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  1. I think i may be a little to much on my toes at impact and its causing my path to move to the right.
  2. I noticed some of my drives haven't quite felt solid. I bought some foot spray and noticed I'm hitting it towards the heel. Crazy thing is im still getting really good distance, but the ball tends to fade a little more than I want. I play a power fade off the tee or a knucklefade. Whatever you prefer to call it. What could I be doing to cause this?
  3. could this be from a overactive right hand in the takeaway? I can take the club back with only my left arm and it seems my takeaway is perfect, but when I put both hands on the club i want to lose that connection.
  4. I miss the days where I didn't have to try to do anything. The ball just moved right to left by itself and I did nothing other than put the club face on the ball it felt like.
  5. The driver has for the most part been one of the stronger parts of my game. It made up for my weaker mid to long iron game due to my distance in the recent years. Now that I've got all the irons in the bagged dialed in my tee game has disappeared. I've played a consistent draw off the tee for awhile now, and up until recently it's been great. I stepped up to the tee box knowing I could aim right side of the fairway and bust it. Now I get up to the tee box not knowing whether I should aim left or right. I fought a block fade that was making me pull my hair out. Once I finally got that under control I started banana hooking it off the tee. I've gotten rid of the hooks and drove the ball well for a couple of rounds. Now I'm playing military golf. I hate not knowing whether the ball is going to fade or draw off the tee when this was such a consistent part of my game. Has anyone gone through something similar and found something to help them work through it? I feel like I'm so close but so far away at the same time. I've got to get this under control if I stand any chance at some tournaments this summer. FYI: I do have a recent driver swing video up.
  6. I've been hitting some random hooks here lately and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe my backswing is too flat with the driver. Should I try to work the club more up? I'm driving the ball fairly well, but the hooks seem to happen at bad times. Could this be the likely culprit? Honestly, driving accuracy is really holding me back at the moment. My iron and short game is strong, but I feel like I miss too many fairways. I drove the ball well today and capitalized on the birdie opportunities I was given due to that. I just don't have the confidence off the tee that I used to have.
  7. My apologies for not posting in the right place. This does make complete sense though because i used to struggle with getting stuck. I guess i overcompensated when i started to work on correcting this. Should I just get the feeling that im getting a deeper turn and the hands farther behind the body?
  8. I'll post there also, I have a tournament tomorrow so I figured this would be the best place for the quickest response. Thank you!
  9. Recently I've started fading basically everything. It seems like everything I try might fix it for a day and then it comes right back. I know some people would say no big deal but it's causing a two way miss. I'll set up for a fade and then randomly hit a draw. I don't really understand what's going on. When I make the swing I feel like the ball is going to turn left and then it ends up falling right. It seems it gets worse as the clubs get longer, almost like I'm not getting the club face square. I can feel the toe lagging behind sometimes. I was playing some great golf until this started happening. The ball flight is usually straight down my line or a slight push right. I can get the ball to turn over but I feel like I'm hitting a hook almost. The iron in the video is a 4 iron
  10. I've tinkered with it and I think I was getting lazy with it. I've also moved slightly away from the ball at address. I felt like I might be cramped and he only way for my arms to have room to swing from the inside was to early extend. This along with my grip seemed to fix the issue. Does this look too far extended with the driver?
  11. I've been striking the ball really well here lately and this week it seems like it's all gone to crap. My natural ball flight is a draw and it's what I typically play. For whatever reason here lately I cannot get the ball to draw to save my life. I played in a tournament today and it absolutely destroyed my round. On the range I have to almost feel like I'm hitting a hard hook in order to get a 5-10 yard draw. What are some possible reasons for this? I play a strong grip so I feel like grip shouldn't be the issue. If I understand the ball flight laws it means I'm coming from the inside with a open club face. What could be causing me to leave the face open?
  12. I feel like I've developed a AoA that is a little too steep. The divots I'm taking with my irons are way to deep in my opinion. Will a high swing speed and steep angle of attack cause a high ball flight? I always figured a steeper swing would create a lower ball flight. It's becoming a problem because I feel myself coming in way to steep with my driver and my spin rates have shot up. I'm getting a lot of high hits on the club face. It also seems like I'm having more trouble getting the ball to draw, but I'm not sure if this is related. Any drills I could work on to shallow out the club face? Thanks, Josh
  13. I do agree with playing your stock shot most of the time. I think at times you need to be able to work the ball the other way if the need arises. I just want to get more consistent with it.
  14. My natural ball flight is a slight draw. I can make the ball move left to right but I'm inconsistent with how much it moves. I really need this shot to be more consistent. Typically the ball will start down my line and fade more than I want it to and it makes it basically a slice with my longer irons. When I play this shot I usually cup my wrist a little at the top instead of trying to keep it straight like I would with a draw. I just can't get a consistent flight when I try this shot. Any tips that have helped you master the fade?
  15. Yeah I felt a bit cramped but I think I fixed that issue. Any reason why i would be favoring a fade now with my shorter irons in this posture? My drives are a nice baby draw along with my long irons, but I can't seem to get my 7,8,9 to turn over like I typically have.
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