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  1. I guess my lie is what I am looking to change. I noticed the other day that my toe is down a little. I really haven't looked at a budget, but I am not looking to spend a LOT because I was looking for a new driver. Is it better to have a fitting or have my lie changed on my clubs?
  2. So I have a question and this dead horse might have been beat for too many threads, but please I need HELP!! I am in the market for new clubs, but I am having a hard time paying that much for clubs (really hate spending a LOT of money). The last clubs I bought were not fitted, but have played very well for me (Cobra Amp Cells). I love them, but I really want to up my game. They have a graphite shaft and I do not like them anymore. I am okay with buying a set that is a (no more than 2 years old), but can I have them fitted? They would not be used clubs…..Any input would be great!