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  1. Anyone still like Matte colored balls? Seems like red and green are the preferred colors?
  2. Wrist Hinge and Flying Elbow - Backswing

    Agreed. What do you guys think of the second point. The elbow chases the belly button the downswing. Can this thought replace a lower body key, like a hip bump?
  3. Yellow MG C4 ball

  4. Wrist Hinge and Flying Elbow - Backswing

    It's not course tested yet. But, by rotating the trail forearm and allowing the elbow to fold, it seems to get me in the right position in the backswing. Often forum members/teachers, will say the fix to a collapsed backswing is something like you have to keep your arm straighter longer, when it could be another fix, like this. SG
  5. This video has helped me set the wrists and tame a flying elbow.
  6. Has anyone played the new Yellow MG C4 ball? https://www.mggolf.com/golf-balls/
  7. How do you implement the attached wrist hinge drill on the backswing? Normally, I get stuck and lift the club. I have even blamed this lifting due to a lack of flexibility. Today, I realized, with this drill, once the wrists are cocked, I can turn easily with little effort. How do we duplicate this from a normal address position? Tanner
  8. Flying Elbow video

    Agreed, that it is a band aid fix. But, as someone who has battled this for years, it is nice to see the elbow get tucked.
  9. Flying Elbow video

    I have been trying to solve my flying elbow for years. I suspect this video might really help.
  10. The Superstroke S Tech runs small. How many extra wraps do you use? It's funny how you can used to anything and I am starting to like a smaller grip. But, I was thinking one extra wrap to feel a little bit more normal.
  11. Is there a Trail knee friendly backswing, something I can change at address and or backswing? I have been to an ortho and he doesn't see any problems. I do have exercises which help. But, this problem comes and goes, I assume it is something I am doing while playing or practicing. Any recommendations or video would be appreciated. Cheers, SG
  12. Mvmac, This sums up my swing. Quick question. In your opinion, If you get the back swing right, can you just unwind or is a hip bump or swing from the ground up essential to a solid strike. Thx, SG
  13. This is getting very frustrating. I've had lessons in the past and I recently took an on line lesson. The feedback always make sense, I just can't execute the instructions. I normally shoot around 95 and have been playing for 10+ years. In this last review, the pro suggested that I am overswing and the club can never catch up to a proper impact. He said, to keep the club head pointed to the target line on the backswing, then cock it at 45 degrees and then at the top, point the butt end of the club at the target line. It does put you in a decent position. It is just not easy to think of three things in a back swing. I would agree on the overswinging part. So, if anyone had any tips/drill to shorten the swing, it would be appreciated. Thx, SG
  14. exercises for the knee and back

    I've had a bad back for many years. When I try to stay in posture with a chest turn, I always tweak my knee. I am not sure if I should rehab by knee or work on the lack of flexibility/bad back.Either way, would love suggestions on exercises. Cheers, SG
  15. Does anyone pull the left hand to start the downswing (rightie)? I know this is not a text book way of playing golf. But, for now, I have a really tight back and sore right knee. If I try to get into an Adam Scott type of backswing position I will either sway or if I stay in posture, I will tweak my knee. With this method, using the left hand atleast gives me some power. If you do this, what type of backswing do you use? For now, I have a chest turn and pull the left hand to start the downswing. It's working with some success. It's great for the long chip as well. Cheers, SG

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