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  1. It happened to me last night, during league play. I hit off of the tee, blocked it right on a par 5. The ball went through a palm tree leaf, and trickled about 100 yards. A twosome on the 18th coming in must have played my ball, because after the other two of my threesome hit, all three of us went to the area we saw my ball head to. We found a Pinnacle. I was hitting a DT Solo with long green marks on the ball. The rough wasn't bad. Lost ball-not a good way to start league night.
  2. I have an issue that may be similar, although it's on my right hand. It feels jammed to me as well, to the point of pulling it and releasing it, then shaking it out. Two things have helped. Changing my grip (in my case stronger), and using a firmer grip (yes firmer). Hope it helps!
  3. ~123 yds. Number 8 at Magnolia Plantation in Lake Mary, FL. Half swing/punch shot on my 9i, nice draw, rolled right into the hole. I wish my eyes were better, as I didn't see it drop.
  4. Wash the grips-it helps a great deal. Also rotate gloves throughout the round. I have multi-compounds now and they are better than the Golf Pride solid black grip. But, I will bre trying a full cord Lamkin soon.
  5. Jcp907

    I broke 80!

  6. What is your focus when you are taking your practice swing? Is it different when you take your stroke? Perhaps focusing on the target, not the ball will help. For me, it's overswinging or trying to kill it-lunging at the ball. Sounds like you may be doing this, coming over the top, coming in steep, digging the divot. I wouldn't worry about taking a small divot on the practice and a small divot on the shot. Just fill them, and try not to take too many of them.
  7. Are you missing 3 footers? If so, circle the hole with 6 balls at three feet (length of your putter), and don't leave until you make all 6 without missing-or set a time limit. Lag putting-develop feel. To develop feel, line up 20' from a target...a tee in the ground will do. Put another tee inline, 10 foot from you. Hit a ball and approach the far target. Hit the next ball, if it passes the previous ball, it's -1 point. If it's past the first tee, but doesn't pass the next ball, it's +1 point. The goal is to see how many points you can get. If you don't pass the 1st tee, the round is
  8. Congratulations! 3 birds and 3 pars is great! Start making it a habit!
  9. Jcp907

    In the ZONE

    Congratulations! I can relate! If you feel the excitement of 1 under after 6 during the round, it is a good idea to ignore the score. Add it up afterwards. I know it's tough, but it was a requirement for me to break 80. 1 under through 6 shows that you are capable. That's a third of the way there... I am listening to the audio book Zen Golf. I definitely believe this will help me to find the zone, as opposed to waiting for it to come to me, and I highly recommend it for those looking to improve their approach to the game!
  10. My best shots occur when I turn my body first, shifting my weight to my right foot's instep. My poor shots occur when I start with my shoulders, and my worst, when I start with my hands or wrists. I also struggle with coming to the inside by turning the wrists back, instead of hinging properly.
  11. I have tile throughout the house. I needed to purchase something to putt on. Check out ebay and search for putting green. djvsupplies sells a 6x12 piece of green carpet that works well. They say it rolls to a 10. I purchased one. 55.00 plus 20 for shipping. I can believe it rolls to a 10. It's sufficient in size, and rolls up and stores in the corner of my office. I also made my own putting guide similar to Pelz's Putting Tutor. I used plexi glass from Lowes, drilled holes and used tees to putt through. I also used red tape for lines on the back, then painted it with black paint, a
  12. It would be most cost effective to install the extensions and grips first. If you like them, great, if not, reshaft. You should be able to re-use the grips if you blow them on and off.
  13. No idea, other than Mizuno receives very few complaints. Look on the used rack for the J36s to try to hit one. That is where I found mine.
  14. Thank you for posting the reminder. Thank you for all that have served, and I hope that those that continue to serve make it home safely.
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