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  1. If you have a "fade", then weighting and Lie angle will help straighten things up a bit. But if you "slice" from an over the top out to in path... then no. EVERY manufacturer will use a perfect robot swing to determine what the settings will do. Which doesn't translate to the real world. Unless you're Moe Norman or something.
  2. I suspect that DS tweet was more of a BS tweet. I was HIGHLY skeptical when they originally said, "new concession" was taking over in a month and run it for a year until "Drive Shack" would start construction. A year later it was still closed. And that was 2 years before any "Pandemic". Besides the fact that it is on NYC Parkland, makes it even more suspect that they would allow DS to build a facility like that on the property. Years ago, that range was supposed to the site of an Indoor Artificial Wave Pool for Surfing. All the brochures were pretty, "agreements" were signed, etc... Woun
  3. I suspect it has to do with the motivation of each player. We play as a three maybe twice a month. I will get out once, sometimes twice a week. I have been playing for a long time and have actually never shot over 100. I was a range rat for 1-1/2 seasons before my Dad let me go out and actually play. Shot a 98 (no mullies or gimme's- My Grandad played with us and was Scottish, so no coddling allowed). I loved it and tried to improve until I was around a 4/6 depending on the course. But there was no place to really go as that hdcp, AND I had found surfing, skateboarding and girls taking up more
  4. Unless they are truly unique and "historically noteworthy" then they are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Which might be a bit more for the older hand made clubs, but certainly not for clubs from the 70's thru 90's.
  5. No clue... but it's the one everyone wants.
  6. Fancy names with fancy prices. "Goo-Gone", "Ungoo"... Nail polish remover works or just plain denatured alcohol. The stuff is at most a cupla bucks a GALLON. Instead of $5 for 2 OUNCES.
  7. I find that there are 4 levels. You have the "Baby Draw", the "Draw", the "Pull Hook" and lastly, the "FORE LEFT!!!"
  8. I play with a guy who is a bit "round". He struggles with the weight and if he loses too much weight, he looks and feels terrible. He just carries more weight better. Generally healthy over all, considering. The one thing he has is he is INCREDIBLY flexible. I cannot believe some of the ways he can contort himself when I would snap a ligament. He also struggled a bit to find 'his' swing. He generally had a weak slice and played it. He asked me if I could help. His weak slice was a a classic over the top from an extremely vertical swing plane trying to get his gut out of the way. Because of his
  9. Just reading the title, I was going to say "Depends on how hard you hit that tree". But going back to the subject. Back in the day... when Cast clubs first came out, you were warned about this very scenario. Cast clubs might be stronger, but were much more brittle and any modifications would be small and VERY carefully done. Forged always had a lot more wiggle room and larger adjustments could be made. but I suppose the days, materials and construction methods have changed a bit where Cast clubs can be adjusted more than they used to.
  10. Not sure about the issues with the actual apps. But if you have a 6, you can turn off the "Always On" feature that keeps the face available. Even when it's off, it comes up so quick, you might not even notice. When I first got mine, I left it "on"- battery barely lasted a day. Setting it to off and I can go 2 days of normal use.
  11. A now defunct course in Myrtle Beach that was one of our favorites. Probably since it was the first course we played there back in the early 80's. Raccoon Run was known to be, if not THE longest, one of the longest courses in the Southeast at the time. Tips were out to 7350, while the Whites were at 6809. Relatively benign front 9. But the back... yeesh. 10 was 575 from Whites into the prevailing wind. Then there were 2 Par 3's at 11 and 15 that were 210+ from Whites (250 or so from tips). BOTH were nearly all carry over water to the front edge. HOWEVER- the saving grace to all that leng
  12. Odd... this isn't really "New" news. I recall seeing the last show a few months ago when it was noted that that was the last show. Why is it all of a sudden a "thing"? Maybe it's just a paperwork thing and it was released to make it "official"? IF all those who say they watched it all the time and loved the show, where were the posts about it months ago?
