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  1. I'd assume OP wouldn't charge through the roof for crap clubs
  2. actually I made a huge mistake there, I apologize. for some reason I thought you asked for fairways hit not greens. the course I play at has mostly par 4s with wide fairways that almost force you to hit irons off the tee box because of the placement of hazards. GIR is probably closer to 5 for me. again I apologize for the mistake. No my driver is not properly fit but every other club in my bag is. my 3 wood carries 275 on a solid swing and can push 315 if I really try to hit it. I know it's idiotic but I use my driver more than my 3 wood because I'm trying to learn with it. I have a hard time drawing the ball when I switch to the driver because I have to swing upwards.
  3. if we're being 100% honest, I can't hit my driver so I'm often making recovery shots off the tee box, and I make about 14/18 greens in regulation not sure if that's good or bad. my short game from 80 yards and in is what kills me, I'm often sending shots too far or too short leaving me with more putts than desired, and on par threes if my tee shot isn't good you can forget about par.
  4. not to mention, smaller club faces always help me with my impact
  5. my handicap is: errant drives terrible putting I struggle with approach shots closer than 80 yards I have been working with an instructor 3 months working on shot shaping and he's been letting me borrow his blades to do so.
  6. is it too late to post my distances? driver: 265(struggle the most with distance on this club) 3w: 275 5w: 255(I think I need less loft so my gap to my 3iron isn't 5 yards) 3i:250 4i: 230 5i: 218 6i: 205 7i: 195 8i: 165 9i: 150 pw: 125 56°: 100 60° 80 all full swings of course
  7. I play blades as it is with no problem. My handicap is just me struggling with my short game and putting.
  8. I've been deciding between the Mizuno MP 67 and the WilsonStaff FG62 clubs, both used, or a set of new blades/muscle backs. I hit almost all clubs I try extremely well and I'm trying to buy clubs better for shaping shots. I can include distances and other info if you'd like. What are the pros/cons of new vs used.
  9. planning on getting myself a new set of mizunos.. maybe these? I like the finish but the club looks.. let's just say I've seen better.
  10. if they're a good price.. count me in for a set!
  11. UPDATE 2: Went to golfsmith to check out irons and see how they feel, ended up smashing both the Mizuno MP67 and the Wilson Staff FG62. Not too bad of accuracy and about 1 out of 25 were mishits or slices. I'm starting not to wonder if it's a club issue, any time I swing my Taylormades I push them or slice them and any time I hit non forgiving clubs they draw a little too far left or perfect, and when I try to hit them straight they go dead straight.
  12. There have been a lot of videos with good ball strikers showing that the old wooden drivers only lose about 15-30 yards per drive if struck perfectly. The catch here is that you have to strike the ball perfectly, that's why modern drivers are so high tech, to force mishits to carry nearly as far as normal drives (of course I only mean mishits as in just barely off the center), and to send shots where you hit them off the toe, or the club face just twists open, straighter with more distance. do the new drivers really outperform old ones? yes. but if you can't hit the new drivers, stick with the old ones, like they say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
  13. UPDATE: Went to the range after buying the least forgiving forged club I could find and had similar results, hit the club extremely well drawing every time. switched back to my club and I kept pushing shots unless I physically forced the club closed which was uncomfortable and annoyingly awkward. I was a little short on distance but I wasn't swinging as hard with either club so that's probably why. I don't know if I should give up on them just yet though, my instructor told me my swing looks great just a little over the top which we fixed and that caused my shots with the blades to be even better and caused my taylormade shots to fly straighter but not draw which I was trying to do. Please comment opinions on what I should do or try as I don't want to give up on irons I spent 450 on. thanks.
  14. If it really was a swing issue wouldn't it just amplify with the less forgiving clubs? My dad even said that when he swings my Taylormades the club face seems to almost open itself when he swings, have you ever heard of that before?