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  1. Academy Sports usually has a clearance section. You can get great balls often at 20-40% off. As an example, I picked up Wilson 50's for 10 a piece. Also, wait for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, great time to stock up. Often there is bogo at Dicks.
  2. Many seem to believe Adam's position at the top as a model backswing. So, I thought why not copy him. Is it as simple as a wide one piece turn? Also, he stresses a good set up. I haven't heard of a hip tilt (towards the ball before). http://www.golf.com/instruction/adam-scotts-tips-better-setup-and-big-power-boost
  3. Sandhills Golfe

    Flying Right Elbow

    Thanks, Bill. With this thought, it creates a nice triangle. When I get into this position. It's hard getting the up in the backswing.
  4. Sandhills Golfe

    Help with ball selection

    Larry, What ball did you go with?
  5. Sandhills Golfe

    Flying Right Elbow

    I would love to get rid of my flying right elbow. Yes, I know about Jack and Carl Peterson has one, too. But, If I could learn to tuck my right elbow it would flatten the shaft out nicely on the backswing. Any ideas on how to get there?
  6. My son loses many balls and he often uses range balls or old discolored balls. One shouldn't give up performance with range or crappy balls as there's too many cheap options out there if you look for them with decent quality. Most retailers have buckets of balls at low prices. Also, for free - stroll any golf course in the early evening. You're bound to pick up a few balls. Also, know the spots on your favorite course where balls are found. 1st tee, 170 yards out and 40 yards right, there are free balls
  7. Sandhills Golfe

    Hitting on the ground vs tee

    Thx guys
  8. Sandhills Golfe

    Hitting on the ground vs tee

    Thanks, Dennyjones. When I hit the ball well. I don't take much of a divot. But, I either top the ball or take a chunk out of the ground, when hitting behind the ball.
  9. Why is it so much more difficult hitting off the ground vs the tee? If the rules allow one to tee the ball up in the fairway, I could be a low 80's shooter. But, under normal conditions I shoot high 90's. Are there any good thoughts or techniques to strike the ball off of the fairway? I'm wondering if I have an hit impulse and might be scooping the ball in the air.
  10. Sandhills Golfe

    MG Senior Golf Ball

  11. Sandhills Golfe

    D2 Feel

    Agreed! If you will try Srixon, now's the time. They are running a special now (Amazon, google it) at 20 for thr Z star. The benefit is the urethane cover and green side spin. Also, since you have the DSG coupons, if you can get your hands on a gamersoft (mainly online), they are a 3 piece surlyn cover ball. So, better feel than the D2 with some green side spin. But, not like the Z star. D2 is firm for that lower compression,
  12. Sandhills Golfe

    Help with ball selection

    Titleist Velocity has a cool orange with some sparkle in it. It's a firm and straight ball with some decent feel to it. I suspect this is very close to the E6. The E6 soft gets good reviews. But, it only comes in yellow and white. On the lower end of cost, Wilson Duo Optix, Maxfli Softfli and Wilson 50 elite come in orange. The Optix and Softfli have some very cool colors, like green, blue, yellow, matte white and orange as I mentioned.
  13. Sandhills Golfe

    Completely lost my game

    It looks pretty good until you get to impact where it appears you are trying to help lift the ball in the air. Not terrible on the driver. I imagine it gets worse when the ball is on the ground.
  14. Sandhills Golfe

    MG Senior Golf Ball

    Agreed! They are no better than any other distance ball. Fraud advertising. I think the guys claiming extra distance are having a placebo effect or they've never played balls like a Velocity of any Top Flight distance ball.
  15. Sandhills Golfe

    Amelia Island, FL trip

    Thx TheFlyerLie. Yours and everyones tips were helpful. We played Amelia River GC and it was the highlight of our trip. Also, Fernandina Beach GC was horrible. Typical muni with lots of rough spots off the fairway, tees boxes without grass on them. I suppose if your a local beginner or a sr on a budget, it would serve it's purpose. For the food and killing some time, you're right Fenandina downtown was great. We ate at Espania and my wife enjoyed the shopping. My wife was eyeing down the spanish waiters. I guess we're even, I never saw so many young ladies in thongs in my life, at the Omni. We even took advantage of the computer at the library. Nice place. The beach diner was average at best, Moon River Pizza was good. Breakfast at the Omni Marsh View restaurant was great, The pancakes were super. On the way back we played Lake Marion GC in Santee, SC. Now there's a lower cost bargain and good value. Really enjoyed it there. Overall a great trip. But, I think there are places closer to NC that are just as good.

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