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  1. Yes, They are PXG 0211 5-pw with new pure grips. The shafts are Mitsubishi MMT 70 Regulars. I am also no longer looking for the EZ forged Mizuno irons... Thank you for the help
  2. Part 2..... They nail you pretty good with shipping. An iron set shipped? $60.00 ! I was going to order a SW and lob wedge, however they still want $60.00 for shipping. If anyone in Florida decides to order a set, I would pay pal for the extra wedges plus shipping
  3. They are great clubs.. The feel is just unbelievable. If you know your specs you can basically fit yourself online. I ordered the Mitsubishi MMT 5 - pw 70R. I ordered the gap wedge with the MMT 60A. OMG what a difference in feel.... I am looking for a set of 60A flex mmt shafts
  4. looking for a set of 5-gap wedge with graphite senior
  5. These are really nice clubs 5 - pw Mitsubishi MMT 70 gram R standard loft Lie Length golf pride cp2 grips gap w Mitsubishi MMT 60 gram A standard loft Lie Length pxg grip ( This was ordered after ) Shipped $500.00 I am interested in a nice set of Mizuno EZ forged ( 6-pw,gap ) We can work out some kind of a deal Thank you
  6. I am looking for one of the older X form putters for my friends daughter. She plays on her HS golf team, and apparently tried her friends a few days ago... If anyone has the X form 2 or 3 I would be happy to give him the good news. Thank you, Mr Gator
  7. Fellas I am looking for the best shaft that you guys may use now, or have in the past. It is great to have some trajectory, but roll out is good too.....I have been researching the Mitsubishi Bassara, and will be checking out the Diamana next. In advance, thank you David
  8. Netflix Golf: links in time I tried this, but it didn't work. Netflix.com/wimovie/golf-links-in-time/70033706?trkid=438403#height1440
  9. I am looking to acquire a set of these 6 -gap wedge with graphite... I can even go partial 5,6, and 7
  10. I hit a friends driver with yellow/gold rombax shaft... Any club fitters have any of these laying around? Thank you Trying to get back into the game after some heart issues, plus stints etc
  11. I have had some heath issues, so I have not been around. Damn ticker issues. The above Piretti is the exactly like their Bosa I am still looking for the Ping Jas Tess putter. Thank you
  12. MrGator


  13. I have checked in with Edwin Watts... They use some pga value guide, that has no data to work off with. I showed him some pricing on E bay but couldn't use that.He offered me $150 for the good condition. I am also looking for the Wishon 959 OL HL (13*) in great shape. I would swap the irons for this driver
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