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  1. Wind will certainly affect scores. Not only will it lengthen holes into the wind- the biggest issue is the player trying to smash the ball into the wind by hitting it harder. So ANY off kilter fade becomes a raging slice or that draw will become a hook and go further off line into worse trouble. It's the recovery shots back into play that balloon the scores. Soft conditions have some trade offs- less roll in the fairways, but more hold on the greens. Even with the longer irons.
  2. RayG

    Top Golf

    I believe TopGolf has developed "TopGolf Suites" (or something like that) for those locations where it isn't realistic to keep the open stalls heated. They are Simulator bays as opposed to full ranges.
  3. We have Bear Trap Dunes, Rum Pointe and Newport Bay on out itinerary in May. Bear Trap Dunes is on the way on the Thursday, so we get to play after a 4 hour drive...
  4. My sister and her husband played in Egypt. There is a course right up close to the Pyramids... and I mean RIGHT up close.
  5. jeez, I will even talk to myself when I play alone... I couldn't go 18 holes without saying something... And if he doesn't want to "talk", then let him go out first... alone.
  6. Never played the city courses in New York, then. On a peak weekend day, 5:45/6:15 is never out of the ordinary. If you just show up without a time as a single it could be a 2 hour wait til an opening, then 6 hours slogging behind and among players who will emulate the slowest PGA/LPGA player in their approach to each and every shot. This entails endless practice swings with those little poses checking position at takeaway, stopping to check the position at the top, etc... then several more practice swings, then finally an attempt at a swing after standing over the ball for days. Then, after chunking it 15 yards, begin the process all over again. Oh, and this is after going back to the cart to change clubs. It is purgatory. Now if you include the 30 minutes or so to get there and back. that is a 9 hour day on what aren't exactly great golf courses for the most part. I can drive out to a Long Island course in 45/60 minutes, essentially go right out as a single, play in 4/4:20, and drive back home in less time and actually enjoy the golf... and still have 2 or 3 hours to spare.
  7. Raccoon Run in Myrtle Beach. (before it closed) there were 2(!) Par 3's on the back at around 250-260 from tips (220-240 from Whites), with at least one being all carry over water. Even the White tees were 6800+ with the Blues at 7400. At that time in the early 80's through the early 90's, I think it was one of the longest in the Southeast. However, it was a fast and firm course so roll was a big factor. Wind was another- #10 was a 600yd plus Par 5. I remember hitting Driver, Driver off the deck, 3 wood into the wind and still came up 100 yards short.
  8. In the "real" world- players aren't all THAT familiar with the "flyer lie" in the short rough, so that 150 7 iron becomes a 170 missile over the back into trouble. They don't always think about going down a club or two. BUT- the further left or right you go on many courses, you end up in a pristine lie in the fairway. It may not be YOUR fairway, but barring obstructions like trees, it's a relatively easy shot back to the hole you're on. With yardage devices and rangefinders it's a piece of cake to pick the right club and get on in regulation.
  9. Fought this exact scenario last year and worked on it over the winter. It seems my "stacking and tilting" with the driver carried too much into my iron swing. EXCEPT, I wasn't really 'stacking and tilting', I was on my heels and way too open at the shoulders. Forced the path to come in a hair too much from the outside and led to a pull. also may have put in too much shaft lean trying to 'get at it'. I regrouped, set up in a 'neutral' setup and stance with normal lean and... pulls went away. more or less.. It will pop back if I get a bit lazy, but I worked at developing the muscle memory and getting my weight shifting correctly.. Good Luck..
  10. Well, to be fair, they wouldn't teach Jim Furyk's swing to anyone, and he seems to do okay...
  11. How high is the ceiling? overhead racks keep them off the floor and within easy reach. Some PVC and bungee cords should be a cake walk.
  12. How odd... In 40+ years of playing here in the NE and 20+ years of visiting my parents in Florida I have NEVER been refused a time as a single when calling the day before. I make sure to specify I don't mind getting hooked up with another group as a fill in. Now, if the course is fully booked they will tell me, and I'll look elsewhere. Even some of the 'better' courses like World Woods and TPC Tampa allowed me to book as a single.
  13. "as a weekend hacker.." Yes, as a weekend hacker, then hybrids would probably work best. If that's all you plan on doing, then it's all good. but... if you decide to really improve and play better, Irons will make a world of difference. I only play one hybrid- a 19* Adams 3. And as someone else mentioned it's used mostly when it's a bit of a grabby lie that would make it tough to get a solid long iron on it. IMO, hybrids tend to balloon more and be much more affected by the wind. Irons can be worked lower OR higher depending on need. And yes, you could probably work a hybrid a bit if you really try, but as a self described "weekend hacker", it's probably something to avoid without the skill set involved..
  14. I was 11 when I hit my first 7 Iron at the driving range after a bit of tutelage about grip and swing from my Dad. I was off a short tee just to make it easier. Buttered it to about 140 straight and true- Even the pro who was giving a lesson said- "kid's a natural". I think I caught the bug right then. I became a Range Rat all that summer. My Dad would play on Saturday AM and I would beat balls until they were finished and we'd go home. then I would hit those plastic balls in the backyard all day. (On a side note, I made friends with the squirrel in the backyard who eventually would fetch the balls and bring them back to me... kind of. Might get them to within 10-20 feet away and I would toss a peanut or something) No "real" lessons, just the odd tip or two from that Pro. Following summer same thing until just after my 13th B'day (for which I got those immortal Chi-Chi Rodriguez Northwestern Blades), my dad decided I was ready to go out and play on a real course. Started off with a HUGE slice and took an 8 on the opening Par 5. After that, a steady 98. Beat my Dad by 8 and never shot over 100, and my Dad never did beat me over the next 45 years until he finally had to give up the game. I may have mentioned that after he stopped playing and he came out to ride along when we played World Woods, he said he was pretty annoyed but at the same time very proud of that first day. Even now, 45 years later, I wish I had that "natural" swing back- over the years all those stupid swing thoughts really screw you up.
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