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  1. I can miss straight 12 footers for triple without any help, thank you very much.
  2. was a high eighties golfer at the time, playing a tough, but favorite nearby course. back 9 consisted of six straight pars, on 16 I was getting so nervous, I yanked my drive left into some small trees. Got to it only to realize that somehow (really) it had landed in about the only spot possible with a full swing and an opening out, I literally laughed out loud when I saw it sitting there. Popped it on the green from about 140 and 2 putted from there. Then on 18, I plugged one in the greenside bunker, exploded out to about 10 feet and drained it for an even par back of 36. Most solid stretch of holes I have ever played, been searching for one like that ever since.
  3. golfshot tells me 21%. would love to get that near 1/3, even 1/4 would save a stroke a round
  4. lots of people use visualization to help. Try this, next time you are on the range with the driver (or whatever club you feel most confident in teeing off with), imagine you are on tee #1, everyone is watching you. should be easy to get yourself into that headspace with lots of people on the range. if you hit a good one, smile and move on, hit a poor one, then just tee another up. soon you will lose sense of those around you, or at least it won't bother you so much. GL
  5. got a zepp a couple of weeks ago, been working on tempo and backswing length which really seem to help me get on plane.
  6. yea, nice edit. lol. seriously though, nice swing too!
  7. so it's right back to where you were when you started?
  8. I'll go a different route, for me, the most pressure shot is when expectations are high, but I have difficulty getting the job done. i.e. shots from 170-210 are relatively low expectation shots anyways, ditto, shots from the trees etc. No, my pressure shot is middle of the fairway, 50-80 yards away. Usually after a great drive and you think, gotta knock this stiff! and I end up sculling a LW or chuncking a PW. I'm starting to acid reflux just talking about it.
  9. couple of years ago, I picked up a set of titleist 775cb irons and thought I was hitting them a ton, esp the short irons. When I looked up the spec sheet, i realized that the PW is only 45`. This caused the difference between my gap wedge and the PW to be far too large to be comfortable, so I went out and found the A Wedge that matched the rest of my irons and i love it. I realized that I was becoming far to reliant on the PW from everywhere inside of 135yards, now I have an additional lofted club that looks exactly the same, with extra loft, that I can trust 100%.
  10. I've been using the Pelz 4 wedge system for a year now with some success. was actually thinking about expanding to the 7-8-9 irons with the 10:30 and 9:00 swings. this is basically the same thing, right?
  11. wow, I only had time to go through the first and last page so far, I will agree with Ernie, Fred, and Moe. Has anyone mentioned Steve Elkington yet?
  12. i'm going to assume this is some sort of club head malfunction and he very well could have hit it right down the middle. everything else looks awfully good.
  13. general question: when going to the range, do you always have something specific you are working on that day, or do you methodically work through your bag? I will tend to start with something easy to hit that helps me to warm up, usually an 8 or 7 iron. >step down 2 clubs and hit 6 or 5 >hit some 4 irons. >back up to either pitching wedge or gap wedge (mainly to help tempo) >hit some drivers and/or 3w >back to some scoring clubs at intermediate targets to finish the bucket >finally off to the putting green and I usually play a game with a buddy to keep competition stress high that is a decent lunch hour for me. what is your routine? or do you have one? Do you always go to the range with a specific thought(s)?
  14. There is one key difference between weighted club and swing fan and that is the direction of resistance. Weighted club uses gravity to provide the resistance, so you may find some benefit on the backswing and follow through, but on the downswing, it simply leads to a violent move down that hurts the elbows and wrists at the bottom. Think back to high school physics, the force vector is straight down with weighted club. The swing fan provides variable resistance (variability is contingent on swing speed) and that resistance is always directly opposite the path of the swing. in my opinion, this is where the benefit lies, there is no violent snap at the bottom of the swing, the resistance is steady and consistent based on swing speed. Imagine you could put on a scuba suit and swing 80 mph underwater! your 'on-land' swing speed would have to get faster as a result. no?
  15. Fairly productive day at the range I think. Pretty certain I have my alignment issues cleaned up to a pretty good degree (though some of those drivers look a little sloppy with the feet, shoulders look much better (i hope)). here is a set of 6 iron and driver videos. My amateur opinion at this point is that i need to get the club inside my hands at that A6 position you noted. I probably also could use a little help getting the camera set up properly lol.