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  1. Ok, I've got more of the info in front of me now. The clubs I hit on the monitor were my TM R7TP 7iron. 35 degree Dynamic Gold Stiff, 36.75". The Mizuno JPX 900 Forged was a 6 iron. 27 degree 37.25" Modus 105 stiff. The Ping I200 was a 7 iron. 33 degrees and 37" AWT 2.0 stiff. My R7TP was consistently shortest, carrying on average 140. Ball speed average was around 102 Ping I200 was flying at a higher trajectory than my old one and carrying consistently 145-155. Ball speed was as high as 110 and I think the average was 105. the JPX 6 iron in the first shaft (don't remember what it was) I wasn't getting as high a ball flight. When we moved to the Modus, it had the same flight as the Ping. Depending on how hard I swung, I was getting carry up into the 180s. Average at my normal swing was 160-170. I asked about regular shaft and he felt that my swing speed was still very much at a stiff shaft speed. I'm not in a big hurry so I'm hoping to be able to get into some more places and try some more irons though I could fall in love with either of these I think. Yes, trying to find something used would be great. That's how I got my R7TPs (demos). Buying clubs off of Ebay isn't like it was 10 years ago. Now a good number of them are clones from China that a person wouldn't know is a clone until you try contacting the company for a warranty issue. Again, I'm going to be very choosey and make sure I'm making the best choice for my game. Once I decide what I want, I hope to be able to find a good condition experienced set.
  2. Ok so was able to stop at the golf shop in Spokane today. The fitter had been on TM staff in past but isn't now. Said the M1 and M2 has had problems with face caving. He's now hitting Ping i200. Demoed the JPX900 Forged and the i200. Liked them both on he monitor. He JPX was a 6 iron and i200 a 7 iron. Both felt great. After shafts change on jpx, was getting a good consistent high ball flight. Was doing the same from the beginning with the Ping. (Can't remember shafts. Written down just not with me now.) Again, I liked them both, the Pings will be about $300 less. Have some thinking and hopefully, more trying to do.
  3. My handicap is 4.7 Playing Mizuno JPX 850 Driver, TM RocketBallz 3 wood and 3 hybrid all with stiff shafts. No problems there. My irons are TM R7 TPs, also stiff shafts 3-PW. I'm now 52 and am struggling hitting the irons consistently solid especially the longer irons. When struck correctly, my 6 is 150-155. I'm not an aggressive swinger more of a smooth/easy tempo. A year ago I hit some Callaway Apex Forged inside on a monitor and liked the feel and distance. The monitor had me hitting the 7 iron 170. Just couldn't afford to buy those at that time. So what are some suggestions for clubs to try? I'm ready to step away from "Player's irons" as I realize I would enjoy and be more consistent if I had some game improvement help. I'm in Eastern Washington and don't have any fitting options nearby. However when I go to Spokane, there is a place I can hit some clubs. Just wanted to hear some suggestions from folks here.
  4. baumer64

    how often

    Because of our climate, no golf available from November to March. I'll play a couple rounds from March to May. Evenings and weekends in May-June then in July-first week of August I will play about 5 rounds a week. I usually get in 25-40 rounds per year.
  5. Several years ago playing with friends at my then local course. On the 5th hole, a 350 par 4, Chuck (5 hdcp.) Pushed his drive hitting a tree and knocking the ball back into the fairway but only 100 or so yards from the tee. He was at least 230-240 from the green. Chuck pulled out his 3 wood and knocked it in for the Eagle. It was truly amazing. I have yet to hit a hole in one and have never been in a group when someone did hit an Ace. Chuck's shot was the longest hole out I've ever witnessed.
  6. I had never heard of this or even thought of it but I can understand the thinking of using the same length for a repeatable swing. A couple more things I wonder about however. What length is chosen for all of the irons? Do they go with all clubs at 3I length or is everything set to a 5 or 6I length. Either way I could see some difficulties in the repeatable swing idea because of the changes in weight. A PW for example with a 3I length would have a much heavier swing weight comparable to the other irons while a shortened 3I would have a much lighter than the wedges in the same set. I would think this would take away from the accuracy you're trying to achieve by using the same length. I guess it may work for a grip it and rip it type of player but I think a tempo player would struggle with such a set of irons.
  7. Hello all. I'm glad I've stumbled onto this site. Have had a lot of fun looking through the posts and topics. I'm a middle school principal in a small town in Northcentral WA. Home course is a small 9 hole but there are a few nice 18 hole courses an hour or so away including Desert Canyon. I look forward to getting to know some of you on the forum!
  8. Boy I've got a lot of new lines to use after reading through this thread... Some of my favorites I've used or heard over the years that haven't been posted yet: "That's an Oral Roberts... a heeler" After someone hits their tee shot off the heel of the club. After a good shot..."That's a Mexican" short for a Mexican Beauty. After I hit a putt way short... "Did I hurt you honey?" When someone is about to hit a hero shot by going through the trees and they say... "They say trees are 80% air..." I'll reply by saying "So is a screen door."
  9. I would have never thought of ebay. (Surprising since I always check ebay before I buy anything.) Thanks for mentioning it though guys...I just bought a 3yr. sub for only $16.
  10. baumer64

    new irons

    In 2007 I was ready to get some mizunos but went to Wide World of Golf in Spokane to hit a few different irons. I loved the way the MP 60 felt but the salesman told me to try the R7 TP. I was amazed at how much better the R7 felt. A couple weeks later I bought a set and that started my best summer of golf I've had. I absolutely love my irons!
  11. Don't have a range nearby to measure but the last time I was on such a machine, my driver average was 100mph.
  12. Best for me would be driving and putting. I'm not super long but I'm usually in the fairway. As for putting, I feel I'm very good at lagging long puts and make most inside 5-6 feet. Worst for me would be mid-irons and chipping. Unfortunately, I go though bouts of the chipping yips and it drives me nuts.
  13. There are three courses on my wish list to play before I'm done. Pebble Beach, Augusta National and the old course at St. Andrews. If I had to pick one for my final round though, I think it would have to be Augusta.
  14. baumer64

    Par 5 Strategy

    It depends on the hole. If I'm inside 220 then yes, I'll go for it most of the time. 220-250 it depends on what problems could come into play. I'f I'm laying up, ideally I'd like it about 80 yds out.
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