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  1. Only chance would be MAYBE to try to deflect him to the right a bit more so he takes out the other women. Pretty big maybe.. lol Otherwise, what is he going to do? Jump in the way and add to the carnage that gets pilled up on the floor?
  2. Pretty much in the same boat! I played most of this year with a 3/4 iron off the tee in fear of my driver. The upside to this is that it's really given me a lot of confidence in my long irons Now that I'm starting to get the driver down, it's slowly coming together :)
  3. I definitely feel this way, the inside swing path has added considerable distance to my drives. Though part of that distance is probably due to not losing a lot due to slice spin.
  4. Had a huge break thru in my driver swing. I was casually going through some videos and came across this And I noticed I was definitely making an effort to take the club back very straight; I don't know why or where I picked it up but I thought that was desired. Anyways, by taking the driver back a little inside, it makes a massive difference in being able to swing inside-out. After a couple range sessions and 2 rounds, I think I only sliced 2 or 3; and none of them were the huge huge miss that I'm used to seeing. A combination of the 'intentional hooks' I was working on earlier and this is great. I also feel like I'm able to get my weight forward easier, but that may just be confidence in being able to swing without fear of a huge slice
  5. Went to the range to work on my driver yesterday. Been very consistent with my setup, but was still having issue. I started messing around with trying to hit massive hook, by really getting inside-out and really trying to turn my hands over. This had some interesting positive results, I was able to get a few draws/hooks ( usually some low hooks ) but I could feel a sweet spot / balance there that led to some very long straight drivers for me .. And swinging with that mentality almost all but eliminated my slice ( 2-3 out of 30 or so ended up slicing, but that may have been a lapse in my focus of what I was trying to do. ) Either way, not really to sure what to think of it. I've been planning another short lesson or two after christmas, so maybe I'll be able to work that out with a pro
  6. Another round, another mid 90s ( 95 on a par 71 ) performance. Definitely need some short game work. Pulled out my driver about 4 times today, hit the fairway 3/4 and the one miss was on a par 5 that I ended up getting on the green in 3 anyways. Feel like things are starting to come together, but had a rough day putting and it was probably the windiest I've played in... definitely unexpected lol
  7. I think chspeed was right, my stance was a little wide and a little off. Felt better with it at the range this week, but still not great. Played today, shot a 96 which coulda/shoulda been closer to a 90. Two back to back blowup holes ( 8 on a par 4, 6 on a par 3 ) due to poor approach shots into TWO buried bunker shots... I'm not terrible in the bunker, but can't reliably get those deep ones out. Still shying away from the driver for the most part, I think I hit it twice off the tee today. The course we played was really narrow, so sticking to my 3 and 4 iron felt way better anyways.
  8. Yea, thinking about it I might be a little wide. Seems like it may be harder to transfer weight off my back foot if I'm too wide Probably hit the range today
  9. No new video yet, but been working on weight forward drills. Overall feeling pretty good but still struggling with my driver. I'm not really sure why but it is very hard for me to get my the weight off my back foot ( as shown in the video ) with my driver swing, as well as getting my swing in to out. Tried my 3 wood off the tee a bit yesterday at the range, and felt pretty good. Seemed like I was hitting it about the same distance as my 'average' driver shots considering I lose a pretty good amount of distance due to the slice. Might try that out next round until I can get a handle on my driver.
  10. Thanks :) I was at the range this week on work travel, so I had to use a loaner club. I've been working on starting my downswing with my lower body to shift the weight as I mentioned earlier. I expected to hit it a little further and crisper but I didn't expect a HUGE difference in my driver slice. I was starting to hit the driver really well, hopefully I can translate that to my driver :p
  11. Broke 100 last weekend with a 99. Played the front 9 to a 44 but had a couple really bad holes on the back... Couldn't make a putt to save my life, I hit 4-5 GIR on the front and had 2-3 really good looks for birdie but didn't sink one. I don't think my putting was too far off just wasn't hitting them. I hit my driver pretty well, I've been compensating the slice by opening up my stance and closing the club face a bit at address and it makes it playable; I think I'm going to stick with that while I'm improving off the course. Should be hitting the range this week, been working on weight forward drills without the club.
  12. Lol, whatever works :) I'll give that a shot next time; thanks for stopping by to fix them. Thanks! I spent a pretty long time on "centered hip turn" which has drastically improved a lot of aspects of my game. I think I noticed the right arm at impact, but it seems like that may be some carry over from bending it during/around the top of my back swing. I can consciously try to keep it straight through the back swing, but takes effort at the moment. As for the driver swing....I definitely 'feel' what you are describing, but I'm not really sure why it happens. Seems like I'm pivoting on my back foot instead of getting the weight forward and pivoting on my front foot. I don't exactly have the best 'weight forward' in general. That will probably be on one of major focuses next.
  13. Oh nice! The videos got embedded lol, was that a mods doing or just happens with time? If a mod did it, could you let me know what I did wrong so I can correct the future? On the videos, notice a few things: Head drops in the swing, not so much back/forward. Definitely moving down still though Feel like my grip is looking much better Catching my driver on the heel of the club a bit, but seems like I was set up that way to begin with. Didn't notice my camera was super uneven until after I uploaded the videos :/
  14. Got some updated videos. Feeling much better with my irons lately, struggling a little with the driver since I have been playing mostly executive courses without the need to even hit it. 7i FO: 7i DTL: Driver FO: Driver DTL: Been working on getting my head quieter in the back swing, still tends to drift a little when I go deep into my back swing. Struggling with a slice on the driver, if I open my stance a bit and aim the face between where my feet are lined up and my target I can get to a manageable fade... but I'm not sure if this is a bandaid fix.
  15. Sweet, they are back :) Thanks!