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  1. +1 for this question. What are your top drills, how to you evaluate your performance of those drills, and what changes do you make as a result? If I could eliminate 3-putts I'd shave 6-10 strokes. Need to spend more practice time on the green.
  2. Today I hit 4 fairways at ~275 yrds each. So, I have found my problem: tension. Tension in the hands and forearms, which is caused by fear, which is caused by a lack of faith in my swing. So when I shut that down and swing loose and freely, life is good. The troubling thing with this is that I don't know specifically what is technically different about my swing under those conditions, which introduces some doubt, and I think that in pressure situations I'm still vulnerable. I need more knowledge of the physics at play to put my mind at ease and increase faith. I guess I'm a "feel" player.
  3. TST = The Sand Trap aka here. That app is Swing by Swing http://www.swingbyswing.com/
  4. I did indeed try this yesterday. Had 4 nice drives and 1 absolutely smashed. Love TST!
  5. Can't you just say "elbows down can't touch the body. club can only contact the hands"?
  6. If you're offering free help, I shall obtain them! :)
  7. Suggestions / drills / shelve it?
  8. That driver and I have a mutually detrimental relationship
  9. Also posted in my swing thread. Many many thanks for your input. 3W Front 3W DTL Driver Front Driver DTL
  10. Videos for another thread 3W Front 3W DTL Driver Front Driver DTL
  11. That's the thing - it's the only club where you hit up on the ball, longest shaft, lightest head, widest stance, etc.
  12. Just ban the long putter and be done with it
  13. Most common miss is a slice, but I also hook one occasionally. I'm all over the clubface, unlike any other club. It's a mystery. Also the setup and body mechanics just feel so much different that other clubs. Even when I "bomb" it, I'm only getting about 250 w/ roll lately. It's really weird because I tested my speeds at a hitting bay recently and was pretty happy.
  14. Thanks, good advice. I used to hit drives 275 regularly, but since getting my swing plane fixed and my score lower it has gone to hell. At least all other parts of my game are in good shape!
  15. Here are club specs. Yes, I usually choke down on it, but as you can see to the length of the 3W would be 2.5", that would be awkward. About 1" is all i do. JetSpeed Fairway / 3-15° RH Lie 59° 165cc 43.5” D5 42.5” C9 X2 Hot Driver 9° RH 46" Adjustable 460 D3 Shaft Aldila Stiff 58 mid mid
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