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  1. I'm only writing these to keep the record straight. I find it amusing and yet pathetic all at the same time when people talk about what stock shaft to put into their new heads. Granted, I know many on here are young, with little spending money to go out and spend a few more bucks on something better. Stock shafts are garbage. I love when people talk about their RIP, Aldila, or even any shaft that reads "co-engineered." These shafts are worth no more than $2 (and that's the truth). They are VERY inconsistant from one shaft to the other with exact flex and gram weight. So you think you ar
  2. your follow through looks to umm compact,i guess thats the word im looking for.i would suggest you try to get some more arm extension through your follow through
  3. That made me laugh pretty good i needed that.
  4. i have just come back aftera 5 month layoff and cannot find anything good from how i used to be able to play,but thats a differant story.When i used to play good golf i would occasionally take 2-3 days off to refresh my mind,any longer though and i would face some swing flaws that could lead to a lot of negative thinking.So i would recommend some time away from the game but no longer than 3 days between picking up a club.just my opinion though
  5. well my fellow sandtrappers as of friday i will no longer be an active member mostly due to internet lossage i will no longer be posting here.and as one of my final posts i want to wish everybody more faiways,greens and birdies.goodbye sincerely, wedge player
  6. well if anything make sure you start the swing with hips
  7. you hav an ovet the top problem,i think in your case you are starting the backswing with your arms not your lower body,try to get a small hip "bump" and that should allow you to drop into the slot a little easier,oh and one more thing you have a very upright swing try to tuck your left shoulder under your chin,thats about the best tip ive ever had to fix an upright swing.
  8. Seems like a mixture of strength,flexibility and technique is the best for a long ball.Although i think everybody knew that
  9. but this is where i want him although i could reach the par 5 in 2 he is much more accurate at that 210 yd approach than i am,and on par fours you get his drive and approach often within 15 foot ill take my chances with the putt
  10. dont say that they will get mad and call you wrong
  11. i used alotta string and once i finished tying the string i used a roll of electrical tape its held for about a year now.i can post pics if youd like.
  12. not according to a study every shot inside 100 yds would save an average of 2.8 strokes while every shot outside would save 7.something strokes i think it was a golf digest study but not sure.tiger regulary hits greens of 150+ yards an average joes percentage is around 20% and thats generous.im a low capper because i spend most of the time hitting full iron shots my g.i.r percntage over 150 yds is around 59% which gives me alot of birdie ops.easy pars if not,id much rather take that insted of hitting 1 outta every 5 greens and trying to get up and down for my par.
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