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  1. rating/slope for women at men's tees?

    Very helpful answer! Thanks.
  2. rating/slope for women at men's tees?

    I looked on the USGA site and only white and red are rated for women. Anyone know how to get a USGA rating for women on blue tees? Other courses around here have them.
  3. rating/slope for women at men's tees?

    This has become as issue for me as well. While my home course has white tees rated for both men and women, the red tees are only rated for women and the blue only for men. When I do the calculation as per the USGA unrated tees chart (I am a female golfer), the blues come out with a lower rating than the whites, so obviously it is inaccurate. How do I go about requesting a rating on the blues for women? I really like to play them and they are much more challenging than the whites.
  4. A.D.D. and Golf

    Everything that you describe fits, to a tee, what I was going through on the course. I could lose focus on a swing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWING! I too made poor course management decisions, rushed shots, behaved impulsively. But mostly it was my brain that just felt like a pinball game was going on in there. It was humiliating and frustrating. And I knew I was under-performing score wise - by a lot. Rediscovering my ritalin has calmed me down for golf and put me on an even playing field with other non-ADHD golfers. There is sadly still a stigma about ADHD and needing medication. I don't tell anyone I play with that I have this disorder and am still embarrassed about it. But I definitely plan to go see my doctor and get a renewed prescription - that is if my health still allows for it. I am considerably older since I last went to see the doc for this... But in any case, I have never really noticed the measurable ways ritalin helps me until I got serious about golf. wow!
  5. A.D.D. and Golf

    Wow. I am 55 and just got very serious about golf after being a 2 times a year golfer for years. I took some lessons and became a devoted student of the game. I practice like mad - short game, long game, all of it. I am also ADHD, but out of meds (ritalin). I wasn't seeing improvement in my scores like I thought I should see. I was shooting high 40s, low 50s on 9s but in practice was hitting gorgeous shot after shot. Then I found an old prescription of ritalin and took some before my last 4 rounds. OMG!!!!!!! My pinball brain became calm. I started to strike the ball well consistently. Approaches were hitting greens and my putts started falling. And my scores? It is absolutely dramatic. I am now shooting low to mid 40s past 4 rounds. I am hitting greens, making pars and most importantly, not falling apart and letting my pinball brain take my game away from me. I don't believe ritalin is considered performing enhancing if it is prescribed. Not sure. It shouldn't be. My doctor always told me that for an ADHD person to take ritalin is like a near sighted person wearing glasses. It brings the world into focus.