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  1. Hi guys, Will try and upload a video ASAP but looking for some initial thoughts if possible. Having real issues with my driver that are very destructive. Hitting quite a lot of low snap hooks (no more than 100 yards). I think I know what I am doing but can’t figure out how to fix it. Got a lesson a while back and he showed me that at top of swing I throw the club out (towards the ball) and totally off plane. This results in a out to in swing and contact off the heel of the club regularly. I have tried setting up in toe of club and even outside of toe but very limited success. Was really looking for drills to help keep me on plane at top of downswing. Pro said I should “just drop my hands” but not sure how. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  2. Suffering from a completely new thing for me this season! In the last few rounds 50% of the time I have driven the ball great. The other 50% of the time I have started hitting the ball directly into the ground in front and causing a long divot. The ball can still go 150 yards at best and 10 yards at worse. I know I swing pretty quick and my Index fingers and thumbs have worn away skin on the side of them so I think I am also holding the club too tight. Also with my irons particularly the long ones, I don't seem to take a divot at all and just pick it off the grass. Sometimes this leads to a thin or skuttler but sometimes perfect. Having watched a video of myself I do get my hands quite far ahead of my body at moment of impact any ideas how to fix this? As I say pretty new thing for me particularly with the driver. thanks!
  3. Think it's the blue path! Wish I could remember more of what I was told at my lesson. I can defo remember being told the backswing is fine and the club is square at the top of the swing. It's almost as if I bail out at the last minute of my swing and come inside. I never get any toe hits! By the way appreciate the replies so far, will have a look at that link posted
  4. Really, what I'm trying to do is eliminate, on the downswing, coming inside at impact. I'm not necessarily wanting to be outside on the downswing, just not inside. I have the tendency to set the ball up on the heel of the club and I am not trying to set it up on the toe to get away from that. I'm almost trying to stretch for the ball at impact and trying to get a draw on the ball. Made slow progress at the range yesterday but my instinct is to come inside on the downswing
  5. I'll see if I can get my hands on the video. Maybe it wasn't at the last fraction but it was certainly the latter part of the downswing
  6. Hi all, Had a lesson yesterday to try and eliminate my slice. Pro did some video work and showed me I was fine right up until impact where I came inside and cut across the ball. Did some work on staying outside and trying to draw the ball but it was only a 30 min lesson. The main ones being pointing my shoulders right and slightly aiming left. Anyone got any drills for staying outside at impact that I could practice at the range? Like I said it's really only in the last fraction of the swing I pull inside at impact Cheers!
  7. Thanks for all advice previously, more than anything it was my grip that was causing problems. I hit 100 balls at the range today and hooked maybe 1 or 2 but a quick check showed my left hand had snuck round to the right. At least 90 of my 100 balls today were either a fade or a slice, worst slices were with the driver. Putting that down to the grip change, will investigate more if it persists although I feel much much more confident. No duffs, shanks or topping the ball either. All in all, making progress!
  8. Been hitting my long irons pretty inconsistently lately. 1 shot can be a ripped 5 iron off the deck going about 200 yards and then the next can go about 50 yards. The latter is frustrating me obviously and what is happening is quite strange. At first I thought I was topping the ball but I'm not. It seems like I'm hitting the ball into the ground as it creates almost like a divot but not quite a divot. The divot is basically the path where the golf ball has shot through the grass. Essentially the divot has been caused by the ball rather than the club. Like a trail of destruction! The end result is a shot that moves across the ground never getting any more than a few inches from the ground, travelling no more than 50 yards! Can anyone tell me what kind of shot that is? Shallow fat hit? What causes it? I've been concentrating on getting in a better address position to ball and bending from the hips more and having my hands farther from my body
  9. Had forgotten about this. seem to have gotten rid of my hook for now by doing the following... 1. Much more neutral right hand grip 2. Steeper swing, trying to replicate short irons swing and more inside takeaway 3. Tee ball lower or even hit off the ground, try and take small divot 4. Line up feet and shoulders correctly with a club etc Still inconsistent with my long irons and hybrid but hitting my driver quite nice just now
  10. And to add, i did used to have a strong grip but now it is more neutral. Seems like it might be my right hand getting over the club on downswing that might be putting me left? When I feel if at the back and supporting the club on the downswing the and pushing through the ball that's when I feel the best strike Or is that total rubbish?
  11. Went to the range tonight and hit my Adams v4 hybrid (4 iron). Out of 50 balls maybe 1 or 2 snap hooks, decent amount straight and starting hooking it a bit later on. Started straight and drifted left Was trying to open up the club face and start my hands in front of the ball Think my problem might be over rotating the shoulders and causing my to swing through and past the ball rather than squaring up shoulders and going through the ball straight Any feedback apprieicated Should add I felt much more at ease hitting it off the mat, was getting too much height from the tee. Felt good connection hitting from the mat and even mis hits were going 125-150
  12. To add, it comes off left and then swings left. Rarely happens when hitting the same clubs from the fairway or rough Also think I may be standing too close the ball and making a really steep swing meaning I need a perfect or lucky contact
  13. To update, it's a really nasty hook I'm getting only really when I tee the ball up. Long irons and hybrid are the main culprit. Maybe tee the ball lower? Standing little too close to the ball? I can head one dead straight one hole and violently left the next hole, like waaaaaaay left a total goner not even going looking for it
  14. comes off the club majorly left and then goes straight Ultimately goes major left obviously
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