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  1. My guess? That tree wasn't that tall when that hole was created, if there at all. As well as the hole possibly being reconfigured in the past, either with slightly shorter tees, slightly different approach angle, or the fairway was originally cut closer to it. If the club has the original blueprints around you could figure it out pretty easy.
  2. It's more like Brunch.. since they want you at the course to check in at least an hour before your time. And you might wait in the line inside for awhile to do that. PLUS the time it takes to walk from your car in the lot... it's a big lot! Stick with a local deli and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a roll to go!
  3. Why would it bother anyone? I know when my Dad had to give up the game (for the most part), he would come along as a rider. Then he would drop a ball and use one of the couple of clubs of his that we put into my bag and play in from about 30-50 yards in.
  4. Yup... I had to contact Golf Logix a few years ago when a course in the Poconos revamped 3 holes. He couldn't figure out what I was talking about, so I had to send him a capture of google earth with notations on what was where and where things were. they had it fixed in a few weeks. It would probably depend on when they can send someone out to re-track it. Some of the early ones just used Google Earth for info. The big boys use actual GPS backpacks.
  5. Sawyers Picaridin. Available on Amazon. My wife is an absolute magnet, while I am nearly immune. This stuff is amazing according to her. https://www.amazon.com/Sawyer-Products-SP544-Repellent-Picaridin/dp/B0015KG5NK/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sawyers+picaridin&qid=1559221231&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  6. Maybe... they have SOME slots available for first off/early off.. then you get slotted in where there is an opening. You might need to wait until 11am or later to get on the Black.
  7. I played a lot as a younger man in the late 70's through the late 80's. Never tipped it, but played the whites in around 78-85 over those years. Even then it had it's "reputation" as a difficult course. Overall, IMO- The Black is LESS penal than it was before the USGA upgrades. The did some renovations here and there over the years prior to the USGA spending millions to make it up to snuff. Yes, the fairways were a "bit" wider before the reno's, but the State spent zero dollars maintaining the rough areas outside the second cut. You had fairway, first cut, second cut, then 2-3ft high fescue all the way to the tree lines or whatever hole was nearby meeting up with their second cut. Hit it there and you did not find the ball- that was it. I believe the only spot on the current setup where it is anything close to those conditions is the area between 10 and 11. This was all over the course. Once the Open moved in- they absolutely had to make it easy and safe for spectator movement around the place. You can't subject people to wild areas filled with tall grass, brambles and ticks. So the further wide you went, the easier the next shot became since it was all mowed and tramped down Right off the bat- the first hole. They took the old growth trees out that were on the outside of the dogleg. They came into play in late July and August when the fairways would dry up and balls ran out into them. Now? it is open because they put a hospitality area in that triangle surrounded by 1,17,18. They did it in 2002. However, they replanted some after that and took them out again for 2009 as best I remember. Even on 8, if you were right and on the bank? Gone. Now, there's a chance (a small one) that it will bound down the slope and end up with a simple chip. I noted these things when I last played it about 5 or 6 years ago. There were places I hit the ball wide of the fairways and was pleasantly surprised that, first, I could actually FIND the ball and, second, that I had a relatively simple shot back to the fairway or even to the green from these spots. Prime example was on #6 I pulled my 3 wood pretty badly left between the woods and the bunker at the corner. I trudged my way over figuring I wouldn't have a shot. I got to the top of the hill and looked around and didn't see it. "Oh, well". then I caught a glimpse down at the bottom of the hill in some semi rough and saw my ball. less than 100 yds from green. It must have hit the hard pan(that wasn't there in 1985) and found it's way down there. In 1985? that ball was lost, no doubt about it. And it wasn't lost 100 yards from the green, it would have been eaten up by the grass and junk somewhere near the top of the hill. While it is no pushover, the holes that were tough back then are the tough holes now. Back left pin on 3? Brutal. 5? Take your poison if you favor the left side too much. 15 is probably one of the most difficult holes on any course in any other Tour or USGA event. Yes, they will widen the fairways a notch once the people get it back for regular play and the greens will be tuned down a notch. Speaking of which- the greens aren't all that difficult. MOST of them are relatively flat with subtle movement. One exception is the previously noted #3. And a few have ridges that split the greens but in general, at "normal public" speeds they are (or were) not very tricky if you put your ball in the right spot. Front of 8 with too much backspin is a no-no. I did remark while watching The PGA on TV when Rory wound up well off the mark and was hitting from the gallery area off a fairway- "Jeez, in 1985, they wouldn't have found Rory in that stuff, much less his ball" My 2 cents, anyway...
