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  1. I have always had a tendency to sway in the backswing. I have found the 2-inch-shoulder-blade-into-the-spine move to help tremendously in rotating without swaying. I also like the concept of bolting your left glute to the ground to start the transition. But as with every other golf (or life) phillosophy, there are no absolute truths. You just have to find bits and pieces that work for you. I have also found some good pointers from Shawn Clement to help with my tempo, but would not consider his gravity methods and his perpetual motion drills to be the only schooling method.
  2. Neither the 905, the 907 nor the 909 have been enough of a difference to take my 983K out of the bag... Waiting to try the 910, which looks promising...
  3. I have bought about a dozen items there. Every single time the items were in much better condition than I had imagined. Once I bought a 3W and after I hit it a few times at the range, it had some loose epoxy inside the shaft. Called them and they replaced the $65 club with a new head and shaft of my choice. Outstanding service.
  4. Compressing the ball refers more to the feeling you should have in your swing. You should feel as if you where striking down at the ball, as if trying to pinch it or compress it against the ground. But the fact of the matter is that the ball never compresses the ground, rather, it rolls a few millimeters up the club face through the grooves while being compressed against the face of the club, then immediately leaving the face of the club up in the air.
  5. I have an older-version Idea Pro 20º. Love it. Always had been reluctant to using hybrids until I tried it.
  6. Ping irons are second to none. I have tried everything out there... and always return to my trusty i3´s... which I have recently complemented with a set of S59´s.
  7. there is no such thing as self-taught. Whether or not you have taken classes with a pro, you have learnt the game from watching tv, reading articles, reading forums... hence you have learnt the game from someone... I have only taken one single class with a pro in my entire golf-life... but i am a deep student of the game and would never consider that i have taught myself this game. I have the internet, the golf channel, eccetera of other sources to thank for my advancement in the game.
  8. nothing like crawling back to the 20th century...
  9. have you heard of "metaphors". The saying is not literal. It is a mental picture you want someone to have to releive tension if they are holding the club too tight.
  10. Replaced my cally x-tour 54º with a Mizuno MP-T 51º and now with a ping w tour 52º. So far so good. I like how easily it travels through thick rough on the takeaway.
  11. I´d say that you have more room for improvement than me, for example.
  12. I know this answer will strike as odd, but I do absolutely nothing, except maybe turn slightly away from where I hear FORE called and covering my head with my arms. The reason is simple. Why do people duck? What if the ball coming your way is a low-flying shank? If you duck you´ll only increase the risk of getting hit in the head. It´s almost impossible to figure out where the ball is coming from, so might as well just keep walking or standing or doing whatever it is you are doing when you hear it, because odds are just the same that you will be hit no matter what you do.
  13. Same thing happened to me. I had the mp57s with the project X 5.5. Lost my swing completely. Mishits were a total nightmare. Sold them, went back to my old ping i3, changed the original graphite shafts for KBS steel and have regained my usual swing and game.
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