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  1. For what it's worth, the GolfTec eval was definitely worth the $75 I paid. The packages they then sell are, well, pricey, I can't see spending $1200+ right now, maybe by the end of the season :) Learned a ton, got good video to reference, drills, and SS. We used the 7i for most of the time, which I averaged 156 carry, which is exactly what I measured. Driver SS was low 90s. Don't really care about distances, as long as I know what they are! More importantly, got some good data to work with.
  2. My irons are the 106 column, hybrid and up in the 100 column. I'll find out soon enough what's going on, GolfTec initial appointment soon!
  3. Where do these charts come from? I'm a hack, mid 80s-90s. I know my distances very well, and here they match the 106 column but there's zero chance I have that SS. Last year on Golfsmith monitors I think it was 85 avg. I know you're going to say it's math and physics, just sayin', for me that doesn't add up! I'm not touching the rest of this thread with a 10 foot ball retriever :)
  4. And the best way to improve there is? (Swing coach? Video? Tech? Repetition?)
  5. At the Portland Golf Show, just signed up for my first GolfTec analysis for $75. Good deal, we'll see if it gives me some useful data on my full swing. For short game, I need lessons...
  6. That kid is awesome. Love it.
  7. It's been a few years since I had my first instruction, need to get back with a teacher.
  8. Yes, for sure. One thing I've been wondering though watching the pros, some have a really odd backswing, but get it on-plane on the downswing. Where should I focus? On-plane back & through, or just through?
  9. Thanks! I've noticed the clubhead over there but didn't realize it was part of the problem!
  10. I use a line for putting practice to see the wobble. I have started using it on the course so that I can align the putter with the ball and then focus primarily on speed and stroke - one less thought in my head during the stroke. BTW, I'm not a very good putter yet so just using different techniques for improvement/drills.
  11. Noticed my divot angles after practice today. Inside-out swing practice paying off? Do they look right? Ball striking is feeling good and drawing more often.
  12. From what I've read, which is not much, his mental fortitude, internal drive, etc. are just off the charts. I think he'll win again because it's his entire identity, he must. Win or die trying.
  13. A sad day for male viewers...
  14. Honestly, with Blair on there I learn nothing :)
  15. I enjoy watching Day the most, probably because he's the most relatable to me personally. As for technical beauty, McIlroy.