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  1. Pain in right Ribs - torn intercostal muscle?

    Hello everyone. I would like to share my experience and solution of an intercostal strain with everyone. My apologies in advance for any grammatical errors. On January 1 I strained my intercostal muscle on the right side. The pain was a nag at first but I continued to hit balls the following days, and the pain worsened. It became so severe that I couldn't move or cough. The bad news is that I had a planned golfing vacation to Florida the first week of February. With plans to play at Trump Doral, I was frantically searching the internet for a solution. I first contacted a Chiropractor and made an appointment but after searching the internet I found where someone had good results with a soft massage technique call Graston. It basically uses some metal instruments rubbed on the area to realign the tissue and then heals back in the correct orientation. An internet search located a provider in my area that is certified for the Graston method. I cancelled the chiropactor appointment and made one for the Graston Technique with the PT. On my first appointment, I explaind to the PT that I had a golf trip in 3 weeks and needed to be ready by then. Now please remember that I would consider my strain to be extreme. For a bit of time, the pain confined me to bed with no movement for about 3 days. After the first treatment I felt a little better and he said to come back in 2 days. The day after the second appointment, I was a little sore and bruised from the treatment but the strained area felt much better. 4 days and I go back for the 3rd treatment after which am 95% better and able to hit balls. The reatment was completed in 2 weeks with 1 week before my vactioin. I was able to hit balls with just a tin bit of pain but nothing to uncomfortable. At this point I'm wondering if it was the Graston treatment or did I just get better on my own. Not sure but the treatment sure seemed to help and the vaction was awesome! Fast forward to last week. I strained the intercostal again ( I have a tendancy ot hit way to many balls at the driving range). This time, I listened to my body and did not continue to hit balls. The pain got worse the next day and could not swing a club without moderate to severe pain but, nothing like the first strain. I called my PT for an appointment but was notified that he had retired. I found a chiropractor who was certified in Graston Technique and mad an appointment the next day. 2 days after the treatment, I was back to hitting ball with just a tiny bit of pain. In conclusion, I firmly believe that the Graston Technique saved my golf season and definitely helped relieve the pain associated with this condition. Heare is a link to the website I used to find someone certified in Graston http://www.grastontechnique.com/