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  1. RayG

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    I believe it just happened at the Mexico tournament a few weeks ago.
  2. RayG

    4K on the Golf Channel

    It isn't the Cable companies that aren't providing 4K. The content producers and networks need to record in 4k. Professional, Broadcast quality 4K equipment is $$$$$$$. along with the bandwidth required and equipment to get it to the public. I remember when we were testing HD back in the early 80's (yes, nearly 40 years ago) here at CBS, the cost of developing the equipment and testing, re-testing, then developing the ability to actually broadcast the signal ate up a rather large chunk of budget. I suspect you would get, at first, "upconverted" 4K style. Not exactly 4K but better than 1080i. (and on that front, most HD isn't 1080, it's 780 that's been 'massaged'. On TV's up to a certain size there is little difference unless you are sitting 12" away.
  3. RayG

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    It would depend on the putter... BUT- I use a fairly firm grip and since it is downhill anyway, you are striking with more 'gentle' hit. And it might only need to be touched to get it going downhill towards the hole. Using the toe side gets it off the 'sweet spot' so it doesn't jump off and run away. In my case, I have an Odyssey 2 ball that has some weight to it, so a gentle tap for downhill putts has very little effect on twisting. But a lighter blade putter using a light grip would certainly be a different story.
  4. RayG

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    I use a similar technique. The shorter and more breaking putts are struck off the toe. Even a normal downhill-ish put is struck towards the toe with a normal stroke. It takes some of the "pop" off the putt. At least that is the theory and it seems to work well for me. It isn't always a question of 'over' thinking the putt, since it is now my normal technique I'm not thinking any more about that putt than any other.
  5. RayG

    Do You Play with a Phone in Your Pocket?

    In my pocket? It's not even in the cart or in my bag. I leave it in the car. I have my Izzo 4000 for yardages. I'm playing to get away from distractions. There is enough of that in my actual golf game in the first place.
  6. On a more serious note. Hybrids are way easier to hit than driving irons. If, as you indicated, are a 37- it's probably better to not kill the hybrid into the wind. An easier swing would impart less backspin. if you can learn to hit up slightly on the ball like a driver swing by teeing it a smidge higher, you might get a better launch, less spin and more rollout. If you are talking off the deck- that takes a more sweeping stroke instead of an iron type of swing hitting down on the ball. And off the deck, a 'driving' iron isn't the best choice no matter what the conditions. If you are a fast learner and can hit(consistently) a low stinging 2 or 3 iron into the wind (or across the wind for that matter), then it would pay to do that.
  7. If the ball balloons and lands behind you, it might be time...
  8. RayG

    14-Year-Old Golfer - Hole In One (taped from the green)

    Hate the little bugger... <mumblegrumble> congrats... And on another note.. doesn't ANYONE on that hole fix the ball marks? that green was atrocious
  9. RayG

    Golf Channel Am Tour - Is It Too Expensive?

    Yes, I mentioned "government subsidies"- buy which I would figure that a locally run State or Municipal association would be getting some funding, just as a muni course receives some gov't funding as well as a money from daily fees to keep costs down. It may come out of the same "golf" budget so who gets what would vary tremendously..
  10. RayG

    Amount of practice?

    Too much of ANYTHING is bad... Practices sessions just getting worse and worse, so I bagged the clubs and will take a break for as long as it takes to get back my mojo and stop over thinking everything when a slight miss happens. Either at the range or on course. Practice without purpose is probably the worse thing you can do. Just beating balls all over the joint is no way to improve. Neither is just playing figuring you will improve by doing all the same things wrong all the time.
  11. RayG

    Golf Channel Am Tour - Is It Too Expensive?

    Remember that the GCAT is really just trying to produce revenue for the Golf Channel and it's owners. State and local groups aren't generally income stream driven as much since they might get subsidies from various government agencies. And if they are playing on municipal courses, that saves them money as well. You are paying for the cachet of the golf channel itself.
  12. RayG

    What is the tournament for beginners

    If you are a "beginner" beginner, start with little games between your friends. Put a little pressure on without too much stress. No more than a 50cent bet at a time on various things. Fairways hit, longest putt, etc.. Make it fun. Then you can move onto leagues and such when you improve a bit. And since these leagues will involve a little side action (usually) you will have had some experience under pressure. Granted, not a million dollar check pressure, but it will help. As with any type of competition, even if it is sponsored by the Golf channel or whatever, there will be those characters who might be a bit on the 'shady' side- be it sandbaggers, roll-over guys or flat out cheaters. Beware the blade guy with a "15" handicap. But the best advice- have fun. You have fun, you win. Beat yourself up for missing an 8 footer for bogey? don't bother.
  13. RayG

    Who has two sets of irons?

    Unless you are a complete and utter beginner that just came home with your first set, you have more than one set... the old ones may have screwed up your game, but you keep them around,,, "just in case". Right now, I have the Hogan Blacks currently gaming, the interim GigaGolf set I picked up on a whim a few years ago, Hogan Ft. Worth Edges, and lastly- my Dad's set of Taylor Made "Technician" Irons that are more of a sentimental set.
  14. Oh, well... so much for my "home range". I started going to the Alley Pond Range instead. Cheaper, no toll, better balls and it had a fan in each stall for the summer to cool off. Surprised that they went so overboard in a NYC Park. So whatever they charge, add $6 to pay the toll. When the range originally closed in May, it was posted "We'll be back in a month under new management", that turned into August. So I guess some news is news. I'll probably try it and give it a go when it first opens. Just to get a feel. But The toll, $5 just to join for the day, plus $25 an hour makes it pretty expensive just to work on things. And what I don't want is to be working on something and have a Bro-fest going on at the next tee if there is no divider. I wonder if there's a way to suggest a non-party mode section off to one side of lower level. No games, sofa's, etc.. just available to practice using the flight info or whatever at a slightly lower price point? On a side note, Does anyone have ANY info on this place? It's built over some kind of MTA facility next to the Mosholu course. It's right at the Woodlawn Subway station in the Bronx. I've googled it and nothing shows any info at all. they've been working at it for SEVERAL years now and it looks pretty close.
  15. RayG

    Cortisone Injection

    Which is why I was told to get that shot... or else.

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