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  1. Just read through this thread. Heading to Southern Pines this weekend to play Pine Needles and Tobacco Road. Any dinner/bar recommendations for a group of 12 for Saturday night this time of year?
  2. Every year I put together a tournament for about 12-16 buddies. We do a Captain's Choice format. Anyways, in year #1 my group was on the 18th hole and everyone else was standing around watching. The first two guys in our group missed the 35 footer for birdie. I walked up and sunk the putt, and everyone went nuts. It was a pretty cool feeling, and actually ended up being the winning shot as we won by 1 stroke. Best shot I've ever hit was holing a 3 iron from 235 out of the pinestraw for an Albatross.
  3. Has anyone on here tried to qualify before? I know if I could get my Handicap that low I would want to play in a qualifier just to be able to say I had done it.
  4. I wish this guy would either donate me his golf game or his Wall Street career. I'd be happy with either, I'm not picky. It's crazy that some guys have it all. Like Jake Owen. The guy is a scratch golfer and makes millions a year in the music industry.
  5. Bridgestone (B330) Titleist (Prov1x or NTX Tour) Vice (Pro) Just picked up 2 dozen of the new Cut golf brand balls. We will see how they do this weekend.
  6. Haha well they are way off.
  7. So knowing that it will probably be windy Thurs and maybe Fri, which players will fair better in it? Also, does it hurt some of the favorites heading into the tournament?
  8. Whoa, is he really the first Michigan State player to play on the PGA tour? That's a pretty crazy stat/fact.
  9. I think you will see more putts made due to the flagstick being in from longer distances rather than from shorter ones. You see more putts from distance that hop over the hole due to speed than you do short putts.
  10. At some point you just have to call it quits. It's not worth it to come back and risk further injury. With a few kids, there is more to life than golf. I want to see Tiger come back and win one more as much as anyone else does. But I also want to be able to see him out walking around as a host in his tournament the way we've seen the likes of Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus do.
  11. So we all seem to have a favorite golfer or 2 or 3 from the pool of "big names" on tour. Usually when in a group I find that at least a few guys say their favorite golfer is one of those that can be found near the top of the World Golf Rankings (amongst the Mickelsons, Spieths, DJs, Rorys, etc of the world). However, who are some guys that you like to follow closely that may not be a household name? The reasons can vary, whether they have done something off the course that you admire, hail from your hometown, etc. For me, being a Clemson grad, I like to follow the guys on Tour t
  12. I was fortunate enough to attend last year on Saturday, and it was an incredible experience. This has been a bucket list item of mine for the past 20 years. Honestly, I felt overwhelmed by the presence of the place and can't even tell you exactly where all I walked to on the course because I was in such a daze by just being there. A few things that I took away: The place is immaculate, not a piece of pine straw or blade of grass is out of place The most well run tournament out there. Everything just flows so well, it is truly incredible. The long line to get a beer? That'll o
  13. I think my 5 events (not taking into account the rest of the field, just ones I'd enjoy most) would be: Waste Management Open in Phoenix: it's the most fun atmosphere on tour Wells Fargo Championship: closest to home, could have a lot of friends and family there RBC Heritage: same as the Wells Fargo, plus Harbour Town is awesome Arnold Palmer Invitational: always one of my favorite tournaments, is going to be extra special this year Zurich Classic: Nawlins! For sponsors, my pipe dream choices would be: Apparel: Polo Shoes: Foot Joy Equipment:
  14. Lets say you are just getting your career off the ground and heading onto the tour. You are given 5 sponsors exemptions to non-major tournaments (and not including The Players). What 5 events would you want to play in? Also, who would you want as your equipment and clothing sponsors? I've always found it fun to think about these things.
  15. You'll have to keep us posted so we can keep up. Best of luck!
  16. Just wondering if there would be any interest from guys in the area to go and hang out and watch the cup, as well as possibly play a round at a nearby course? Maybe a 10 and over handicap version of the Newport Cup? Could be fun to get a number of members out there just to watch and enjoy the festivities.
  17. I'd estimate it's in the 40-50 course range, mostly in the Carolinas. Some of my favorites have been: Caledonia- Pawleys Island, SC Thornblade- Greenville, SC Stono Ferry- Charleston, SC Rocky River- Concord, NC The Walker Course- Clemson, SC
  18. I had forgotten about this thread. My game has been a rollercoaster lately, and it seems like the more golf I play the more I'm starting to blow up. My previous two tournaments have started well for me, with a lot of pars, then I tend to start falling off as my tee shots begin going wayward. Two weeks ago I had my first real tournament of the year (one of those flighted by handicap). Anyways, through 3 holes I was even and in 1st place out of my flight. Then poured in a double bogey, birdie, and was feeling halfway decent sitting at +1 through 5. Then the wheels came off, as I
  19. I hit the ball 260-270 off the tee with my driver, with the occasional 290-ish drive (use GPS to tell distance). However, that doesn't mean jack squat when you can't be consistent with your approach shots and wedges. Distance helps, but I'd much rather be someone that drives the ball 240 but is money from 100-in.
  20. This would be a great idea. Maybe shoot for the fall?
  21. I will actually be moving to Charlotte in about a month or so. We should all get up and play sometime.
  22. So for the past two years I have started what I call the "Annual Cracked Open" where I get 12-20 friends together and we have a weekend of golf. We are, for the most part, based in the Southeast, and mainly in the NC and SC areas. The first year we had it at the Furman University Golf Club in Greenville, SC. Last year we played at Rocky River in Concord (right outside of Charlotte). So I am starting to brainstorm for next year's location and didn't know if you guys might have any ideas. Here are a few things to help with what we are looking for: 1) Fairly accessable for folks tha
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