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  1. I've acquired a set of TaylorMade RSi 1 and the 5 iron is the same loft as my Adams XTD-ti hybrid 23° Without having access to a launch monitor what difference in distance would these achieve, obviously the launch angle and flight will differ And is there any advantages to having 2 clubs of the same loft?
  2. I'll be looking at the 913 as that's also adjustable and I like the ease of the sure fit system
  3. Looks like I'll be heading to the shop and testing a few hybrids on GC2 see what works best I'm even toying with forgoing the 4i and popping in an extra wedge
  4. I struggle somedays with both the 5w and 3i off the fairway so thinking of taking out the 3i and switching it for perhaps a 7w or similar lofted hybrid/rescue club
  5. I'm currently gaming a 5 wood that is 21° and can hit this consistently 240 yards from the tee so happy with that. Now my current 3 iron is also 21° so is there any point carrying two clubs of the same loft?
  6. How does handicapping work for PGA pros? Obviously they are all scratch and playing on a level playing field yet there a lots of players consistently hitting high over par and missing the cut but a long shot So at what point would they be deemed 'too high a handicap' to be competing at such a high level and have to be reassessed before being able to stay on tour?
  7. The ball was still stationary at address it wasn't until some moments after when I'd started the downswing did it move, so I guess I could knock a shot off that round
  8. I played a shot recently back up a slope and just as I was about to make contact with the ball it moved down the slope a fraction towards on the oncoming club head I take it that should be a 1 stroke penalty?
  9. The big difference being a pro will have a coach helping them work on specific aspects of his swing yet Joe public who pops down the range for a hour after work won't have this luxury and are generally hitting several inconsistent shots with no real aim or objective other than whacking a ball and as the OP mentioned not having the real life scenario of being on course with room for error being infinite then there is zero benefit of going
  10. I never seem to take a divot with any of my irons or wedges and find I’m picking the ball off the grass. Although I can make great contact I will often play several duff, bladed shots within a round, I also feel that not being able to play through the ball correctly is affecting my control from within 100 yards If I try and take divots I find my club just digs into the ground behind the ball and if I try to play through the ball the results can be terrible
  11. It was only a friendly round so not too bothered if he should of had a penalty added but was curious as to whether it was the correct decision. If you were to look at it you'd say it was GUR all day long
  12. Now there are more adjustable drivers on the market, are there any ruling forbidding the adjustment of these once you've played your 1st tee shot and your round has commenced?
  13. I played a new course the weekend and my playing partner landed in an area on the fairway that was slightly dug out, over grown and had a light layer of coarse sand put over it at some point. It was completely out of place to how well the rest of the course was kept It wasn't marked as GUR but assumed it should have been so allowed him a free drop. Was this the correct thing to do or should I have made him play it?
  14. Similar thing happened here, a local course was refused planning by resident petition to allow the course to raise the height of the net/fence on the boundary to neighbouring properties then one of the same residents that objected tried to Sue when she was struck by a stray ball in her garden
  15. My only hole in 1 was on an 18 hole pitch n putt course at 79 yards but still yet to get one playing proper golf
  16. The more I watch golf the more I notice the caddie have in my opinion far too much of an input. Without putting them down their job should just to be on the bag. Any info on the course, yardages, how the green rolls all the course craft us amatures have to contend with should be down to the indivual golfer to workout for themselves and put in the hours learning As far as Im concerned golf is an indivual sport and all this confiring with the caddie almost makes it a team event
  17. It really depends what you're to practice and achieve within the given spacee but body shape, positions,swing planes and various chipping techniques should all be achievable even if you have to use communal hallways
  18. There was no markers that we could see, we had a good rummage about to see if they'd been knocked over and overgrown or removed but nothing, but they also have two green side lakes that aren't staked or marked on the ground either
  19. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Jimmy Walker -8 Jordan Spieth - 8 Miguel Angel Jimenez - 8
  20. There are a few areas at a new course I've visited a few times between fairways where there are wide areas of thick rough that in places are getting on for 3ft high. If you land in this you've zero chance of finding it yet none of it is marked O.B Currently whenever we've landed in this area we've just allowed ourselves a free drop as there's no point hacking around trying to find it and if by some miracle you did you'd never play it out So at what point does rough become out of bounds if at all?
  21. Theres no rule not allowing the chaging of clothes during a round providing it doesn't interfere with play it's not like a jockey where they have weight in the same as they left the weighing room
  22. Another thing I've done in the past is play fictional match play against the course at £10 per hole. I always played the course wins at 1 over so any hole I win I'd pop a tenner in my savings and stopped treating myself to anyting new I wanted until I'd won enough through my fictional match play plus it made me appreciate it more instead of just going out and paying for it as and when I wanted a new toy
  23. This any good? [URL]http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/381275568953?_trkparms=aid%253D222007%2526algo%253DSIC.MBE%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20140908153005%2526meid%253D324858e90f6f41c5b976c5322663444e%2526pid%253D100107%2526rk%253D1%2526rkt%253D25%2526sd%253D281485506643&_trksid=p2056116.c100107.m2460[/URL]
  24. Have you tried to contact Carl to see of has signed a head like this, sure he'd let you know if someone was flogging fakes baring his signature
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