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  1. I have a nephew who is doing his Summer internship at Sand Valley this Summer. If the family decides to do a road trip out there (from Massachusetts) to visit and play maybe we will run into some of you guys.
  2. I would love to play one of his courses! And if I got to meet him while I was there, that would be awesome!
  3. Went back to DSG because I thought that the Volvik Vivid golf balls in Matte Green were really cool looking and also picked up a dozen Pinnacle Rush Yellow golf balls. Looking forward to trying each of these. And the gloves I previously purchased are WeatherSofs, not SofJoys.
  4. Two dozen Srixon Soft Feel golf balls (2 for $30) and two SoftJoy Golf gloves.
  5. You summed it up beautifully! Welcome to the site!
  6. Just curious, are you a Hayley Westenra fan? I've heard that she is the biggest selling artist in New Zealand. I am familiar with her because of Celtic Women.
  7. Finally got out and hit a bucket of balls. Had a wonderful evening! Should be doing the same tonight and hopefully going to the course this weekend!
  8. Dick's Sporting Goods sent me a free sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls and a Sharpie!
  9. I wish I had your problems. It is bitter cold here in Massachusetts and there is still lots of snow on the ground. Welcome to The Sand Trap!
  10. Watched "John Wick" yesterday evening. Great movie!
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