  13. Should be a third choice: "Meh" I read a couple of replies and did not go through ALL of them, so I might have missed a reply about an obvious issue. IF these are new members 'clogging' up the course and aren't aware of the 'rules', then that is the Club's fault. New members should have been given an "Indoctrination" of some sort. A set of written Rules and Laws of the Club relating to behavior and etiquette expected of them. Maybe even a round with an officer to familiarize them with how things are done and what is expected of them. If they are just signing up members and taking their mo
  14. Just great- I just got a $500 gift card for my 60th to play Ferry Point Park with my buddy in the spring. (NYC Resident). And anyways- it's a stupid measure. Trump runs the "Trump Organization" that runs these things like I run the Federal Treasury.
  15. A discussion over that with the teaching Pro at the range I went to before it was shut down was about this very thing. Even though they had over 350 yards to work with length wise, On one side over the nets was a MAJOR artery to and from Manhattan. Not very likely to get it there, but they took the cautious route with their range balls. They were Srixon Range balls. Pro mentioned that he might lose 10-20% distance on his drivers and fairways, while scoring clubs were nearly identical. Someone like myself with a 100-105 SS might only see a 10% loss. It seems the faster your SS and Ball speed, t
  16. Couple of years ago at a Demo day and 'free evaluation session", I was right about 1.43/1.45 with my R11s and was told, that's pretty good, better than most Ams. (using 'real' balls, not the usual range balls). SS was at 103/105 for the 10 balls in that part of the evaluation.
  17. Good Luck... but a fade is still a fade. Changing the weight wont stop a fade. Coming across the ball from out to in will still put the same side spin on the ball.
  18. That time of year a lot of the courses have reduced rates due to the heat. If you're willing to go out a bit later in the morning, you can save a few bucks at even some of the normally higher end places. Even the later afternoon rates can be a good deal. And if I remember right, If you check on the Barefoot Resort website, they used to have a Wednesday special rate that was half price. I played the Love course for $50, including cart, Range Balls, cold towels, etc... Oh, and if your hotel has a "golf desk", they can help find times that you might not get be able to get cold calling yourse
  19. AND.. you might need one of those "ripper" wrenches. It has teeth to grab the softspike. A normal spike wrench will just rip the holes on the existing spikes.
  20. I tried to find an earlier post I made on just this topic. Can't find it, so I'll have to type it all over again... I pulled my drive left through the trees into the rough along the adjacent fairway. I was under a smallish tree, in front of me is another tree with some branches somewhat higher up about 20yds away. And running the length of both holes between the fairways are some pretty tallish trees fully in leaf, so to speak. But- wind is HOWLING across perpendicular at about 25-30mph. I was 280 from the green according to my GPS thing. We get to the ball and I take a look at the
  21. Walked into the bar at Sayville, Golf Course after playing. I think he was on the 11th or 12th hole. We stayed to watch it til the end.
  22. For my buddies- a "fair or decent" shot might deserve a "good shot", because sometimes that is the best they can normally do. I don't comment on every shot and don't really hear if they say much, either. Usually for us, the better term is: "it's safe" or "it's dry".
  23. Trueness is more important than speed. And consistency among all the holes is right there as well. But on the whole- faster is my preference. to a point
  24. My guess will be that people who are good putters will underestimate the speed, and the bad putters will over estimate. Courses that see a lot of play like the ones I play in no way can keep speeds that are too high. Too much stress and they'd be dead by the end of June. There might be variations based on location and strain of grass, but a daily fee muni can't really keep it's greens at 11 or 12. My criteria is smoooooothness. Fast is fine and slow is fine as long as the line is true. Usually figure it out pretty quick. But a bumpy green is worse than any problems that speed cause.
  25. that's how I learned. My starter set (of blades) was 1w,3w, 3,5,7,9 and a putter. For 6 years, didn't use anything else until I was 20 and could afford a "full set". Learned all the shots, that way. And why I have (or had) 3 distances for each club. For example- 140 to middle is a 9, 135 tucked behind a bunker on right is a cut 9I, 145 back left would be a draw 9I to the back.corner.
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