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  1. It's the same old thing; "I will make a rule so YOU can't win". You can bet your sweet behind that if Tiger or Rory were using a belly putter we would all be saying it's ok. I just ground up my usga card, oh, I know they don't care and won't miss me but I will play with my long putter until I die and no one can do anything about it. So There! For the good of the game. That's a good one. Gary
  2. A hole in one on a 98 yard par 3. Highlands Golf Course Lincoln, Nebraska. My first ever. Gary
  3. I shot an 83 today. To date my best score. It included a hole in one and a triple bogey.
  4. I have been playing golf since I retired 4 years ago and I have always used a long putter because that's what my BIL used and he talked me into it. Now, if you outlaw it, one of two things will happen. Either I will ignore the rule and use it anyway or I will quit golf. Pardon me but isn't this the game that everyone is trying to get more people to play and are spending lots of money and time promoting with all kinds of crazy promotions (6 holes, big city promotions, etc.) Then to pull some silly stunt because a few people win a tour event with a club that the god of golf doesn't like,
  5. I came to notice that not many or none of the golfers on tour wear glasses. Do they wear contacts or is it a fact the glasses hinder play? I wondered because I use trifocals and notice when I keep my head down sometimes the focal point changes. I know that proves I move my head but it doesn't take much for the lines to shake my vision. It's compounded by the fact that I don't have macula vision in my left eye so my only sight on the ball is with my right. Comments please Gary
  6. Years ago one of my co-workers always punched the time clock and said in a loud voice, "Keep it in your Knickers people". That WAS, IS, and always will be the best piece of advice ever given.
  7. Ian, My son used to tell that story at Boy Scout Camp back in the 70's. I used to just smile and walk away when he would start because by the time he got to the punch line he had them all hanging on every word. I'm convinced he got married and had 2 girls just so he could tell the story once more. Thanks for bringing up the memory. It brought a big long grooooooooooooon.
  8. Nope, I don't like his attitude. I watched the Golf channel today and they showed a clip of him throwing his club. Every time things don't go his way he has a hissy fit and I'm tired of it. Suck it up and play like a man. I never saw Jack or Arnie pull any of the stuff he gets away with. I won't play with people who behave like that, good golfer or not.
  9. Thanks for all the comments. I guess if you live in Nebraska you just have to put up with mats in the winter. Lucky in the summer we have lots of ranges to hit off grass. At least mats keep the tendons streched. I do listen for the sounds and have found that a good shot feels and sounds real sweet.
  10. Here in Nebraska the winters are long with a few days in the 50's. When that happens I head for the driving range to keep the muscle memory intact. I find that I rarely hit a bad shot off the mats, however, when I play a short par 3 course I hit shots fat and thin often. A few weeks ago an indoor golf room opened in Omaha and I have played a few rounds on the simulator and find the same, no fat or thin shots. My question is do the mats mask bad shots? Gary
  11. I am blessed with only one eye and if it were not for the people I golf with or my wife tagging along I would need 2 dozen balls per round. I do find that if you hit it in the short grass it's a lot easier to find and hit.
  12. I've been playing since late July 2008. My best is a 93 but if I could just put together 3 good shots in a row..........however for now I'm stuck in Nebraska and can't play or practice and that's just now right.
  13. I just want to break 90. Then 85. I just started playing in July of '08 after I retired. I just know I can score better. I don't know if it's retirement or golf but I'm having the best time of my life.
  14. I'm retired. Used to be a plant manager for a medium size box making company. I like retirement better.
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