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  1. First time at the driving range

    I really appreciate the replies everyone...tomorrow will be my first time at the driving range. I will hit at least 5 out of 50 balls. Also, once I get some down time from school I will find a group lesson for newbies to take advantage of. I need something therapeutic at the moment...school has me stressed out.
  2. Hello all, just a quick question. I decided to pick up some golf clubs from the flea market over the weekend. I am preparing to go to a driving range tomorrow after I take a final test for class. I've been putting this time off because of all the studies, so I really look forward to trying this new sport. So the golf clubs look kind of old, but I have I believe a good set of wilson irons 3-9, 2 putters, and 3 drivers. Everything is matching except the putter and one driver. What I like is that it is an oversize set, and I am 6 foot 2 with large hands. I feel like my golf clubs will look like I bought them from a flea market when I bring them to the driving range. So, I am a little anxious because I am a newbie, and then I will not be like everyone else with their top of the line equipment. I can go buy newer equipment, but I don't want to spend a fortune on a sport that I might not get into. Should I be nervous lugging around used golf clubs. I will go to the nearest public course to try the clubs out.
  3. Hello from Stockton, CA...

    Hello all!! Complete newbie to golfing...I haven't even hit the driving range yet. Pretty much came here for advice and knowledge on the game of golf. Decided to pick up the new hobby and to see if I can get into it or not. If I do...you will all definitely know. Also, I have my two little boys (4yrs old, and other is 5 months old). I would like them to learn a thing or two on golfing if I can get into it.