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  1. This is my first year using hybrids, I have an Adams 3 & 4 hybrid and I love them.
  2. Ok so I will make this short. I have two glaring issues with my game right now. IRONS I am hitting my shots fat with my irons. WEDGES I seem to sweep under the ball and which is causing very weak shots. Please any suggestions
  3. Im all about showing pride and emotion but christina kim is getting to be a bit rediculous. She is really becoming obnoxious.
  4. Just for some closure, I went back and talked to the manager and Apparently I was not the only one who had problems. He gave me a free round coupon thing. so that was cool.
  5. I was actually thinking this. The total lack of respect and just plain arrogance does kind of fit someone who does not play or is familiar.
  6. So i went out today and was ready for a nice round. It ended up being the most frustrating round i ever played. Not becuase i played bad, but because of the god damn groundsmen. THey are currently installing bunkers all over the course which is cool, but it is unbelievable how rude these guys are. the fist 6 holes I had one of them drive a cart or a tractor right in front of me when im about to take a shot. It seemed they had no care that people were actually playing golf. I really do not want to hit anyone with a golf ball but it seemed like these guys wanted to be hit. To top things of
  7. cool. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. So I ran into a bit of problem the last time I went out. There are two holes that run right along side each other. The greens are maybe 40 yards apart. I hit my approach shot and sliced it a bit (alot) and it landed on the other green. I was not about to pitch off a green so i picked up my ball and placed to closest point off the green. What would be the proper thing to do here?
  9. I skip around all the time when no one is there.Where I play there is a one time green fee for an entire day so they encourage you to play as many holes as you want.
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you think playing alone is bad. I almost always play alone due to the fact that none of my friends play golf. I have been making some serious strides in my game. I have been playing for about a 1yr and a half and am shooting consistently in the low 90's. But when i do play with someone or even if i know someone is watching i get so nervous and usually mess up. Any suggestions?
  11. I have a trek 4300, Great way of staying in shape. I really need to upgrade duetot he fact that I like to ride tough singletrack. but my money has been spent on GOLF!!
  12. Once a week. I want to play more but it gets expensive and the wife complains.
  13. Hitting the crisp shot. One great shot a round is what keeps bringing me back.
  14. Two things 1) When I hit a decent tee shot but cant find the freakin ball!! 2) Two weeks ago I was hitting my irons great and putting like a champ, but could not hit a tee shot or wedge. This past week I am crushing my driver and hitting great wedge shots but now i cant putt or hit an iron. Gotta love it!!
  15. Just id it today for the first time in my life. Hole ten at Sawmill Golf course in Easton Pa. 271 yd par 4.
  16. so went out today and again I could not hit anything. I have been playing for about a year now and I am actually getting frustrated. Last month at this time I was hitting just under 100 and now it feels like I am starting all over. I am competly lossed again on how to swing. I am finally going for lessons, but I was wondering how you guys ger through these rutts.
  17. Hello all, I have a question. The last few time I have been out i have been playing horrible and I think I know why. I believe that rather than an inside out swing I am doing the opposite. My swing is coming from the outside. I believe this is called to steep. right? Well my question is what should i focus on to stop.
  18. I was just wondering if any of you guys or girls experience any shoulder pain from golf. My front shoulder(Right shoulder, yes i am a lefty) hurts during my back swing. Anyone else have this problem? Oh and I have only been golfing for 1yr and never had a problem with the shoulder before.
  19. Ok so I got a new Adams driver bout a month ago and today i hit a tee shot and clubhead went farther than the ball. So I was wondering if you think i should complain to Adams? If they do not do anything can it be fixed or should i just get a new driver?
  20. Unfortunatly no. But if it helps at all my iron play is solid. I guess it would help if you guys let me know how you approach wedge shots.
  21. So i was wondering. i have been playing for a year. I am very happy with my self taught improvement. My last round I shot a 102 which I am happy with. By far my biggest problem comes within 60 yds. I cannot hit a wedge at all. I would give you details but i chunk, top, slice and hook with my wedges. It really starts with my 9iron and any club shorter than that. Any tips!
  22. I am 25 and have both a stand bag and a push cart. I favor carrying It seems to take less effort.
  23. Are you kidding, i cant take practice putting in my living room anymore! I have never been so sick of winter.
  24. I believe it did end up back in his own pitchmark, but it was impossible to prove. Not taking anything away fro the argument but it really didnt matter cause he made a great shot following so it really did nit effecty his score.
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