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  1. When and what to upgrade?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I am college student so I would probably be looking at getting used clubs, or at least a few model years old. Is there a way to demo used clubs? Also I am concerned about my swing speed possibly changing. Right now I am trying to swing slower to make good contact, but I am 23 and lifting weights is another hobby, so the potential for a higher swing speed is there. Should I wait until my swing speed stops fluctuating so much?
  2. Should I be using shorter clubs?

    And what measurement would indicate I might need shorter clubs?
  3. I am not particularly tall, about 5'9" in shoes. However I have fairly long arms, In a basketball camp my wingspan was a little over 6'1". Is that enough to warrant going to a shorter club shaft length? thanks, LordHobo
  4. Hello, I am relatively new to golf, I picked it at the end of last summer, but played infrequently and mainly just to goof around with my friends. Towards the end of the summer and early fall before it got cold (I live in Indiana) I started to take the game more seriously and played more often. This spring I have really jumped into the game head first, I made friends with another newbie and we have been playing a lot more often now, with the intent of getting better. I am really concentrating no improving my swing and focusing on the weak parts of my game as opposed to just going out and pounding a ball around. I now play and hit the range at least once a week each with it usually being more than that. On my most recent game, a relatively short 9 hole course, I shot a 45. This is by far my best 9 hole score yet. So my two questions are: 1. At what point should I start looking to upgrade my clubs. I spent probably $150 on the whole set of clubs at a used sports store and aside from the putter (Odyssey 2 Ball) they are all non name brand, and mostly do not match each other. 2. What should I upgrade first? Irons? Woods? thanks, Lord Hobo