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  1. I heard of aiming the face of the club at your intended target and then aligning your body either left or right and swinging along your body to either draw or fade the ball.
  2. set up like a driver, and make sure your not standing too close to the ball and then sweep it off the ground nice and easy. Theres no other way to hit it, you have to hit it off the ground, (unless you intend to tee off with it).
  3. Perhaps you're standing too close to the ball. Try standing even an inch back, it might make a difference.
  4. I live in florida, but I've never heard of any course not letting you walk, thats almost unconstitutional. I should probably start walking.
  5. Nobody chooses a swing and then goes after it. What happens is that you BUILD your swing from day one. As you learn and get better, it rounds out and what you have is your swing. I recently adjusted my swing so that I my wrists do not hinge during the entire backswing, what happens is that my wrists naturally hinge at the top of the backswing by me just rotating my arms and chest. Its still a work in progress but it is a little more consistent and I can draw or fade the ball with this swing, how I do either, I have no clue, but once I figure it out I'll be ready.
  6. Chipping. Once you get good at it, it actually becomes fun and you begin to look forward to when you have to chip, at least I do anyway. You can do this anywhere, but the ideal place would be the range. Get a wedge, choke down on it alittle bit, open your stance, play the ball off your right foot and just make a swing like a putter, without breaking or cocking your wrists. Then work on putting.
  7. 1. Drive for show, putt for dough. 2. Head still, knees bent, spine angle consistent throughout the swing.
  8. Hey guys, I've been playing at courses more often like many of you suggested, and I'm loving it. I recently shot 11 (i think) over for 9 holes and did similar today. I would be shooting lower if I did not always push my iron shots. For some reason my shots would go just a few yards right, but enough to miss the green. It reallys annoys me that I don't have an opportunity for birdie, like today I pushed a bunch of my approach shots and thankfully my short game saved me. Why is this happening? I align my body parallel to the target but I just can't get it to stay the course. Any tips? Thanks.
  9. It just happens. If you consciously think about squaring it the clubface, most of the time it won't happen. This just comes with practice and getting used to hitting balls with a square face. Your body will know what it needs to do to naturally square the clubface so don't force it.
  10. To me, good contact sounds like a flat click off the clubface mixed with the sound of contact of the clubface with the mat. Its hard to explain, but you know it when you hear it.
  11. What do you mean no keeping score? I kept my scorecard with me and scored each hole. I ended up about 11 over (off the top of my head)
  12. Nope. I dont think he was keeping score anyways.
  13. Well here is my story of what happened last weekend. Saturday At approximately 4 pm we headed for the course. The weather wasn't too bad, except for a bit of wind. I was relatively calm, because I assumed we would hit the range for a bit to warm up. WRONG. My uncle wanted to play 9 holes, and the course did not have a 9 hole rate. My uncle ended up paying the full 18 hole rate and it was a race against time to play as many holes as possible to get our money's worth. (approx $40 per person, and there were 4 of us) I teed off first at the first tee with driver. I tried to fight my nerves and hit a good shot. I ended up hooking left into a fairway bunker. The rest of the holes were nightmares. I could not get clean contact on any club. It was atrocious golf. So much for a first impression. Sunday We decided to play another 9 holes at another course with a 9 hole rate. We did not rush through each hole like we did the day before, and this time, I was determined not to go out like a hacker. I decided to play smart and not use my driver at all since I could not keep driver shots in play on saturday. I pulled out my 4 wood on the first tee, I swung and barely nicked the ball off the tee, sending it a mere 20 feet left. I get a mulligan and hit a high draw that drew too much and ended up out of bounds. I got a drop. And here I told myself that if there was anytime to redeem myself, this was it. I was approx 150 yards from the green, with a 6 iron in hand. I swung and hit the crispest, purest shot I could ever hope for. The ball flew straight as an arrow and landed on the green, and ended up bouncing off and onto the rough behind it. But I did not care. It was a beautiful shot. I ended up bogeying that hole. I hit about 5 or 6 of the fairways that day, and my scorecard consisted mostly of bogeys and 2 pars. A HUGE improvement from the day before, and I proved to my uncle that I was way better than he thought after the previous day's atrocious play.
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