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  1. One of my main worries is the last thing I need is less hand turn over, in other words I use MCC and have for years, and have to constantly work on squaring the head at impact, my slice is a product of me leaving the face open. Would the plus 4 be bad for someone like me that struggles to square the face? I wear a medium glove so I don't have big hands at all, I'm borderline Med cadet tbh Ok, ya this was sort of my fear. I just ordered a set of irons that comes with the plus 4 so before I get them I should probably just plan on having them regripped. You are a better man than me for just sticking it out, it would ruin my game mentally if the grips affect my swing that much.
  2. Anyone switch from one to the other and notice an immediate effect on your game, whether it be club rotation, trajectory, consistency, or otherwise?
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