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  1. I've been in the gallery at Pebble and it is a beautiful course. As a new player I would be intimidated to play it. The one person that I know who has played it loved it, but he has an 8 handicap.
  2. Maric771

    Driving range or a round?

    I practice twice as much as I play. I'm new to the game and feel I need to hone in on the fundamentals.
  3. Maric771

    Your Workout Today

    Got a 35 minute bike ride in yesterday. First time in a couple of weeks due to cold and wet weather.
  4. Maric771

    Your Workout Today

    I learned a valuable lesson on Thursday. Do not do a full hour of Pilates before playing. Today I can barely lift my arms over my head.
  5. Maric771

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    Played 9 holes on Thursday. My swing was terrible but the company was great. Had a fun time.
  6. I'm so new to golf I haven't really established a pre-shot routine yet.
  7. Maric771

    I shouldnt be playing golf...apparently!!

    This type of guy would have a fit with my women's new to golf group. It can take us 3 hours to play 9 holes. FYI, we always offer to let others play through, but most aren't in any great rush.
  8. Maric771

    "GOLFING" - is it a word?

    I think the word you are looking for is acceptable, not exceptable. Sorry I couldn't resist
  9. As a new golfer when I started there would be about 20 things that would go through my head before and during a swing. Head down, shift weight, left wrist straight, turn from the hips..... My instructor told me to pick one thing for each practice session and just work on that. I first chose keeping my head down and steady - surprise this corrected 2 of my major swing issues, lifting my body up on my back swing and lifting my head immediately upon ball strike.
  10. Since I am new to the game I find it very educational and not boring at all. Learning all the terminology that the announcers use is a challenge. Sometimes I wish it had subtitles Golf to English translation.
  11. Maric771

    How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    Since I just started in May I have spent more on lessons and the driving range than I have on greens fees. I've only been on a course 3 times = $90
  12. Maric771


    I worked in a field that was predominantly male so I've heard a lot of cursing in my day. I will not be offended by an occasional swear word, however, I do object to someone turning the air blue with every stoke.
  13. Maric771

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Since I am new to golf my goals are modest. 1) Attend Monday open lessons at least once a month. 2) Attend She Caddie events at least twice a month. 3) Driving range at least once a week. 4) Play at least 9 holes twice a month 5) Stretching and off course drills daily
  14. I haven't altered my cycling or machine circuit routine, but I had my Pilates instructor help me change my Pilates and stretching. More oblique work, rotating hips and upper body.

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