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  1. To be honest- if you need to worry about a 1 yd discrepancy in yardage between various devises, you wouldn't need them. You'd be on tour and your caddie would be taking care of these things!:-D Knowing that a trap needs 137yds to carry it to a tight pin, doesn't mean that most people will be able to say "okay- I'll hit it 138...". a "normal" amateur would take their 140 club and hope for the best (but should take their 150 and swing easy).
  2. As I mentioned- Don't think about the hole- think about that giant manhole that replaced it since the last time you played there. Nobody will be able to TELL you what to think, least of all how to putt. Without spending the time to actually practice to get some feel, it may be a long road. Playing for money? Don't- maybe the pressure is what's bugging you. Not playing for money? Then play for a buck or two, it might force you to focus on the task at hand. Other than that- it's in your hands... or brain...
  3. The difference in most peoples putting is 6 inches... The distance between the ears. Asking a Forum board for help will only fill that 6 inches with a lot of 'stuff'. Other than practice and a repeatable putting routine to take some of the extraneous thoughts out of your mind, this is something that you need to work out. I can only say that the above methods of picking the line can help. I will make ONE suggestion- that hole you're trying for isn't 4.5 inches across- it's a large as you can realistically visualize it for a given putt. 30 feet? it's 3feet across. 20? make it 2 ft across, and so on. I bet if you stood on the street from 50 feet away from an open manhole you could put it in almost every time.
  4. You can save marking the ball by just using matte scotch tape. it will leave a distinct mark as well.
  5. Some are done using those backpacks. Those are "generally" the Sky Caddie/Golf Logix contractors doing a thorough site layout. A few of the "Free" or near free apps for iPhones/Blackberry etc... are done by the end users (for the most part). Using Google Maps from their website, you can follow their instructions to input tee boxes and middle/front/back of the green. A few also allow editing so that other users can input carry yardages, distance to a hazard, etc... It's almost like a "Wikipedia" for golf yardages. The first guy might just do a quick input if he's playing in the next day or two. The next guy might have time to add the intermediate yardages or even fix some of the errors. It's very simple to do, and for the most part, fairly accurate. It might get a little shaky if the course is on one of those Google Map sections where the resolution isn't that good. In that case it's almost impossible to get good numbers. I've done a couple on the Swing by Swing and BBGPSGolf sites.
  6. Yardages are ridiculous to try and figure out on a range. Maybe a few ranges like the TPC's that use 'good' balls will reflect a bit better, but overall- not a chance. Any range work that I do, I concentrate on ball flight and ball striking. I'll pick a flag and just use it for an aiming point. I'm not trying to 'get it close'. You can "Dial in" a number at the range, and use that at the course and wind up a club or 2 short every time. Especially a mat range that will cover up those minor errors. I start off by using the worst balls that I can pick out easily, just to warm up and get in a rhythm. As I go along the better balls will give a slightly better approximation of ball flight, if not yardages. This is more important to me anyway- I kind of have a good idea of what my ball will do out on the course.
  7. hmm, the only number that was pretty spot on was the original 5 Iron distance. Driver end too long, short irons too short in general. I play a lot by feel anyway and can hit a club with a spread of 20-25 yds depending on the shot I want; draw, fade, knockdown, etc...
  8. Problem is, that's the Southeast- (almost) year round season in decent temps. Put any ONE of those courses within 50 miles of NYC and it's $200- easy. for a WEEKDAY. And they'll make think that it's worth it by using the "country club for a day experience" in the marketing. A few courses around here tried using that a few years ago. One closed because they wouldn't severely cut the fees, especially during the last gas price spike in 2008. The other nearly halved it's rates and is doing okay- it's still a bit pricey for prime Weekend times, but their PM rate isn't quite as bad.
  9. I currently have 3 apps loaded on my Blackberry. All are free for just the Yardages, but at least 2 of them will have a "premium" tier that will offer more options such as shot tracking, club selection, etc... I started with BBGPS Golf which is simple and you can import your own data through their website. Add yardages to trouble, carry yardage, etc... . Swing by Swing was next, also editable through their website and can be linked to Google Maps for aerial views. I did have issues with SBS locking up and forcing a restart of the phone, but I re-installed it and seems to have taken care of that. Recently added iGolf for Blackberry. Nicer graphics, but not as customizable as far as I can tell so far. Also takes a bit longer to load initially but is fine once loaded. ALL of them are just as accurate (+/- a yard or so) as the SkyCaddie and Golf Logix devices that I've compared them with. I don't generally like cel phones on the course so I was reluctant to bring it until I realized I can just turn off the ringer so as to keep my 'alone' time on the course. Haven't had any real issues with battery life as long as I juice it up before hand.
  10. For quick access (10-15 min from airport) and not a lot of money, Desert Pines is a decent course right in town. Played a few times over the years in December while at a trade show. This year we might give Las Vegas National a go. Another older course that is relatively inexpensive. Also a quick cab ride from mid-strip. And I can second Legacy- great conditions, although when we played the wind was up about 30-40 mph so it was interesting to say the least.
