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  1. Ben Hogan Would Be Irrelevant Today

    So, I definitely didn't read all 10 pages of this thread. Especially since the OP was obviously just a whackadoodle and was banned from the site. But, I'll throw in just a couple of comments. The first thing I would say is that pretty much every golfer in the world that came after Ben Hogan has acknowledged him as pretty much the best ball striker ever. And almost everybody acknowledges that he was probably the best course manager ever. Obviously there are some comparisons. There have been some great ball strikers that came after. And great course managers that came after. But they are pretty much all judged against Hogan. And anybody who knows anything at all about playing golf knows that if you are a great ball striker and can manager your way around the course, you'll be right in the thick of things to win anytime to tee it up. So, to say he would be irrelevant is just so ridiculous. Just plain crazy talk. Would he be the best ever? Who knows. Totally separate discussion. And a fun one. Most of the posts here all seem to know that it's a fun discussion to have and just part of the game to compare generations. Anyway, that's my $0.02. And let's face it, his company produced some of the most beautiful irons ever. That has to worth something!