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  1. They'll need to do something with accuracy. Mine shows every swing 15 degrees in to out. I stopped playing with it for fear of developing a swing flaw without a ball to hit. Had same reading with swing stick and driver. Got to play some real golf this weekend and didn't hit any push/fades as the tittle was telling me. It was consistent, but consistently wrong. Around the greens? Impossible. I've never hit a 1/2 swing PW 177yds! Hope an update can deal with these problems.
  2. I appreciate the help!
  3. Thanks Dave. I got it to stick. Lost the label part though.
  4. I'm in. Good idea. Or not. Must have done it wrong.
  5. I received mine as well. Have been playing with it and seems to function well. Except every shot is a push or push/ fade. It could be telling the truth but I wont know until the weather improves. Has anyone received the authorization email? How long after hardware?
  6. Maybe this explains their absence at the golf expo last weekend. The fitting booth has been replaced by an app.?
  7. I plan to work very hard to break 80. Was on my way last year before a work injury derailed me. Healing up now. And to enjoy the game with family and friends.
  8. Lucky you! Looks like you had fun!
  9. Interesting topic. I may have to try one of these ball fittings at the next expo.
  10. Missed the kickstarter but was able to get in on pre-order discount. Warm weather will probably get here first but I am looking forward to it, winter will be back before you know it. This should be great fun at family get togethers. Time to upgrade the laptop also to be able to use it.
  11. Have read LSW and broke 100. 90 too but struggling to find that back this spring!
  12. My dad just cracked me up! He said their going to add Ernies' putting to the add These guys are good!
  13. I'm going to bring this up at our course. I'll let you know if I have any success.
  14. Entertaining or embarrassing. I chose poorly in my first year playing league at my club. Just wanting to get into it. This year hopefully will be more fun. Sounds like my father will be my partner and i can not wish for a better season.i'll be the embarrassment. LOL
  15. Finally, I think. Thank you Window 10, Herb, the terror of NW Iowa and S. Texas in the winter