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  1. Wow, that's very interesting. I've been working on getting my hips open more at A6, so I probably need to tweak how I'm doing it. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I've continued to work on shoulder and hip turn and boy has it been frustrating. My game really went backwards, as I was struggling to keep any kind of control over my ball, snap hooking tee shots off the planet. Things have slowly turned back around. I'm feeling pretty good about how I'm hitting everything up to a 7 iron, but anything longer than that, and I don't have a lot of confidence about where it's going. I have another tournament coming up in three weeks, so I'm hoping I can get things shaped up by then.
  3. Playing in a Mid-Am at one of the local courses in my city next weekend. It'll be my first solo tournament round since my freshman year of high school. My goal is basically to not piss myself on the first tee and make some kind of contact with the ball.
  4. Welcome, I'm also from Iowa. I live in Cedar Rapids and play most of my golf around here. Unfortunately, I've never played near your area, but I make it over there for the JDC every year.
  5. I'm starting to get a really good feel for how to get my shoulder more level. This feels like I'm really getting my arms down behind me a lot. I'm going to focus on getting the swing really ingrained and getting my shoulders and hips to open just a little sooner. Drill that I've been doing to get a feel on the downswing Full swings at about 80%
  6. Honestly, I have no clue. I find it interesting they have that it up on their banner and they made a whole video that is completely false.
  7. Wait, are you saying he just hit the first one in the water? The article I read on Yahoo clearly states he hit all three in the drink.
  8. Hey Jeremie, nice work with the swing. I agree, it's almost impossible to try to swing with multiple thoughts. With my mirror work I just concentrate on taking slow swings and pausing in the position I'm trying to change. I'll usually hold it for a few seconds to try and get a good feel for it. Then, I might make some slow swings without pausing, but still checking that I'm hitting the correct position.
  9. Thank you, I appericiate it. I'm really working hard to get my shoulders flatter at A6, but it has been quite challenging. I think that I have made a little bit of progress over the last week. My hands and left arm look slightly further forward, allowing me too keep my front shoulder down a bit longer.
  10. How are things coming with the new alignments? Have you gotten a chance to get to the range again?
  11. I really got a good feel for my hip turn and using my legs today. Instead of just sliding forward, I got the feeling of really driving my left leg into the ground. This seemed to prevent me from titling my torso so much, as a result it was much easier for me to keep my shoulders level. I think this looks a lot better and I was hitting the ball great.
  12. This was, without a doubt, the most difficult change that I have made so far. For me, I think an important part was changing my right elbow position, and how I turned through the ball. I feel like it is helpful to break it down into two parts. First getting into a good A5 position, and then figuring out how to get from that position to the ball. I remember it being very difficult to even hit the ball from a good A5 position, and I think this might be what makes this change so hard. For a long time I hit the ball like complete crap while I was making this change. I did a couple of drills
  13. Still working on keeping my shoulders level and making a more centered turn. It still feels pretty exaggerated but I'm starting to get more comfortable with it.
  14. I'm still working on getting my shoulder to be more level at A6. I think that I'm starting to make some progress but I'm not totally sure. I found a YouTube video where Justin Rose seems to be talking about the same thing, and he mentions feeling like his left arm moves down while his shoulders stay closed to the target. I've been working with this feeling for a couple of days and I think its been pretty effective.
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