  8. Went from an 8 to a 15 in the blink of an eye after that fiasco. Every time I tried to go back to my "feel" swing, his "advice" would creep in and just make the issue worse. Went from trying to minimize a 'slight' pull with the shorter irons with 'my' swing, to fighting full on snap ducks after. I've been able to slowly get back some measure of control, but a quacker shows up way too often. Last year I had a video evaluation and was informed I tended to keep too much weight on my heels which probably was the original issue. If Dingus Pro had said that while working WITH my swing instead of trying to change everything to get more money out of me, I'd be a much happier guy.
  9. Yes, they are back to the "normal" method of putting the Iron number (6,7,8) instead of the lofts (30,34,38). The Hi-Iron Utility clubs still have the loft on the sole.
  10. Yes, they are sexy... and they play sexy. while they are classified as "Blades". they have less of a blade feel. Hogan put in the "Progressive Perimeter Weighting" system which is what the first GI and SGI clubs were all in on back in the 80's. It's subtle- but there is forgiveness there. A sweet spot hit is still like butter as a blade should be, but a miss isn't nearly as penal as a blade of the 60's and 70's would be. But that forgiveness is NOT from the size of the clubhead. the heads are smaller than GI and SGI clubs so you don't have quite as large of a margin to miss. If you are fairly consistent in hitting center strikes, then Blacks could work for you. If not- try the other, more forgiving models in their lineup
  11. took my first actual "paid for" lesson. Haven't been the same since. Should have realized it right away when he ignored what I was looking for, and just had me hit 5 irons with a new grip setup. Lost my natural feel and I am still looking for the old me to show up. This was 25 years ago...
  12. Well... experiment over... for now. Prepped the club by cleaning it, prepping with alcohol, drying with a hair dryer. Pristine surface. Applied the pieces of tape. Let it set overnight. Arrive at the range, go through the bag up to the Driver. First ball, 2 of the 3 pieces of tape came off. The other piece barely adhering. It's as if the adhesive is the same as on a post-it note. I shouldn't have to Gorilla Glue or epoxy the weights on.
  13. I have struggled with the new technology since the days of the R7 (my first 'real' "latest and greatest"), so you aren't alone. I tend to lose track of where the clubhead is during the swing. The older clubs were more "dense" feeling, so I could feel it loading up on the transition. I tried to find the smaller versions of the clubs like the 430cc versus the 460cc models. I found a Callaway Tour Octane had the best 'feel' among the recent clubs, I've picked up. My M6 is okay, but still not where I'd like it. I even tried to go with a R flex during the fitting, but the ball was all over the place. I just picked up some of those 3gram tape weights and will do some experimenting this weekend.
  14. Closest I came was when I did the routing for the underground cabling at ANGC back in the mid 80's for CBS. They finally decided to bury the cables after years of laying it out fresh every year. This way they only had to plug in the various equipment at the towers into connectors at each end. I made a copies of the originals to keep, but they were lost over the years through various office moves since then.
  15. No problem- if you go to the KSC, try to book online ahead of your visit if you know which day you want to go. It's very popular, and you may have to wait around for hours to get on a bus tour if you just show up. If not, check with the concierge at the resort, they might have connections.
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