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  1. Good points, Knott. I am in the middle of this battle now, as I work on using my chipper. I've been practicing at night at a par 3 golf course, which is packed. I was fine, when there was no people around. Then some folks came up on my right. I said, to myself, oh no, don't shank it to the right, you will hurt these people (luckily I didn't hurt them, lol) and that's what I did-sending the ball to the right. I guess the remedy (hopefully) should be to focus on what I am trying to do. Say things like stick it close or play a low runner.
  2. I would have thought it would have improve mechanics by tightening the stroke? Either way, I have been practicing nicely with the chipper. However, I was practicing it at a course and it was really crowded on the green. I was afraid to hit people on the green. Then came the massive decel and chunks, even a slice. I need to work on the mental aspect of chipping too.
  3. Anyone game the new Lamkin ST +2s hybrid model?
  4. I prefer a yellow Srixon Soft Feel. NIce distance, soft feel.
  5. QST is a nice choice. The will go on sale 2-3 times a year. Also, prior gens are dirt cheap on line.
  6. Anyone play a chipper wedge like a Cleveland C club?
  7. I don't think he needs to be fitted. I'd recommend the HB or HB Turbos. I have one of the originals HB3 and still love them. They are easy to hit. If there's any fault, they are a bit hook biased. You can't really screw up any shots. But, it doesn't feel like cheating either. I've demo'd the Turbos and they are longer than the HB3. Demo days are a lot of fun and a great way to check out these clubs. https://www.clevelandgolf.com/en/event-days.html
  8. Having trouble getting to parallel in my backswing. I do have a bad back & right knee and a desk job. But, I believe it is my tight hips causing the problem. Anyone have any Hip Stretches to recommend?
  9. Beermati, It looks like you are on a Callaway track, which is good. Check out callaway pre-owned on line. You might round out your set with other Callaway used clubs. The clubs come in really good condition as you would expect from Callaway as opposed to some random dude on ebay.
  10. Warm your grips before install - best tip I ever had. Easy install!
  11. Welcome Beermati. I highly recommend the HB Turbos. I've demo'd them and they feel great. I bought the HB3's, 10 years ago and still game them. Overall, hybrid irons are much easier to hit and with less slicing. I never worried about any stigma attached to them. Also, since Cobra, Wilson and Tour Edge have their own hybrid iron sets, it's pretty much main stream these days. If you are still concerned, maybe create your own hybrid set. 3, 4 and 5 on the HB3 hybrid irons and 6-W on something else or use your Big-Bertha's for a while along with the HB turbos. Also, a 12 degree driver will help you stay straighter off the tee.
  12. Saw a doc and he said, I do not have classic carpal tunnel. We're trying a nerve test to see where the problem might be and a possible steroid injection. It's quite depressing putting the sticks down for a while.
  13. Due to a storm, the hotel we were supposed to stay at was closed. We re-schedule for this summer. Good to know about River Oaks!
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