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  1. Same for me. I attribute it to much better trajectory, spin, a bit of de-lofting due to better shaft lean, and of course sweet spot. In my case it feels more like going down to 30% which is probably closer to actually 70% whereas my typical 80% is more like 110% because I just get very tense and muscled-up over the ball.
  2. This was my intended point, thanks. I said nothing about viewers calling in, or questioning the fairness of the ruling as it applies to the ball being moved. But as it applies to the day-after "you signed an incorrect scorecard even though presumably you didn't know you broke a rule and that it was incorrect"... that is very off-putting to the average viewer. Someone is leading a major, playing the best golf, and wham, you lose, good day. And with that I will agree to disagree with those who know much more than I about the RoG :) @DaveP043 @boogielicious @iacas
  3. At some point we've got to concede these rulings are bad for the game. The layperson viewer doesn't understand or agree with the ruling, particularly the day-after signed an incorrect scorecard 2-stroke penalty. (Everyone can see she moved the ball and deserved 2-strokes for that). Whether or not it makes sense to golf gurus is immaterial to the harm it does to the broader game and viewership.
  4. I sent the article to my friend who was trying to make the tour last year. He said it's a pretty accurate description of how they feel. Said he it took him 3k/month minimum to keep going (tournament fees and travel in the Texas area) and if you're not at least recouping that each month you can't sustain it. If you have a bad couple months.... what then? You need a sponsor, family, friends, gofundme, something!
  5. Just my .02 as I've struggled the most with the driver. 4 years ago, I got a few lessons. Huge improvement. 3 years ago, I messed around with my driver setup and shortened the shaft. 2 years ago, I took it out of my bag for a full year and enjoyed my rounds much more while working on the driver at the range. Lastly, I got a new adjustable game-improvement driver (Callaway X2 Hot) and set it to draw. Now my drivers are usually straight or draw but also on some days still use the 3-wood if my old habits are back that day. That being the case, the distance difference between my 3W and D is only about 15-20 yards because trajectory on my D is still not great. I also tended to play courses with fewer par 5s for while so I could improve other parts of my game while fixing the long clubs at the range. HTH.
  6. Just wanted to share (drum roll) this works. For me, however, there's a constant mental battle when learning new techniques. There's the new thing I learned and have practiced endlessly, and then there's the last second mental glitch that makes my body do the old thing. So I need a new swing thought to accompany any new technique, which in this case is HIT DOWN ON IT, LET THE LOFT DO IT'S JOB. Or as I heard on the golf academy recently, pinch the inch (the inch after the ball). Once my brain accepted this thought, middle of club face hitting the upper middle of the ball.... no more blading/skulling. At all. Ever. Stupid brain!
  7. Details
  8. My final thought is that @iacas has made strong case for the rules and officiating staying as-is and it makes sense to me now. My only suggestion is that the punishment doesn't fit the crime in this case. 4 strokes is too severe for a 1/4" ball move on a putt. I would advocate that there be a few levels of severity depending on the specifics of the circumstances. Also, I think the game in general would have better public perception if they just say "we became aware and reviewed tape" and leave out how they became aware. It doesn't matter how and it just makes them look bad if it comes from a fan.
  9. This is where you lose me. If it's carelessness and you can't prove intent, then she did not sign an incorrect scorecard and should have only been penalized 2 strokes. The scorecard was correct by everyone's standards at the time she signed it. Then, the next day, it was changed. She didn't sign it the next day... she signed it when it was correct.
  10. I'm confused about the additional 2 strokes for signing an incorrect card. At the time, the card was correct because she hadn't yet been assessed a penalty. Does that imply that she knowingly and intentionally moved the ball?
  11. As an entertainer, which all professional sports players are, he doesn't have mass-appeal. No emotion, monotone interviews, etc. Now, for us who play, his game is magnificent to behold and there's a lot to be learned by watching him. But for the TV-ness and sport as a whole he's just not interesting. Tiger, Bubba, Jason Day, Rory, these guys are more exiting to watch because you get to see what's going on inside.
  12. For what it's worth, the GolfTec eval was definitely worth the $75 I paid. The packages they then sell are, well, pricey, I can't see spending $1200+ right now, maybe by the end of the season :) Learned a ton, got good video to reference, drills, and SS. We used the 7i for most of the time, which I averaged 156 carry, which is exactly what I measured. Driver SS was low 90s. Don't really care about distances, as long as I know what they are! More importantly, got some good data to work with.
  13. My irons are the 106 column, hybrid and up in the 100 column. I'll find out soon enough what's going on, GolfTec initial appointment soon!
  14. Where do these charts come from? I'm a hack, mid 80s-90s. I know my distances very well, and here they match the 106 column but there's zero chance I have that SS. Last year on Golfsmith monitors I think it was 85 avg. I know you're going to say it's math and physics, just sayin', for me that doesn't add up! I'm not touching the rest of this thread with a 10 foot ball retriever :)