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  1. Tournament Flighting

    I am hosting a tournament in the next 2 weeks. We have an overall gross score trophy and more price money compare to the flight A & B Winner. The flighting i am using a net score but the overall I am using Gross Score. My flighting system is 15 up and down. During the registration process, we are asking each player their handicap and we use that information to put them in the right flight. Our club manager told me that, count all the players with NET to determine the winner for the flighting and also count gross score for each players for the overall winner. He came up with 2 method which is pretty fair for me. 1. We have 40 players. He told me to brackets each player evenly. Meaning. after we find the net score, we neet to sort the net score start from the lowest to the highest net score. Player # 1 is the winner for Flight A and Player # 21 is the winner of Flight B. 2. Subtract the number of the highest net score with Lowest Net Score and divide by 2. Who ever net score closest to that numbe ris the winner of Flight B. I need some input for this two method. Thanks
  2. Flighting Calculations

    Thank s for your quick respond. the format will be a stroke play. Based on a gross score.
  3. Flights in a 4 Person Scramble

    I am going to do a golf tournament in 3 weeks using flighting system. A is 15 under and B is over 15 hdcp. Should I ask each player during registration what is their handicap is? Since its par 71 gofl course, is that means gross score 86 could be the highest score on flight B? Thanks for your respond.
  4. Flights in a 4 Person Scramble

    Hello Rich, mind sharing yoru experience with Flighting system? I am going to do the same tournament also for the church. I am dividing into 2 flight. Flight A under 15 handicap and Flight B over 15. How do you calculate the winner. Its a par 71 golf course. Thanks
  5. Flighting Calculations

    Hello Sand Trap memebrs. I am a new members and desparately seeking for help. We will have a golf tournament next month. I am looking for answer for my questions. How to calculate the winner for a golf tournamet that using flighting system. Flight A is 15 and under and Flight B is 15 and up. Its a par 71 golf course. I heart that people can get disqualified by choosing the the wrong flight. For example.. a single handicap play on the Flight B. I appreciate for your help. Thanks