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  1. Short cut tips

    I've had a problem trying to turn and lifting to the top of the backswing. By rotating my left forearm (rightie), I do get some turn and tuck in my right elbow. Do you guys have any other short cut tips you've stumbled across? Anything to automate the downswing? Thanks, SG
  2. TM will be coming out with a Project S in matte yellow and orange. If anyone gets their hands on one, please, post your thoughts. Also, Callaway has the Superhot bold in multiple matte colors out already, anyone play them? They are 30 for 15 balls.
  3. Golf balls for my dad!

    As I understand it, Canadian prices can be a lot more expensive that US prices. You may just want o go on line to a Canadian web site and see what the best deal is. As suggested, for a Senior, generally a soft ball is a good choice. A 2 piece is cheaper and a 3 piece is more expensive and premium balls with urethane are even more expensive. In my opinion, Gamersoft, Wilson Spin, are good 3 piece choices at a fair price. Top Flight D2 feel might be a nice two piece choice,
  4. Add MG C4 and Cut Golf balls to the discussion. Urethane tour balls at 20 bucks on line
  5. Best ball for swing speed under 90 mph

    A lower cost and similar option to the e6 soft is the Top Flight Gamer Soft. It's usually available 2 for 30 at Dick's SG and in some cases like a flash sales or Black Friday, they're even cheaper. It is a 3 piece ball. The Chrome Soft is nice. But, not work the money in my opinion. If you really want to experiment with higher end balls, buy a sleeve at a local golf course pro shop.
  6. Golf and Cruise recommendations

    Good info. What was the cost to golf at Mahogany Run?
  7. I bought a single ball, green Matte original volvik vivid from Golf Galaxy and used it last Saturday. It looks great, good distance - but, it has zero feel to it. Wouldn't pay 30-32 a dozen. There are new Viviks (light and soft) coming out soon but, they are too pricey.
  8. Anyone have any suggestions for Golf and Cruise recommendations? Bahamas, Bermuda, Any others?
  9. For 20 bucks and under, Bridgestone Extra Soft, Gamersoft or MG C4 ball.
  10. Forward Press to Prevent Casting?

    Do to my lift and flying elbow, the club gets stuck behind me. Today, I tried the suggestion of getting the arms to go faster on the down swing and I had great results on the range. Hopefully, this lasts more than one day Thx.
  11. Punch shot as their regular swing

    That's a dated video.
  12. I've got a problem with lifting my club at the start of the backswing. I prefer to fix it. In the meantime, I've come to realize this works well with a punch shot type of swing - started by a forward press. My best shots have always been punching out of trouble (from the trees) or the low lay up shot on a par 5. Anyone else have success with this shot?
  13. Anyone familiar with golf courses in and outside of the Jacksonville, NC area?
  14. Anyone still like Matte colored balls? Seems like red and green are the preferred colors?
  15. Wrist Hinge and Flying Elbow - Backswing

    Agreed. What do you guys think of the second point. The elbow chases the belly button the downswing. Can this thought replace a lower body key, like a hip bump?

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