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  1. Entertaining St. Andrews book

    Read "Tommy's Honor" shortly after Christmas and really enjoyed it. Had a lot of history but wasn't a dry "history" book. Just the beginning of professional golf, Old Tom, Young Tom and St Andrew's role in it all. I'll have to check out your suggestion, sounds like good reading.
  2. "Get in the hole"

    That's what I always think of when I here someone yell after a shot. I remember watching Nicklaus playing in the late 80's-early 90's and always hearing that one guy yell "You da man, Jack". It was especially annoying when my buddy picked-up the habit and would say it no matter where we were. Sometimes just out of the blue may buddy would yell "you da man, Jack" for no reason (and none of us were named Jack).
  3. My 1st round of 09!

    Jealous much?
  4. My 1st round of 09!

    I got to play Monday in mid-60 deg, slightly windy weather. Only played 9 but I was very happy with the way I played. My driver seemed to be the best club in the bag, which is a BIG plus for me.
  5. Yahoo Golf '09 Master Thread

    Second place with 784 points. Having a good time playing. Might be in first if stinkin' Phil would have actually done anything.
  6. Dave Pelz "AlmostGolf" Foam Practice Golf Balls

    http://www.thefloppy.com/ These are supposed to be very good for practice indoors as well. Never tried them, but reviews that I have read seem to be positive.
  7. Rory McIlroy: 'better than Tiger Woods'

    Or he comes over here and wins several tournaments. Frank Nobilo said after McIlroy's win that winning in the US was a much more difficult thing to do. Even greats like Ballasteros and Faldo only had 9 wins apiece here in the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golfers..._PGA_Tour_wins On the other hand they had many wins on the European tour to their credit. But, Tiger has something like 35 wins on the European tour. Don't get me wrong, I was pulling for McIlroy the whole tournament and every time I get to watch him play I hope he wins. I"m anxious to see what he does this year playing in the US.
  8. Gary McCord................

    I've never commented on a thread dedicated to liking/disliking a golf personality. So maybe this post will be a testament to just how annoying I think Gary McCord can be. He is not funny and he is not interesting. I think it was evident that Peter Oosterhuis was also annoyed by McCord's senseless comments about the bird life on the course. This is the reason that European commentators are so much easier to listen to. Just straight, to-the-point golf comments. No talking just to hear their own voices. Gary McCord is a joke and I, too, turn down the volume when he speaks.
  9. What a day on the course!….long & mild rant

    Sorry about the loss but, what a well spent 3 hours! I'm so desperate that I'm seriously thinking about going out and shoveling the snow off of the front walk by taking practice swings (no shovel needed).
  10. The Golf Fix - Anyone see this new show?

    Breed said at the very beginning of the show that he was nervous because it was a live show. Sure, it could have been better and I'm hoping it will be, because I'm tired of P90X, the Trikke, Tiger week, Top 10 best shots of '08, etc.
  11. What are some things (IYO) every course should have?

    I agree with everything that has been said. I would like a course to be everything that a course is supposed to be and at the same time being affordable enough that I can play that wonderful course more than twice a month.
  12. Million dollar driver

    Didn't know if anyone had seen this yet. http://www.stuff.co.nz/4825329a1823.html
  13. Boo Weekley's future

    He talked about the pressures of being a "golf pro" and his obligation to his fans. He described how he receives mail from fans asking him to sign something they have mailed him. He said if someone is going to spend their hard-earned money to by a Ryder Cup flag, that he felt "obligated" to sign it and mail it back. I'm sure that there are many pros that are nice guys, but I think we can all agree that Boo truly is just a normal guy with alot of new-found "pressures" and "obligations". He also said that at the Ryder Cup he entered into a zone in his golfing career that he didn't know existed. He didn't know, he said, that he had that kind of game. I think Boo is finding out a lot of things about himself and golf that he obviously never really thought about before. He did say that if he could average two million a year for the next seven years that he would walk away from the game. I think he'll average that easily, imho.
  14. Why is golf appealing to YOU?

    Knowing that when I'm 65, even though I won't be able to go out on the basketball court and play 1-on-1 with my grandchildren, I will still be able to take those same grandchildren to play a round of golf. It's a game for life.
  15. made a mistake on ebay listing

    +1 That's what I thought