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  1. I love my TM Burner 2 game improvement irons. They allowed me to have more fun, play more, and therefore improve faster than had I started with more expert clubs. I'm still only in the high 80s avg but feel I can use these for several more years until I'd benefit from upgrading. I do wonder though, since I bought them used and have used them a lot, if they would benefit from groove sharpening? I also do tend to take a choke 1/2-1" down on them. Is that fine vs. having them cut down? I have no advice other than once your start dancing with the idea of a new club it's hard to let it go...
  2. What's up with the USA men's team? C'mon guys!
  3. I cut down my last one so I'm thinking about it with the X2 Hot... but it's new and pretty. What about altered swing weight, etc? I hate to mess with the meticulous work that they've engineered.
  4. Why do they make it so hard for people (parents, etc.) who can't watch live? Where's the round replays? Do you want fans or not, PGA?
  5. +1. Would like to switch from using the phone to a dedicated, small device. Any recommendations for something that fits these needs ... GPS yardage with pre-programmed courses Shot tracking per club (preferably with software/website that does avg distances per club) Scorecard Hassle-free as possible. Want to spend as much time as possible playing not messing with tech Small as possible Thanks so much!
  6. Unashamed to say I wear these and love them
  7. Yep, I switched to chipping (30 yrds and in) to ball position just inside front foot. Working great, saw it on golf channel & golf digest. Not full swing, just chipping is what I saw/use.
  8. Anyone going to this please let me know, we could meet up!
  9. My new used Callaway X2 Hot has a neutral/draw adjustment, as do many clubs. Help if you want it, none if you don't. I like it so far.
  10. I just got a Callaway X2 Hot 9* from their pre-owned site for about $100. I got it after hitting a friends X-Series on-course and just being blown away. It's a 2014 model, and it makes a huge difference. No, it's not going to fix fundamental swing issues, but does make a difference. Bigger sweet-spot, more forgiving, very long. Question: I'm about 5'8 and these 46" drivers feel too long for me. I don't want to hack down my brand new used driver and mess with the swing weight, etc... what to do? I know I should get fitted but I just cannot do my normal thing in those Golfsmith hitting bays. I tried, they couldn't recommend anything based on what I did in there. On the course or range I'm fine. I think 45 or 44.5 is a better length for me.
  11. I think there are some common things pros do we can use, there must be a cheat-sheet somewhere. i.e Jason Day before every shot: closes eyes, deep breath, etc. Positive thinking, shot visualization, breathing, intermediate target, etc.
  12. For my, it's the end-to-end swing, but for you it may be something else. Whatever it is that helps your mind clear and be present to now. Not the last shot, nor the next shot, nor the score, nor the person/people with you, etc. Have you checked out any sports psychology books?
  13. I just saw a McIlry interview for The Open, he said and I quote "my game is 75% mental". This from a guy that spends more time in the gym and with trainers, dietitians, etc. than I spend online. For me, it's about being "in the moment" or in "the zone". Nothing matters, just the swing, the end-to-end performance of the swing. Even where the ball goes doesn't matter, just the most perfect swing I can muster. This has helped me in all situations, and my score has definitely improved. When my mind is busy, my game sucks, period. The mind is part of the body, they are one system.
  14. I like Swing by Swing, but I don't really use it this way, I don't think it has social. I just mostly use it for yardage and shot tracking.
  15. I took lessons last year from a zen-type PGA pro, and this was his #1 thing. He taught it to me many different ways, but it always came back to this. When I had an issue later, we had a follow-up, he tweaked one small hand-position thing, and boom, right back to swing, don't hit. When you can do it, it's magic, like a hot knife through butter.