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  1. Sandhills Golfe

    Cheap, 3 Piece, Yellow Golf Balls

    That's a good price, let me know how they play. I personally don't like the matte balls. They feel different and attract a lot of dirt.
  2. Sandhills Golfe

    Is a Lower Body Swing Key Essential

    Agreed, we've all made that effortless swing and the ball is flushed. But, when we intend to make an effortless swing, it's usually a weak shot. Why is the game so puzzling? I believe there should be an intended lower body move. But, it is still hard to execute.
  3. Sandhills Golfe

    Changed My Golf Ball

    The Velocity is a nice ball and it comes in yellow and orange. You do have to consider that it will roll out on the greens compared to a urethane premium ball. Comparing them to supersoft is fair as far as they are both distance and straight balls. However, the Velocity is much firmer. So, it comes down to what feels best. Both balls run like rats on the green in the summer time.
  4. Sandhills Golfe

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    Agreed, it's hard to justify 40-50 for a dozen balls. You've got to try Srixon's at Dick's. They have Q Star Tours 6 packs for 10 bucks, if you buy today or tomorrow they are 25% off of that. If you get hooked, they normally go for 30. Srixon Soft Feel is a nice ball and softer at 20. Besides Black Friday, last year Srixon offered discounts around the Masters. Also, I find the Duo's, Supersoft, Softfli to be too soft.
  5. Sandhills Golfe

    Cheap, 3 Piece, Yellow Golf Balls

    Q star tour in yellow, next month Duo Professional, comes in matte green, yellow. Not cheap, but not too expensive,
  6. Sandhills Golfe

    My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    Thanks, guys!
  7. Sandhills Golfe

    My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    Updated swings:
  8. Sandhills Golfe

    Trail knee friendly backswing

    Thanks, iacas. I will update my swing.
  9. Sandhills Golfe

    Trail knee friendly backswing

    My trail knee got better. Now, it hurts again. Just reaching out in case there's any new sandtrap members who have a suggestion on any tips for a backswing that won't stress my trail knee. Thanks, SG
  10. Sandhills Golfe

    Srixon Golf Balls

    I'd recommend the QST. For 8-10 bucks more, you get to watch them spin on the green.
  11. Sandhills Golfe

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    Those are great balls for the price. I was too attracted by the soft ball craze. After a few more years of sampling different balls, I have found I prefer golf balls in the mid compression range. Yet still soft. Those are Bridgestone extra soft, TM Project S and slightly firmer, Q Star tour.
  12. Sandhills Golfe

    Looking for a New Golf Ball

    +1 on the QST 2018. They come in yellow. Nice feel, decent price and if you watch for a sale, it's even lower. It took some time getting use to the greenside spin. But, now I love it. Us hacks can spin it like a pro. I think I finally found a replacement and upgrade to the Gamersoft. The Z stars are on sale now. So, it's kind of weird to stay with the QST at the same price. But, I find the z star a bit too firm.
  13. Sandhills Golfe

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Q Star or QST? You've got to try the QST for the green side spin.
  14. Sandhills Golfe

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Played the QST again in 60 degree temps. It felt great and there was plenty of green side spin. At DSG, they have 6 ball trial packs at 10 dollars, which can't be beat. In the very cold weather, I will be going with the soft feel.
  15. Sandhills Golfe

    Best ball for swing speed under 90 mph

    +1 on the NEW Srixon Soft Feel, feels good at a good price. Runs out a bit on the greens. On some of my shots, that's a good thing. Looking forward to getting these in yellow.

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