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  1. MG Senior Golf Ball

    Good points, NJpatbee. As it turned out, MG sent me a ball to try. It was a hot and firm ball. But, no different than a super hot by Callaway. It does have a nice yellow color.
  2. massage envy streto stretching

    Anyone try massage envy streto stretching for low back pain? PGA endorsed. Results? SG
  3. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    Will do. Getting the hips turning has always been a challenge.
  4. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    I tried this today with no success. I realize these things can take months and I would do better with a lesson. But, my biggest issue is the centered swing is a killer on my bad lower back.
  5. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

  6. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    Thanks, iacas. I am using a light weight practice ball. Either way, the swing would look the same. I am trying to turn, using my chest on the way back. Do you have any drills or suggestions to make a full turn? I noticed the flipping too. Thanks, for adding the lines. Hopefully, that gets cleared up with a better turn. Thanks, again SG
  7. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

  8. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    iacas, Thanks for taking a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgcAmwpYM4Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2PFa2APX0M
  9. My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    I'm playing pretty well. But, feel I can still improve on my ball striking consistency. Can anyone make any suggestions to keep the right elbow from flying. My bad back has been acting up. I don't think that is helping me, Cheers SG
  10. Issues with getting the hips moving in the backswing

    Sorry, guys. I should have said, "I have been starting the swing with the lead shouder/side in combination of turning the right hip". It feels completely different since there's no resistence in the backswing. But, the hips are moving. Do I have to get used to this and just synch up the timing of the backswing better? Thanks, SG.
  11. I've been told to get the hips moving in the backswing. I have been starting the swing with the lead shouder/side in combination of dropping the right hip (rightie). It does get the hips moving. After years of holding my hips, thinking I was coiling, this freeing up the hips feels really weird. So, far with no good results. Should I stick with it? Cheers SG
  12. Chip Swing

    Patch, Pretty much you are right. I started to use it for short shots and those pesty 50-60 yard shots and it's been great. Now, I am trying this swing up to a 6 iron. So, if a shot requires a 7 iron. I use a 6 iron chip swing. It's not magic. But, it certainly stops the chunks and tops which ruin ones day. Also, it is a straight shot, too. The great thing, it doesn't require a lot of thought. I think this is probably best for a high capper or senior. Thx for the reply, SG
  13. DSG/GG ads

    Every day, I get a new sales ad in my in box for DSG and Golf Galaxy. Desparation or trying to increase on line sales?
  14. Chip Swing

    Inspired by a recent thread here, it made me think I use a chip swing on shots 80 yards and in. I set up like I would for a normal chip (weight slightly forward) and go (mainly thinking about a half back swing). I started practicing with longer clubs and have gone up to a 6 iron with decent results. It eliminates fat shots completely. It produces a low shot and one club less. I suspect a higher handicapper slicer would benefit by this. Has anyone tried this approach? I do great when the ball is teed up. But, have always struggled on the ground. Cheers, SG
  15. Bump and run for par 3s?

    Matthew, High capper here. Ironically, I have had recent success with this approach. I mainly use this swing between 60 and up to 100 yards.Basically, I think of it as a long chip. Weight a bit forward and I take the club back 1/4 to half way with no wrist hinge (I don't think no wrist hinge, it just happens when I think, long chip). When I take a good swing at it, the distance is about one club less. So, if I am going for a 100 shot, I normally hit a 9, I will take an 8 with this chip swing. It produces a low and straight shot. It's been especially helpful around 80-100 yards. Previously, these situations would be very inconsistent with a traditional approach. Cheers, SG