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  1. In my opinion... This will be revolutional for golf not only will people be able to compare themselves to everyone in the world they will also have a fair handicap on each individual course I think we should use a USGA style system as that means you have a handicap that shows how well/bad you have played in recent rounds unlike here in the UK
  2. Put a headcover under your left armpit it helps create so much lag it's one of few drills you can do in a comp round (in your practice swing)
  3. When I play on my own I can play like I have a card in my hand although playing with others makes it more competitive playing on your own can help you concentrate more I'd defiantly recommend it
  4. Sounds like a great drill I'm gonna try it out when I'm next on the putting green
  5. My iPhone works fine I tag my club by my ball then phone in the bag and walk to my ball and tag a new club easy as
  6. I want outrageous speed with the callaway Xr Driver!!!!! Mcilroy -2 Woods -2 Watson -2 (bubba not tom if Tom is playing)
  7. Do none of you guys know the app is the same thing just for free works exactly the same way
  8. Yeah there is nothing better than practice rounds on he course like the famous Jack Nicholas said "I won more majors,because I played more practice rounds"
  9. Hey Jameson nice to here the driver is flying well, I spent 1 hr 20 mins on my putting before my round on Sunday and putted the best I have all year main putting keys practice,practice,practice
  10. Very true it means that you don't get lazy in the takeaway leading to more solid strikes
  11. You really need a 3-4 under you handicap round
  12. I know I'm late but hey what Worked on putting for 10 mis before going to school hitting putts at a TV remote on the carpet then played 7 holes in the 1 hour I had of daylight after school (it winter here in Australia ❄️)