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  1. Your biggest miss?

    My biggest miss is topping the ball. I also can hit the ground way behind the golf ball. If i could move the bottom of my swing forward...
  2. 2016 Ryder Cup Discussion Thread

    Well played USA, based on the entire week this is a deserved victory. They were the better side and holed the putts. From the European perspective, quite disappointing that 4 players did not pick up a single point. Especially Westwood was painful to watch. Looking back,that was not a good pick.
  3. 2016 PGA Tour Championship Discussion Thread

    It was fun to watch, Rory slowly moving up the leaderboard and with Chappell becoming a bit nervy on the final holes, Rory made it into a playoff. Rory didn't take full advantage of his shots on the par 5, and on the 15th I thought he had lost it. But great putts on the 15th and 16th to win in. What a fantastic golfer to watch, and he can smash the ball out there, almost hit his drive it in the lake on 18.
  4. What is your biggest golf problem now?

    My biggest issues are tops/thinned shots or fat shots. Also a lack of distance compared to others. I just cannot get my weight forward, which causes these problems. Very frustrating.
  5. Latest you've ever started a 9 or 18 hole round?

    2 days ago I started an 18 hole round at 6:40pm. Finished at 10:00pm. Onte time I played till 10:35pm, but it was really hard to track your ball on the last two holes. I was playing 18, starting at 7:20pm. Latest time I started a 9 hole round is probably around 8:00pm.
  6. Had my first Albatross Yesterday

    Agreed, wasn't trying to downplay his achievement, just explaning something, not on a very serious note. Everybody talks gross score here, so in my example nearly everybody would say "I had a birdie". But theoretically you can call it condor. With regard to making a ace on a par 5, all my drives are "just" short of the green. Might ask DJ to do it
  7. Had my first Albatross Yesterday

    I'm in the albatross camp, logically, considering I live in Europe. Albatross is not the rarest of birds in golf here. There is also a condor. If you play Stableford and score four strokes under your par (for example you recieve 3 strokes on a hole and birdie it) then you have a condor. 6 Stableford points in the pocket then! To the OP, congratulations with the Albatross, something most of us will never achieve!
  8. The Nordea Masters

    Disappointing that Henrik Stenson does not start very well in his "home" tournament, +3 thru 13
  9. It could be better for you. More expensive does not always mean better for you. But there can be a lot of things that you can't see with your eye that justify a higher price. And this is a bit related to the remark by @iacas, it is a game of supply and demand. Goods are worth what someone pays for it.
  10. @9wood if I put a brand new Pro V1 next to a random cheap ball I found in the trees, what differences are we going to see? I think we hardly see any differences. Still people pay a lot more for Pro V1s than for lakeballs, and a lot of Pro V1s are being sold every day. Why do people buy Pro V1s if they do not look that different? Are those people stupid? I don't think so. People buy them for materials, performance, feel and even for the brand and status. Not everything is in the looks.
  11. Joost Luiten

    Yep, too bad Irish open did not went very well. Lets hope he does well at the flagship event of the European Tour
  12. For me the answers are Yes and Yes. Last year I believe I was a 36 and now my handicap is 24, goal is to be below 20 at the end of the season. Another thing that makes improvement obvious that sometimes I can be annoyed with a shot that would have been a good shot last year.
  13. Thanks for all the replies, I agree with @krupa that it is a hassle to use your phone during the round. I have used Hole19 before, but I think Game Golf has more options and data and so on. Maybe I am going the same route as @Missouri Swede, first trying the app and buying the tags later, but it looks like quite some investment at this point. Some more questions: how useful is such a device for a hacker like me, my shots are not very consistent by any means, can I still get some useful data from the app? And for the people that use the system on your belt, does it interferes with your swing? I'm worried a bit that it can be 'in the way' when you swing.
  14. Hi guys, maybe this is mentioned before in this topic, but is anyone using Gamegolf without tags, on your phone? Just downloaded the app and going to try it tonight. What are your findings using the app on your phone? And is it common for guys here to follow each other?
  15. I'm sorry, after reading the OP again I saw Pelz only talked about 6 feet and in, I thought he was making the distinction between tap-ins and 2-6 feet putts as well. Thats what caused the confusion here. Thanks.

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