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  1. Im in florida shoot low 80s and would love to help arrange and play with you guys. If u have trouble filling up with lower handicap guys im your man.
  2. Had a good round today, tied my best score wit a 82, 42-40. Putting was bad 36 total putts, but had 9 pars and 10 greens in regulation. Both 3 putts were bogeys, which is frustrating. My last round shot 41-42 with 30 putts so hoping next time I go out I finally break 80 for the first time.
  3. I use my matching wedge, I believe its a 50 degree. Its my fav club. Use it anywhere from 120 to chipping onto the green and bump and runs. Im gaming TM speedbladez.
  4. So I went to goodwill today with the family and found this steal datrek lite rider cart bag retail value $159. Paid 9 bucks for it.[IMG] [/IMG]
  5. My dad told me a story about how a racoon ran onto His cart and stole his bag of weed. My dad followed the little sucker and when the raccoon stopped in the woods there was a big pile of food and drinks.
  6. If you rented a bucket of balls from a range, and subsequently hit on off the property, would you feel morally obligated to pay the owner for losing their possession? If you went to a casino on vacation in las Vegas and kept one of the 1 dollar chips and traded in the rest this would be stealing as well, and yet there are chips from places that are worth quite a bit of money due to various reasons. I'm surprised the cops haven't gone after the owner of said chips for possessing stolen goods..
  7. A rabbi, a priest, and a pastor were on the golf course and they are arguing about how much of the tithe should go to god. The rabbi says" well let's draw a circle in the bunker, throw up all the tither and whatever lands inside the circle we will give to god" The priest says" how about we throw it up and whatever lands outside the circle we will give to god" The pastor shakes his head and says" how about we throw all the tithe up, and whatever god wants he will grab.
  8. So I was on pace to have my best round ever(best was 84) going into the 18th, I had 8 pars since hole #6), hadn't lost a ball since the round before last. 18 hole is a 500 yard par 5. Par and I beat my best score by 1. I slice my driver(only slice of round) close to ob's so I hit a provisional. I end up slicing that but pretty sure in play. Can't find my first ball and prov is under a tree with a bunch of trees in front. I know I already screwed myself a chance to beat my best score so I go for a hero shot. End up hitting tree with hybrid only advancing ball 20 yards. Don't chip out and duff s
  9. My "waggle" is usually moving my club left to right over the ball to loosen the tension in my arms. Then set the club and swing
  10. So you started playing 2 months ago and your shooting +2 for 9 or 18 holes? Must be a golf prodigy.
  11. I usually only play on Tuesdays(my day off) and sometimes Mondays if I get it off. My wife will gripe and complain most the time but not every time. If I want to GI to the course to practice that is an automatic argument so its hard to get any practice in. The real question here is whether my wife is hurting my golf game by limiting my practice so much its time to make drastic decisions 8-p
  12. Went golfing today and I felt pretty good going into the round. I've been working on axis tilt and it seems to be helping at the range. It was also my first round using left hand low putting. I started off just slightly off with a bogey on the first 4 holes then a dbl bogey. I turned it around on 6 and finishinedbthe front going par,par,bogey(3putt), then par to go out 7 over. The back 9 par,dbl bogey(lost ball off tee),bogey,par,par,bogey,par,par,quad. I had 8 gir, 2nd round in a row, and finished with 8 pars total, I think my best. Over a 12 hole stretch I 8 pars so I was pretty happy about
  13. Thanks Ive been having a hard time correcting it. I spend a lot of time swinging in slow motion when not busy at work and home and been having trouble doing it right. I'll work on the hips tonight!
  14. My problem is I'm losing it in the downswing and I don't know what drills to do to fix it This is at setup This it at the top of my back swing And this is starting the back swing Is this a hip slide issue combined with the head not staying steady. Is there any other things o can do to help this or just the doorway one.
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