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  1. We have conversed on the on this, and my feelings on the situation are that I don't think I should have drive down the road, play with people I don't know ( not that I'm a snob or standoffish), and pay more that I can afford to play . I guess I'll have to establish a new handicap, or, transfer my scores to the course where I usually play. Actually I contacted the USGA with that question but got no response.
  2. I've got a bone to pick with the USGA about the new handicap system. I 've had a handicap on and off since the 1970 s and never had a problem until recently. Three years ago I got my handicap through Golf Magazine and everything was going along just fine until this year because the golf club that is in the area I live in is a virtual club, without property. Now the Golf gods at the USGA did an audit of my club and found that 40 percent of the members are non- compliant, therefore any score that you post on their site will not be used for handicap purposes. The key to our problem is that you have to play with members that live as far away as 50 miles to post an official score. I've had scores attested by members of the USGA at the course I play at which is 5 minutes from my home , and they will not accept those scores. Tell me they are going to fix this problem.
  3. Didn't take long for the haters to get on Spieth after what happened at the Masters.
  4. Keep on practicing my weakness........wedges.
  5. Opponent is the key word in the question. So why wouldn't you look for their ball.
  6. Trump is George Wallace with hair.
  7. Pinnacle gold, been playing them for years, go like a mother, chip and putt well. And their inexpensive.
  8. Myself I'd like to see previous players take more care raking. Where we play you're more than likely to be stymied by foot marks, rocks and lousy maintenance. I've played on some courses where the sand traps are immaculate and it definitely makes you odds of getting out much better and your stress level lower.
  9. Trump is the driver of the clown car, and this circus is far from over. This is the most interesting and screwed up election cycle in a long time, and its still got a year to go. Just hope the electorate got more than half a brain.
  10. You know this is an interesting conversation and I think we could inject some thought about pros on TV playing lift and clean, considering that a mud ball is kinda rub of the green. Whats a little mud got to do with playing by the rules.
  11. Take responsibility for your game.
  12. Norman was lost and Buck was even worse. Joe Buck is an obnoxious know it all. He's a real turn off for me and not just for golf, baseball and football are just as bad. Azinger is pretty good, as long as he stays off a tirade about Woods. But in the end I really enjoy Johnny Miller, his knowledge and insight are a plus.
  13. I've been playing for 54 years, and when I find myself not concentrating enough, all I have to do to change my mental state is to play for a few dollars. It helps and it's fun too.
  14. Golf is a game, sport.
  15. Been watching the Open Championship on ESPN and so far the coverage has been excellent even with all the weather problems. The one thing that is obvious is that Paul Azzinger has a real hard on for Tiger. Azzinger could only wish in his wildest dreams to have a career record like Woods, love him or hate him.