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  1. My Swing (Triggers)

    No new problems yet, actually haven't gotten to the range this week yet. Biggest thing for me during preshot is keeping a consistent routine, I don't do a waggle but sort of a club lift and grip pressure adjustment. If I get up and rush it, things feel off and usually results in a bad shot. I don't have the mental discipline yet to notice it and just back off / reset. The pause you do after the waggle might relax your arms/wrist a bit that allows for the smooth swing, even if it is just a 'feel'
  2. My Swing (Triggers)

    > relaxed transition from the top, too quick and i snatch my tourso round and leave my arms behind, obviously this is all feel and i dont fully maintain this triangle, This is a big thing I've been working on constantly, my instructor always gets on me during my lessons for being to aggressive at the top. I've been trying to 'feel' like I'm putting a Matsuyama type pause at the top, which really ends up being a tiny pause / slow down lol > so kind of fixed one problem and created another,.... Pretty much sums up golf LOL Thanks for following along, I'll give that triangle mental thought a try next time I'm at the range. Really sucks now that the time has changed :( No more 5:30-6pm sneaking to the local course!
  3. My Swing (Triggers)

    Played over the weekend, moving the ball back to a 'normal' ball position seemed to help a lot. Still having an occasional push, but in all it felt much better than lately on the range. Shot a 93, with some horrendous putting ( I think 5 3 putts, and some missed short ones that should have easily been 1 putts ). Didn't lose a single ball all day, which is nice; score probably coulda been at least 2 strokes lower not counting the putts. I hit a really long drive for me ( probabl 270-280 ) that was in the trees left and was looking for the ball about 20-30 yards short of where it was... ended up taking an ob drop assuming it went out beyond the sticks and made 7.. Next hole I was long on a par 3 that ran parallel to the previous hole and found my original drive that was only about 30-40 yards from the green :( at worst it was probably a bogey 5 from there ( chip up and 3 putt lol ) Planning a lesson in a week or two to try to figure out why I'm occasionally pushing still.
  4. My Swing (Triggers)

    Yep, makes sense. Going to work on getting back to a more normal ball position along with some of the other pointed out issues!
  5. My Swing (Triggers)

    Ball is definitely very far forward, and you're right that is/was an attempt to give myself time to square the face. I meant to use it as sort of a practice drill but it snuck into my normal setup. Thinking about it more, assuming I'm trying to take the same swing and the ball is way forward - couldn't my swing path be almost out-to-in at that point? See crappy 10 second paint drawing - As for the shoulders being open, they might; but the camera angle isn't the best - I think it's a little in front of a true FO shot. I can see what you mean about hanging back. Posture - Probably right, comparing it to a few tour pros it looks like I'm a little too flex at the knees and a little too flexed at the waist. In theory, standing up a little straighter should flatten out the swing plane a bit maybe and help me turn 'around my waist' that should help with dipping in my back swing that I struggle with. Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment!
  6. Lesson Frequency

    I actually am following the B option right now, I've taken 4 lessons in about 6 months and a 5th coming soon. I definitely think that you need time to work on things, and it's nice being able to go to the range and chat with the pro there if they are out; and quickly see if something is drastically off. It's a tough balance though, which is why I've been thinking of doing some online lessons in between ( like Evolvr ) over the winter but it might be odd with having a pro for in person lessons then separately someone online. Would that be too much conflict of directions where they both things the swing would go?
  7. Hmm, never really thought about the different core sizes. Nice tip though theoretically wouldn't that make the grip a bigger pain in the ass to put on? I've had mixed experiences when putting grips on... sometimes it easy, sometimes not so much. Though I haven't tried the air compressor method yet ( but now have the ability to )
  8. My Swing (Triggers)

    Played a few 9 hole rounds at my local executive muni course. Not playing terrible ( averaging about 8 over through 9 on par 31~ ) but man, I can't shake the pushes with my irons. Planning on taking my last lesson of the package I bought, chipping/putting has been saving me. Surprisingly my driver/3wood are doing pretty well; nothing like my irons but I only hit them once or twice on that course anyways.
  9. Yea, that is one thing I struggle with ( grip pressure ) which was on of the reason I decided to move to mid size. I think I will go with standard + an extra wrap of tape for my next set.
  10. I'm playing lamkin i-lines atm since I got a set of them for pretty cheap on close out. I really like the grips, but for some reason I decided to go to mid size ( I'm 6'2'' average sized hands ) and am sort of regretting it. At first the larger grip felt nice compared to my smaller ones, but now that I've been playing a bit longer and I try clubs with smaller grips they feel so much better in my hand. Probably a 'grass is always greener' type deal going on. Not sure what to do next when I regrip!
  11. Nice, congrats. It's great to have people who are great teachers and also very involved in the community!
  12. Tiger Woods Announces New TGR Brand

    Definitely not a fan of the logo, I agree that it feels 'off' with the spacing. I could see him getting into clubs/balls, esp if he buy TM. Buy TM -> Make a come back -> ?? -> Profit? I feel like having the Tiger Woods name attached to TM would at least boost sales for a short period, even if hes not playing well. If he DOES play well... then who knows.
  13. My Swing (Triggers)

    Noticed that at the range the other day, my back swing seemed very short. Almost like I'm starting my lower body too soon. Could this be a factor in causing a push? I think in 1-2 of the videos above I was trying to stay slow and in control which resulted in a full swing. And straight shot?
  14. My Swing (Triggers)

    I should add that my current miss and biggest struggle right now is a push border line push fade with my irons. I think I'm going in - to - out but my club face seems to be so far open. Over gripping / tension in forarms might be a cause, not allowing for the club to release through impact? Been working on this a bit lately.
  15. My Swing (Triggers)

    Alright, I'm back! Been playing in a few leagues over the summer, working on the house, and a kid on the way... Going to get back to focusing on improving my swing this fall/winter. I've taken a few more lessons spread out over the summer, but haven't really put in the time to really make consistent swing changes. I've broke 90 twice over the summer though, so still improving. Mostly due to better chipping/putting. Some new videos - 7iron FO/DTL and Driver FO/DTL. I had a driver fitting done and found that I was delofting the club a ton. Also really wasn't like my TM jetspeed, ended up getting a 915D2 with a heavier speeder shaft... Feels so much better. Obervations from my videos - Driver - Looks like my swing has definitely gotten better since last video. Still dropping a bit on the back swing, and my back swing is pretty short Iron - Still dipping in my back swing a lot, biggest issue right now. Seems like I'm not casting as much anymore though. Comments welcome!