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  1. What did you make first... an eagle or bunker hole out ?

    Eagles 2 - 0 Bunker Hole Outs Both eagles this year :)
  2. What I learned breaking 80 for the first time

    Congrats! I've broken 80 three times... on a par 70 course! (79, 79, 76). I've got a ton of 80-82s on a few different par 72s... ye gads! I guess only the 76 counts! (I don't really count the 72 on a par 67...;) ) I agree with the whole "stop thinking about your score" thing. So many times I start thinking about that - "mustn't bogey now", etc. It doesn't help at all. Just count your score at the end! :)
  3. When do you start playing blues?

    I've been wrestling with the same question. I've been playing and practicing a lot, getting better... and wondering "do I have to move back to the blues now?" (especially as I just got down to below 10 handicap - oh joy!). Thing is, it is definitely recreational, not my living... and making GIRs and having birdie putts is fun! So I think: why should I?! :)
  4. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver”! Justin Rose -6 Jimmy Walker -6 Jordan Spieth -6