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  1. As a Sr Golfer with a bad back and bad trail knee, I am always seeking for some tip to get me in a proper backswing position. The following video is very long. But, if you care to skim through it (start at 45.12), you will see an important drill. Take your trail trail hand off the club, turn with the target side arm. Then slip back the trail arm and you have the perfect backswing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oqGxklUmsA
  2. That's like being too rich. Never enough shaft lean.
  3. It won't be that high. Buy a sleeve at your local golf shop. Personally, the balls are disappointing. The feel is just odd compared to a regular ball. The slice is reduced. But, if you are a slicer (rightie) the ball will still get into trouble on the right.
  4. You're not the intended audience for the ball which are high cappers, woman, slow swingers, sr's.
  5. Agreed. What I remember is the Top Flight Magna ball would slice and hook despite their bold claims. It appears with this new ball, it is very straight but short on distance. Straight is good Also, in my opinion, they should have went with a new name.
  6. lol and I noticed when opening up the box in the store, they were hard to get out of the box. I guess a standard golf ball box is used.
  7. The few reviews out there seem very positive. Some say, it's like the ball is teed up in the fairway. Once, they come out in yellow and retail, I will post a review. SG
  8. They are 35 compression and out today. Disappointed they are only available in white for retail. They are supposed to roll out the yellow after the initial launch. Yellow is available on the Callaway site,
  9. Balls like Q Star tour and TM Project A are nice middle of the road options. Let's face it, even if you don't need it, it's fun to see the ball check up on the green. If money is an issue, try Cut, Snell, MG, Vice etc for online direct to consumer options.
  10. I think it is ok to switch balls and experiment. If you are losing 4 balls a round, I would consider price and feel. There are so many decent choices in this category. Such as Wilson 50 elite, TopFlight D2 Feel, Bridgestone Extra Soft. If you prefer even softer balls and can go a little higher in price. Supersoft or coming soon (10-8) Supersoft magna. This is a slightly bigger ball recommended for beginners.
  11. I consider myself a slow swing and really enjoy the Q Star. The Z star is firmer and a quicker swing speed would good.
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