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  1. Without lessons, you'll likely never figure it out. Everything you think a golf swing is - is probably wrong.
  2. Very good thread. My biggest problem has always been getting the face closed in time because I am so comfortable holding it open through the hit. Been working on this for a while and it really is a challenge to change bad mechanics like poor grip, rolling it open at the takeaway and not starting the backswing takeaway properly. Have worked on that and swinging on an inside path a LOT - I am now working on keeping the clubface closed through the downswing to promote a draw. This vid has some good thoughts to get the clubface closed.
  3. I for one have to overcorrect and go extreme - to change any swing issues. For example, right now I am overcorrecting the motorcycle move in back and downswing in order to get the clubface closed - because my natural tendency had me fanning it wide open and over time as that crept in - that became my normal "feel good" swing. the rest of my swing is on plane - but the need for me to change that fanning of the club face and holding it open through impact requires a drastic overcorrection - which for me - means trying to really exaggerate the MM motions until it feels more normal and I get the results that I am after - in this case, a hook - which I eventually will dial back to be a draw.
  4. Not to diminish your gains - but your SSR in the pic is set for a baseball bat swing not the golf swing (middle button L-R sets this) . I have noticed that my swing speeds are off when in this setting. YMMV. But yeah sounds like you are ready for a club fitting session at the very least.
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