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  1. Alright. Will try to send some tonight. Sorry about that.
  2. Thanks for helping me out. I’ll get it right next time.
  3. If I knew how I would. I’m on my phone, is that the problem?
  4. Alright, been doing some work on it. Here’s where I’m at. 6 Iron 4 Hybrid and...driver. Try not to puke. It’s not pretty. Appreciate any input!
  5. Thanks! My miss is a pull, sometimes accompanied with a hook. The other issue is lack of speed and therefore no distance. I'll try to get a face on view later this week.
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: 9.3 (on its way up) My typical ball flight is: Cut The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Wipey Fade I’m 6’5”, 245lbs, no speed. 6i goes 150 yards, driver 215-225 average Videos:
  7. Yeah, this reinforced handle seems to be specific to the 2015 bags. I'm 6'5" so I thought my above average height may have made adjusting it properly a bit trickier, but that doesn't really seem to be the case.
  8. Hi All, I recently received a 2015 Sun Mountain Three Five golf bag for my birthday. It is a great, light weight bag, but after carrying it yesterday I discovered a bit of an issue that became more annoying as the round progressed. The handle of the Three Five that I use to set it down and pick it up (like loading and unloading from my car) is very sturdy due to a plastic-like reinforcement that is stitched over-top of the fabric of the handle. It looks great and works great, but here is my issue. It is too sturdy. It prods into my back when I carry the bag. No matter how much I
  9. newtogolf and tnull, thanks for your experiences! I actually got impatient and drove to the local shop. I got lucky and they had one 38 inch Odyssey Works Tank Versa 2-Ball Fang Putter. I putted around with it where I naturally and comfortable gripped it with my hands. I enjoyed it and could see putting with it that way, but I asked an employee there about choking up or not and he said that you definitely choke up with counter balanced putters (but in the end, you do what is comfortable). He had me hold a 35" putter and then just transfer my hands from that to the 38" putter. In
  10. Really? Everything I've read about counter balanced putters says to choke up (or choke down, which means the same thing) on them to maximized the benefit of the weights.
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping someone could help me out in my understanding of what to look for when choosing a counter balanced putter. This will be my first real putter, all other putters I have used have been borrowed from my brother or friend. I am 6'4" and always feel that the putters I use are too short (they have been from 33" to 35"). Therefore, and with the recommendation of a good friend who played on the college golf team, I went to the store looking for 38" putters. I found a few and after narrowing it down tot he ones I liked, I discovered that they were counter balance
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