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  1. Saw a doc and he said, I do not have classic carpal tunnel. We're trying a nerve test to see where the problem might be and a possible steroid injection. It's quite depressing putting the sticks down for a while.
  2. Due to a storm, the hotel we were supposed to stay at was closed. We re-schedule for this summer. Good to know about River Oaks!
  3. I've had wrist pain on and off for 15 years. It started by overuse of the mouse on a computer. I tend to practice a lot too. Picking it is a good idea. I was thinking of hitting more shallow punch shots. Just answered some of your questions. Cocking the wrists hurt the most. I've taken advil and use ice. I was wondering if KT would help?
  4. What are good swing strategies to deal with wrist pain, specifically right wrist for a rightie golfer. What are good swing thoughts while having a limited range of motion in the right wrist?
  5. The TA's look nice. I'd suggest the new Launcher HB turbos hybrid irons. I actually have the HB3's. But, the Turbos feel great. I have demod them a few times on the range. I am sure in 2 years the price will come down or in one year, you'll see them discounted online. These clubs saved me and my interest to play the game. They are very forgiving. Also, I love their new 3 wood too. Easy to elevate!
  6. I would try a sleeve of the Magna's at a local golf shop first. They are different. Sometimes, it feels like you hit a knuckle ball and other times you can pure it. It does help with the slice. I found them very easy to chip too. It is not magic. So, I prefer the Srixon Soft Feel. One of the better 20 dollar a dozen balls. If price is an issue, as said, before D2 Feel at Dicks is a great ball and value. They are firmer than the soft feels. But, still feel great. Stock up on Black Friday deals.
  7. Check this out for hitting positions. Start it at 12:20 to get to the dead drill.
  8. Played Beau Rivage. It was not that impressive. But, the only game in town, south of town. Anyone play the par 3 course Inland Greens?
  9. I could never get the timing of the left foot down. But, always wanted to as it is an easy way to start from the ground up.
  10. Sounds, good. What do greens fees run at the Big Cats? Do they have a 9 hole rate? Love the Caddyshack reference :-)
  11. Do you allow the club to fall (using the heavy weight) or in an effort not to decelerate, intentionally move the club through the shot?
  12. Cool, DrvFr, As I said, playing a different club for firm sand is new to me. I used to just close down the S wedge and pray. Do set up or play the 58 c-grind any differently?
  13. Thx, for sharing. Yes, it is awesome for a short high shot from the rough too, when trying to go over the bunker.
  14. I will answer my own question, lol. I played the Muni a few weeks back and it was a good value. Will try Magnolia Greens next.
  15. Try standing further from the ball. I had a flying elbow and it has helped.
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