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  1. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hello everyone, Since 1980, I've been an organizational consultant. My specialty has been in brain function and behavior and how this affects organizational culture. in 2001 I started specializing in the brain's timing mechanisms. Since then, I've improved the timing of hundreds of individuals. Timing Training improves coordination and it improves every measurement of athletic performance.
  2. I'm not a golfer, but I'm particularly interested in how our brain manages our timing. What I've discovered is that everyone pops-out (has momentary losses of focus and coordination) , but those with better athletic results are those who pop-out fewer times per minute. A bad pop-out is more than 50ms duration. My thought is that yes, you build a 'program' in your brain for your swing (you build that program by repeating that swing many, many times) . So, it should be perfectly repeatable. But, if you pop-out during your swing, and the program execution gets screwed up for 50ms or more, then ball doesn't go where you want it to. The problem is that when the ball doesn't go where you want it to, 'golf culture' wants you to take more golf lessons, but those golf lessons relate to the "program" you have installed for your swing. If your program is actually faulty, then of course, you need lessons to fix that "program." But, those pesky timing circuits in our brains are what provides the timing attributes of the execution of that "program." In other words, if you pop-out during the execution of any skill or technique of your sport, there can be faulty execution consequences. Just saying . . . maybe the swing's okay, and you need to address timing to get your swing back on track. Tiger woods had great timing as he started, but now we see him pop-out often.