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  1. "GOLFING" - is it a word?

    I think the word you are looking for is acceptable, not exceptable. Sorry I couldn't resist
  2. As a new golfer when I started there would be about 20 things that would go through my head before and during a swing. Head down, shift weight, left wrist straight, turn from the hips..... My instructor told me to pick one thing for each practice session and just work on that. I first chose keeping my head down and steady - surprise this corrected 2 of my major swing issues, lifting my body up on my back swing and lifting my head immediately upon ball strike.
  3. Since I am new to the game I find it very educational and not boring at all. Learning all the terminology that the announcers use is a challenge. Sometimes I wish it had subtitles Golf to English translation.
  4. How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    Since I just started in May I have spent more on lessons and the driving range than I have on greens fees. I've only been on a course 3 times = $90
  5. Etiquette

    I worked in a field that was predominantly male so I've heard a lot of cursing in my day. I will not be offended by an occasional swear word, however, I do object to someone turning the air blue with every stoke.
  6. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Since I am new to golf my goals are modest. 1) Attend Monday open lessons at least once a month. 2) Attend She Caddie events at least twice a month. 3) Driving range at least once a week. 4) Play at least 9 holes twice a month 5) Stretching and off course drills daily
  7. I haven't altered my cycling or machine circuit routine, but I had my Pilates instructor help me change my Pilates and stretching. More oblique work, rotating hips and upper body.
  8. I too am a new golfer. In fact I just played my first round 2 weeks ago. I worked with 2 different instructors (one moved) in both cases they would give me a set of drills to practice at the range and at home. It really helped to concentrate on one issue at a time. One of the local golf courses offer a 3 par 9 hole and an Executive course 18 holes that's between 2500 and 3200 yds. My drive is pretty consistent between 100 and 120 and my putting is pretty good. My short game needs a lot of work. Since I'm retired I can get to the driving range twice a week. I've really been enjoying it. I found a group of like minded women who like to play for the fun of it. We don't keep score unless we have a good hole.
  9. How long is your golf commute?

    One of the reasons I decided to learn to golf. 1 1/2 mile to the closest course, but I have about 50 within a 30 mile radius.
  10. First time on the course

    Well I finally did it. After months of lessons and trips to the driving range I finally got up the nerve to go to a golf course. By chance I stumbled on a women's "new to golf group". Non-competitive and very supportive group. I had a great time and can't wait for the next outing. It was a par 3 course that I'm sure many of you would sneer at, but for a first round it was great. I even got a birdie!
  11. What type of golfer are you?

    I'm a real beginner. Very little distracts me since I'm trying to remember everything I've been taught. I really appreciate those golfers I've played with for their patience.
  12. Stretches to improve flexibility

    I am a senior female, however they are many men who do Pilates at the gym I go to. In fact there is a group of 3 senior males that have a group lesson twice a week there.
  13. Stretches to improve flexibility

    JCrane - you advice reminded me of my Physical Therapist. I was recovering from a broken knee and he said when stretching - push to the ouch, back off and hold it for a minute and then completely back off and try again. I'm just beginning golfing, but I can tell you my Pilates has greatly improved my flexibility. On a weekly basis I can see my stretches getting longer and my it's starting to show up in my swing.
  14. Your Workout Today

    An hour of Pilates - Abs and upper body today. Then about 20 minutes on the range until the rain came.
  15. Losing Weight and Playing Golf

    Keep a food diary, one that shows how much fat and sugar you consume in a day (Myfitnesspal.com is a good free one). You'll be surprised how many empty calories you consume in a day. This can really help you make healthier choices. Can you get a standing desk? These are great, you burn more calories standing than sitting. If you can, get up and walk at least 200 steps every hour - every little bit helps.

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