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  1. Couple of years ago at a Demo day and 'free evaluation session", I was right about 1.43/1.45 with my R11s and was told, that's pretty good, better than most Ams. (using 'real' balls, not the usual range balls). SS was at 103/105 for the 10 balls in that part of the evaluation.
  2. Good Luck... but a fade is still a fade. Changing the weight wont stop a fade. Coming across the ball from out to in will still put the same side spin on the ball.
  3. That time of year a lot of the courses have reduced rates due to the heat. If you're willing to go out a bit later in the morning, you can save a few bucks at even some of the normally higher end places. Even the later afternoon rates can be a good deal. And if I remember right, If you check on the Barefoot Resort website, they used to have a Wednesday special rate that was half price. I played the Love course for $50, including cart, Range Balls, cold towels, etc... Oh, and if your hotel has a "golf desk", they can help find times that you might not get be able to get cold calling yourself.
  4. AND.. you might need one of those "ripper" wrenches. It has teeth to grab the softspike. A normal spike wrench will just rip the holes on the existing spikes.
  5. I tried to find an earlier post I made on just this topic. Can't find it, so I'll have to type it all over again... I pulled my drive left through the trees into the rough along the adjacent fairway. I was under a smallish tree, in front of me is another tree with some branches somewhat higher up about 20yds away. And running the length of both holes between the fairways are some pretty tallish trees fully in leaf, so to speak. But- wind is HOWLING across perpendicular at about 25-30mph. I was 280 from the green according to my GPS thing. We get to the ball and I take a look at the situation for a minute or two and decide. Now- I have been telling the guys I play with to NEVER, EVER go for the "Hero" shot- just get it back into play as best you can and play in from there. But on this day I turned to "Bob" and said; "Okay here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take my 5W and hit it from under these branches, then under those, then the spin is going to balloon the ball up in the air and the wind is going to grab it and push it back into our fairway and drop it just short of the fairway bunker about 120 yds from the green..." He looked at me like I had two heads. "What happened to never take the hero shot?" I shrugged and said "watch". I lined up and just as the wind gusted I took the shot: Under these branches, then the next, then it rose up and started riding to the right, went over the trees and landed in the middle of the fairway. "HOLY F*CK" was all I heard... didn't quite pull it off like I wanted, though- it was 130 yards from the green. THAT is my greatest ever called shot. But I've a few that were like "yeah, I have to punch it around with a draw", or "I gonna play a fade to the back corner", etc... pretty mundane stuff. But that 5 Wood still resonates in our little group.
  6. Walked into the bar at Sayville, Golf Course after playing. I think he was on the 11th or 12th hole. We stayed to watch it til the end.
  7. For my buddies- a "fair or decent" shot might deserve a "good shot", because sometimes that is the best they can normally do. I don't comment on every shot and don't really hear if they say much, either. Usually for us, the better term is: "it's safe" or "it's dry".
  8. Trueness is more important than speed. And consistency among all the holes is right there as well. But on the whole- faster is my preference. to a point
  9. My guess will be that people who are good putters will underestimate the speed, and the bad putters will over estimate. Courses that see a lot of play like the ones I play in no way can keep speeds that are too high. Too much stress and they'd be dead by the end of June. There might be variations based on location and strain of grass, but a daily fee muni can't really keep it's greens at 11 or 12. My criteria is smoooooothness. Fast is fine and slow is fine as long as the line is true. Usually figure it out pretty quick. But a bumpy green is worse than any problems that speed cause.
  10. that's how I learned. My starter set (of blades) was 1w,3w, 3,5,7,9 and a putter. For 6 years, didn't use anything else until I was 20 and could afford a "full set". Learned all the shots, that way. And why I have (or had) 3 distances for each club. For example- 140 to middle is a 9, 135 tucked behind a bunker on right is a cut 9I, 145 back left would be a draw 9I to the back.corner.
  11. whoa... a bit pricey for my blood... I've had Frogg Toggs in the past, and they work just fine for the limited rain play I subject myself to. And a bit smaller bite on the budget... much smaller.
  12. Used to be a time, I would buy a Driver from the local golf store bargain bin for $30-$50. then it was the best driver I ever used... until it wasn't- then I would go back and get another one. that might be a week later... or two months. I didn't buy a "real" driver until I went all out on a 2 year old brand new R7 from rockbottom. I think I paid $189 for it. And that was the greatest driver ever! Until 2 years later I picked up a leftover Callaway Tour Octane from the same place. Then THAT was the greatest driver ever. Then the R11s went on a flash sale at Golf Galaxy for a ridiculous price. And THAT was the greatest driver ever. Then a few years later a leftover M1 was the greatest driver ever. I had NEVER bought a 'latest and greatest' new model driver until this spring. I had a TM fitting session when the M5/M6 came out, and since the fitting was free, why not. After 1/2 hour of getting numbers with the M1 and then numbers with the M5 (not so good and felt strange), then the M6 (8mph increase in ball speed) I dropped the coin right there. Got $120 for the M1 so it wasn't really a full cost money bomb. So, yes, you can get increase in performance with a 1 or 2 year old driver without breaking the bank. Plus the technology in the balls working WITH the newer driver face technology will also get you some help.
  13. From what I figure, that wasn't a "shank" as such. But he was trying so hard to pull across it to get it up in the air, that it clanked off the toe side, not the hosel side. In my books a shank is off the hosel, and a clank is off the toe. Still... the luckiest bastid on the tour that day...
  14. I would pay an extra $2 a round if it meant the course would have a couple of kids to go out in the morning and give a raking over all the bunkers to loosen them up a bit. Not a problem. However- the cost of designing PROPER and real sand bunkers (not the dirt filled garbage holes most munis end up with after a few months) is probably a real deterrent for most courses not rolling in the dough. In those cases, create "waste areas" with a sand that can withstand the abuse. Ground the club, etc... don't try and recreate the road bunker, spectacles or the Devils arsehole type of pot bunker. Lower lips and escape routes that can be used with lower lofted clubs for an easier escape for everyone.
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