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  1. Good front nine considering how I've been plating:41, 11 putts Back nine, I four putted for double and three putted for bogey on two easy par 4's:51, 22 putts
  2. Almost hitting someone with your tee shot is also a great way to start a fight
  3. Had my first real blow-up round of the year (49/49 for a 98) and it was during tryouts....
  4. 8...1 on the first 2 on the second and 4 on the fifth, then none afterwards
  5. Yeah I thought it was pretty amazing when they showed that the club was in the exact same spot on the regular and the HG swing.
  6. Anybody else see this Sports Science episode where they tested out the Happy Gillmore swing by having Paddy do it? At the end of the segment (after he averaged thirty more yards) he said that he wouldn't do it because of the inaccuracy of the shot but that the rest of us should. I'm thinking no. If Paddy was off line on some shots there is no telling where I'd be, even if I did make contact. Plus he's practiced it/played around with it a lot. Your thoughts?
  7. 46/39=85 I played horrible today.
  8. I hate it too. I shoot mid-high 70's to low 80's and then go and have a blowup round on an easier course.
  9. So I went to the range and started laying off the club a lot which got me a nice low draw. We'll see if this stays when I play a round because I tend to hit a high fade. Staying low helped me too, like iacas said and I do stand upright already when I swing.
  10. Title says it all. Any tips on how to do this?
  11. True, he is only a golfer, but he's also a celebrity. Ask anyone who doesn't know about golf, and they will know who Tiger is. Probably, based on population, it would have to be a football(not American) player. Pele, probably.
  12. The above guys have more of a will than Daly. David Duval has struggled for quite some time now but he has worked to get back to his game. Cink seems like he is in contention a lot more this year(with a major under his belt too). AK and Rory will win tournaments. AK has had a bad year this year but he's been in contention.Same with Rory. The point is , is that if Daly doesn't care anymore why give him a spot in a tournament,like someone above said? When these listed guys miss cuts at least they don't miss it by over five strokes.
  13. 6/6/5/5/3/6/4/3/5=43 5/4/5/5/5/3/5/4/5=41 Total:84 My popped up drives kill my round.
  14. I was trying that for a while and it worked for a while but I think it only made my swing steeper and now i pop it up anyways.
  15. Do you think that this would fix my problem of popping up the driver?
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