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  1. Totally agree with that. I've only seen the video posted in the OP. That doesn't show SP walking off (she's not in the picture). Does anyone know if she started walking as well (or even better, is there video showing it)? If she's not walking off (and CH didn't concede the putt) then they've done nothing wrong in my view (in the video linked by Me22putt above CH says she wasn't walking off, she was walking over to SP). If SP did start walking off, then it's bad sportsmanship.
  2. Predict Your Handicap One Year From Now

    Currently 16.0, hoping to get close to single digit in a year, expecting to drop at least a couple of strokes. Mostly by being more consistent with my irons and tee shots.
  3. I've limited time to go to the range or the course, so I've been looking at various aids to be able to practice in my own back yard. Came across the SKLZ Pure Path Instant Swing Feedback (http://thesandtrap.com/products/sklz-pure-path-instant-swing-feedback) today, and thought it looked like it could be useful (currently I haven't any way to practice full swings at home). Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it work, does it break easily etc.? My bad shots usually start pretty straight but then start slicing badly, do you think I'd be able to tell using this if it was a slice or not?
  4. The Drive for 5...

    Starting HC 18.0 Target HC: 13.0 Focus area: Driver, putting from less than 10-ish feet Last Sunday: 16.4 -> 16.5 99 strokes, 31 stableford points. Had a shocking day with the putter. Numerous three putts and missed 3-4 footers. To minimize the damage with my driver I shortened my backswing. This kept me mostly in the fairway, but combined with my slice lost me a lot of distance. After this round I decided to try a new approach with my driver and short putts. I got the shaft cut down to 44" on my driver, and went back to the original swing I used when I first got my driver (which served me much better that the stuff I've been trying lateley). Here's a link to the instruction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W89QnvY4Rg For the short putts I started looking at the hole while executing the shot. Today: 16.5 -> 15.9 90 strokes and 38 stableford points. My best ever score for an 18 hole round (I've carded 90 before, but on easier courses,) Major improvement with my driver. Longer and more accurate with the new swing and the shorter shaft. Loved it. Only 1 bad drive. The putting was a bit akward at the start, but after the first 5-6 holes I didn't miss a single putt inside 5 feet (highly unusual for me).
  5. The Drive for 5...

    Thanks! I've been considering posting a swing video, but currently it's too embarrasing (and I know my swing is OTT causing a slice, so I'll fix that first at least). My biggest challenge is finding the time to actually pratice the stuff I konw I need to work on.
  6. The Drive for 5...

    Starting HCP: 18 Goal: 13 Latest change 17.5 -> 16.3 Shot 95 last Sunday (HCP 17.4 -> 17.5). Driver was ok for first 9, then pretty bad for back 9. Approach play was pretty bad. Main focus is still driver, secondary focus putting (had 39 putts, so lots of room for improvenent). Today I carded 43 on the front nine of my home course (slope 143) which reduced my HCP to 16.3. Driver was not good (only one fairway, and also lack of distance) again, working on a couple of new changes that so far only have brought me one step back. Putting was also below average (19 putts). The rest was good, my hybrids in particular saving me on a few occasions after short drives. Also played with my new G30 irons today for the first time. They felt great and added almost 10 meters to every club (compared to my old Wilson Staff DI9).
  7. The Drive for 5...

    Starting hcp: 18 Goal: 13 Last change: 17.1 -> 17.4 I played four rounds this weekend and one on the tuesday after, all of then on courses I'd never played before or only played once, and it showed. Below are my scores: * 96 gross, 80 net Short course but very penalizing for bad tee shots, so the problems I'm having with my driver cost me. Also the greens were wet and slow at the start of our round and cut, dry and fast at the end, this also resultet in a few extra strokes. * 90 gross, 72 net (par 70), again short links course with very tall grass, driver was working better thn previous round * 96 gross, 80 net Another short links course where it was hard to even find the ball off the fairway, let alone hit it, also my short game started to fall apart * 98 gross, 78 net Park style course, so more suited to my sliced drives, but here my general ball striking was bad, and my short game a shambles * 93 gross, 75 net Very nice park style course, was driving a lot better than recently (over 50% fairways). Would have been a good score if it wasn't for the 40 putts... In the last round I believe I figured out the biggest mistake I've been making with the driver. Hard to explain in a second language, but basically my backswing was too hurried and that caused me to swing too much with my arms and not rotating the shoulders enought. On monday I went to my local pro shop to get a new wedge. The pro asked me to do a few swings so he could give me some club recommendations. I ended up buying a whole new iron set (Ping G30) to replace my old second hand Wilson Staff set. The new clubs will arrive in a couple of weeks, looking forward to see how much they can help (I tried a 7 iron and hit it at least 10 to 15 yards longer than my old one). My main focus is still to realiably hit the fairway or first cut around 60-70%. I'll probably also pratice a bit more on the putting green.
  8. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a software developer. Lately also working on web development. Working for a company making control systems for offshore rigs.
  9. The Drive for 5...

    Shot 44 today (9 holes obv), and my handicap dropped to 17.1 (started at 18.0, target 13.0). My best round to date (first time I'm under 1 over par / hole on average). 3 pars, 4 bogeys and 2 doubles. 44% gir, 16% fairways hit, 18 putts (2,8 putts per GIR, thats really bad, one four putt). Driver is still my biggest weaknes, so I'll continue focusing on that (havent really had much time to pratice it since my last post). Todays drives: 2 good, 2 ok and 2 bad (but luckily both ended up in fairway/light rough of adjacent hole). This weekend I'll play four different courses, and I've only played two of them before (once each), so this will be a good indication of how much my handicap has been helped by playing a course where the ball often will end up ok, no matter how much you mishit your driver.
  10. The Drive for 5...

    I'm in. Currently my hcp is 18, so I'll use 5 as my target. I usually practice on the range/practice green one or two times a week (for about an hour or so) on the range and maybe half an hour once or twice a week at home (putting/chipping/pitching). I normally play my local 18 hole course once a week. Also my clubs are all second hand. The pro shop on my local course offers free club fitting session (nothing fancy, just a pro observing your swing while you're trying different clubs), i'm planning on doing that this summer (not necessarily buying a new set of clubs, first of all to get an idea of how bad/good fits the clubs I have are for me). Main focus for now: More consistency with the driver. My good drives are 200-220 m and pretty straight. Most of the rest are either a) bad slices or b) sky high. In my last round all my drives on the 8 first holes were good/ok, then after that they were all bad (except for the one provisional that I didn't need in the end). The course I played is very forgiving for bad tee shots (often end up on the fairway/light rough on a different hole), if it wasn't for this I would have scored a lot worse. To achieve this (more consistency with driver) I'll work on making the same swing every time by having a shorter and more controlled backswing and also focusing on the the advice in the first post of this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/77244/how-to-hit-a-driver-hit-it-further-and-stop-slicing. I'll also get someone to record my swing, both so that I can actually evaluate it better myself, secondly I may put it up here if it's not to embarrassing. My last score: 92, one under par for my hcp (par 72, sv 143)
  11. You know your game is improving when . . .

    When you card your first score totally free of triples or worse (which i incidentally did yesterday :) )