current set up is the following: Head: 9064LS Shaft: UST Proforce V2 Flex- Stiff/ Wt- 65g/ Torque- 3.7/ Butt Stiffness-270/ Mid-7.1/ Tip stiffness-26/Tip Parallel- 4.0" and Tip OD-.335" My moto is, don't fix it if it isn't broken, however now that i am forced to either replace or rebuild, i wanted to see what some of you have to offer as suggestions. My swing dynamics are as follows: Speed- 105-110 Tempo- Medium-to-Fast Transition- Medium Release- Medium-to-Late I appreciate any suggestions and welcome any feedback! Thank you.