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  1. Swing path. My short game is decent. I kill myself sometimes and sometimes I help myself out a lot. My putting is pretty solid. My irons are pretty accurate. The biggest thing that kills me is my swing path. I have been fighting coming over the top forever. I have two pinched nerves and a partial disk removed in my lower back which starts to effect my game. When my back starts getting tight the over the top swing comes back and it kills me. When I am swinging well I can shoot pretty well. I have a 12.7 handicap right now but am starting to get to the point of pushing over the h
  2. I have a pair and love them. I also live in Phoenix and unless you get on a green in the first 5 minutes after the sprinklers turn off, you will usually not even leave a ball mark with a 100 yard lob shot into a green.(Sarcasm) Seriously, our greens here are incredibly hard compared to playing other parts of the state or country. The dry air just saps all moisture out of the greens pretty quick keeping them very stiff unless extremely well maintained. So I have not seen any issues with my shoes yet. I also have not paid any attention specificly for issues related to them on greens and wil
  3. Wow. Clear! And the thread is revived. Lol. Did you conduct a search and not realize the date? No worries, this happens quite often, just curious how you found this one.
  4. I went through a similar issue when I was rebuilding my swing. I was having major issues with slicing the ball. I was getting decent distance but I was coming over the top way to much with my hands open. As I worked on straightening out my swing I shortened it up, stopped all body movement and worked on swing path. I eventually got to where I was hitting the ball straight with a very slight draw or fade each time. I sacrificed a lot of distance to achieve this though. As I started working on getting the power back into the swing I had a period of about 4 to 5 months where my swing just g
  5. I will be going to San Diego Monday through Friday 4th of July week. I plan on hitting Torrey pines that week. I have a question for people with the resident card. Your cost is $61 a round. Do you get the same rate for a guest? If so, is there anybody that wants to play a round that week for free? I will pay for your round. $121 for two people vs $183 for one just makes more sense. And it would give me somebody to play with. I will have time one round while I'm there so I want to make sure it counts. Torrey pines is on my list of courses to play.
  6. Signed up a long time ago then sort of dropped off as i focused on new job and such. Played golf more but this forum dropped out of my regular rotation for some reason. Came back the other day and got back into it.
  7. Sounds like a really cool app. I will definitely spread the word to those that I know. My golfing network really goes as far as one guy. My best friend and golf coach. I have lots of other friends that play golf but most of them rarely play. I have played a grand total of two rounds in the last year where I was not playing with my regular partner. One of them I was out of state at my annual Army buddy meet up and the other was a random weekday I happened to be off. We both work in the same office with cubes next to each other so it just works out. Since there are two of us and we
  8. So I have been playing golf for about 14 years now. Playing with a desire to truly improve beyond slicing two streets off the course for about 5 to 6 years. I used to not give a damn, I just wanted to go out and have fun. Which I was, but I wanted to lower my score and get better. So thanks to a neighbor/best friend/personal golf coach I have managed to drop my handicap to 12.3 according to the AGA. (Arizona Golf Association). I peeked though around 82. I could never seem to get lower than that number. My biggest issue was I would play well, often 2 to 4 strokes over on the front
  9. Some courses are just built to play slow it seems. We have one course here in the Phoenix area that I used to play quite regularly. Even on off days with very few people on the course, it played slow. Never completed a round under 4 1/2 hours. My and my golfing partner can regularly complete a round in 2 1/2 hours by ourselves and not rushing the round at all. We played a twilight round there and at 5 1/2 hours, we still had 4 holes to go when it was to dark to complete. I wrote a letter the course pro and he gave our foursome a free round of golf. He never offered it, just comped our r
  10. I live in Surprise Arizona. I rarely ever see walkers. Summer, no way would I want to walk. To hot to enjoy the game. Yeah, I can walk miles a day at work outside with gear on, but I don't enjoy it. I have a mister bottle I use inside the cart and ride during the summers here. Would love to walk, did it in Jamaica and loved it. Difference between us and the pro's. They have somebody carry their bags for them. Back just doesn't hold up to walking and carry/push my clubs. Thinking about getting one of those self propelled bag carts. That might work. Expensive though.
  11. I picked normal or average. Mainly because there are a few holes that are narrow, but most are roughly 30 yards across. Some courses around here can get really wide open. Granite Falls North course near me is about the most wide open course I have played. Some holes are wide as they are long. Par 4's that is. Not really, but they sure seem like it sometimes. I didn't count that course as I only play it a few times a year.
  12. Out of all the times I have played by myself, a few were paired with others. Each time the group I was playing with were good people and had no problems. Very, very seldom do I see walkers around here. Do see a lot of drinkers though. I don't think I could play with a bunch of strangers that their sole purprose is to get blasted on the course. I would have no problem leaving a group behind and taking off ahead if I new the course was clear and I could get well ahead and play completely solo. I love playing by myself.
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