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  1. I'm sure that fan preferred getting the bird rather than getting kicked out a la Justin Thomas though
  2. in a practice swing you aren't concerned with squaring the clubface so you don't need to make any compensations. thinking it's a mental problem is wishful thinking and going to end up wasting of lot of time in the end.
  3. I actually mispoke... i'm totally aware those ideas are guiding principles of the rules, but the spirit of my post was more those principles aren't adequate rebuttals to any rule challenge (or specifically here why one could place vs drop a ball)... there has to be some logical reasoning that falls within the scale of keeping the game challenging yet fun and competitive. that being said, i have not read that book but i definitely should! thanks for the pointer. The "holy short cut grass" was a joke response to my own hypothetical of why play it as it lies doesn't apply as we get on t
  4. just to respond to all the noble platitudes such as "play it as it lies" or "golf is supposed to be hard" as if those are some kind of standards the rules are based on: if those tenets were set in stone, no one would play golf. there is always a constant struggle between making a game challenging but also maintaining its competitiveness. notice in golf how those ideas of "play it as it lies" suddenly go out the window when we reach the green. ever wonder why that is? is it because there is some inherently holy quality about short cut grass that we are entitled to a perfect shot at the cup?
  5. this is honestly one of the worst commercials i have ever seen. and i'm a pretty big fan of commercials in general
  6. Never come remotely close to crying after watching golf before, but when Ian baker finch said "tears in my eyes too mate" I almost lost it
  7. Ah, I thought you meant you would practice on a few holes during a full round.
  8. When you do hit multiple balls, even if only for a few holes, do you not post the score then? I'm highly confused reading through this thread. People keep talking about "practice" rounds which I assume means they are playing multiple balls or taking extra swings, which would disqualify such round for hc purposes. So why are other's saying that those rounds should be posted?
  9. off the top of my head, guys who have bent left elbow at impact with longer clubs: westwood oosthuizen poulter rory tiger fowler i'm sure this list is not exhaustive
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