  11. Thanks for not saying it's "wrong"! Because then I would have asked: "Why does it work for me?" :-) And it probably has a LOT to do with feel as well. I read that in one of those Nicklaus illustrated paperbacks of the 70's and started trying it shortly after and it worked... kinda. It wasn't until I improved and had a fairly consistent swing that it started to work with regularity. Of course, I tried to learn to hit the ball in the fairway instead of just learning how to get out of trouble. But it's nice to know I can use it if I need it. But anyway- Someone asked about why the grip should be aligned with your stance and NOT the clubface. Well- the body's tendency is to return the grip to a neutral state. So, if you JUST open or close the clubface, as you swing through your hands will tend to try and square up the face. All this will do is rocket the ball along you swing path and fly straight. I've found that adjusting the grip to my feet alignment, I can take a normal swing and if my hands "square up" correctly, it will create the side spin I'm looking for. But one key is not to overswing- a slash at the ball will usually overdo what effect you're looking for.
  12. I've heard it described as a "Fuzzy Donut" as well. I HAVE noticed it more at muni types of courses that may not cut their greens as close as some more upscale courses might. The area outside the 4-6" area gets compressed as the day goes on leaving the untouched grass standing up a bit more. And generally more in the spring when the grass is really starting to get itself going for the year.
  13. Just changed to the BB code thing. That certainly seems to take of it... Okay- back to Firefox! Thanks again!
  14. Okay thanks... but as it happens it occurs using either the quick reply or the full page editor. I will make this the last try with FF and use the "Open in IE" plugin to make it easier.
  15. What's Broken: Trying to correct or edit a post using Firefox. Where was I? attempting to reply to a thread. If something is misspelled or I need to re-phrase, the editor just goes nuts. Also, no cursor while typing. I can't copy and/or paste, either since I was just trying to bring in the net agent info. OS/Browser info: XP using Firefox 4.0 Date: Today and everytime. But it will work in Explorer
  16. 3 Best tips- 1: read those Illustrated Jack Nicklaus paperbacks from the 70's. 2: When hitting driver, try to see the club hitting the bottom half of the ball- it keeps your head back. And 3: when hitting irons look at the front of the ball. This will help with the descending blow that gets the ball up in the air.
  17. Bending around that tree or bush is a skill that can lower your scores. Maybe you didn't quite get to the corner of the dogleg- you can use the ability to draw or fade to get further around the corner than just laying up to the corner. I don't use these shots as a normal shot, but being able to do it certainly impresses my partners AND maybe opponents.
  18. As mentioned above. Line up the club with the landing spot. Adjust your stance- open for a fade, closed for a draw. But this is important- take your grip according to the STANCE, then take a normal swing as dictated by the swing. Just remember to add a club for a fade, drop one for a draw.
  19. I'll second the choices of Kilmarlic and The Pointe. I enjoyed my rounds played. And yes the others are overpriced and a bit gimmicky. I played Seascape waaaaay back in the early 80's and over time it seems to have gone downhill. It certainly looks impressive as you drive by, but I wouldn't go back. I was going to mention Duck Woods, but I double-checked and it is now a private club. It was a course that allowed public access several years ago. That was a fun course to play back then.
  20. I was referring to the poster that asked "why use a tee, then". Not necessarily to the OP. I thought it was Jack, but I wasn't sure. But sure, if you do tee it up too high, you can hit it off the top of the face and lose distance and accuracy.
  21. One of the pro's (I can't remember which one) would say- "Why not? the rules are GIVING you the chance for a perfect lie every time. Take advantage of every opportunity" I beat that into a friends mind every time- "nope, I hit it better without one". Usually right after he knocks his tee shot short, tops it, or skuffles it and takes a 5 or more.
  22. Well, this place has changed a bit in the several years since I've checked in. I was cleaning out some bookmarks and came across this one again. So I clicked through, and lo and behold my login info was still good. Actually surprised I remembered it after so long. Hope to keep up a bit more and contribute whatever info I can to help out.
  23. Started when I was 11. Yikes, 34 years ago! My Dad took me to the range for a year until I had some kind of consistency and was able to play without costing him too much money in lost balls. A bit of a natural at it I guess since I never shot 100+ and rarely shot 90+. And my Dad actually never has beaten me. I used that first set of forged Northwestern Chi-Chi Rodriguez Model until I was in my mid 20's and shot even par with them. Decided I could use a bit of improvement over those and since then only shot par once. I guess I'm fortunate, that living here in the NE, I can go several months without playing and stll pick it right back up and not lose much. Never had any real formal instruction other than that pro who screwed my grip up and messed with my head. But I guess I'm like a lot of folks who CAN shoot in the mid 70's one day and just as easily shoot an 84 the next. One day the driver is bombing and straight but the irons are flying all over the place. Or the driver is letting me down and I'm drilling irons like they had radar- too bad I'm hitting on in 4 after hacking out of the trees. And some days I'm putting it all together and someone will say "Hey, you got a great round going!" CRASH & BURN! Thanks pal...Putting has never been an issue- pretty decent at it with a 3 putt maybe once in 2 or 3 rounds.
  24. Check with some of the "pre-owned" sites lke Callaway. I had no problem with Rockbottom when I got my R7 at a great price. They usually are "last years models" with all the plastic sealer wrap intact. No problem registering the club either.
  25. I've tried to get my buddies to follow ANY routine! They can't putt to save a life or win money from me. It's almost painful to watch 35+ different routines over 18 holes. I've used the same one for a loooooong time. Looking at the hole, find a line, line up the secondary logo(small print on side) to that line, three practice strokes perpendicular to the line. Approach the ball, find a spot within my peripheral vision on that line, three and ONLY 3 relaxed practice strokes.(now this is the strange part) Address the ball, regrip the putter an inch further down the shaft, a quick glance at the hole and pull the trigger. It works for me because it IS a routine that I'm comfortable with. Not excessively long, nor too quick.
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