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  1. Lefty76, Lots of good choices at Palmetto Dunes condos. We were happy at Turnberry Villas. They overlooked the fairway and the pool was in walking distance. The Fazio course was nearby and the Fazio Villas looked nice. They also have a shuttle that can take you to the beach. Surprisingly, there is very limited beach parking. So, you have to take the shuttle or get there early. The golf course condo was a much lower price compared to their beach front condos. One other point that I have to share. We went with my 21 one year old and he said, PD and the area, had a bunch of old people. We spent some time at Coligny Beach and it appeared to have a younger crowd. My son had a great time. That was the only negative for him. Have fun. SG.
  2. Palmetto Dunes is a good choice. If you need to go cheap, Island West look out for a coupon for Brown Golf in the local/small magazine found in most super markets and in the PD welcome center
  3. We stayed at the PD resort and had a 20% discount. They did have 1pm and 3pm rates. You could get a lower rate by playing later in the day. I have a 21 year old, too. I understand.
  4. You won't be disappointed with Palmetto Dunes. The Fazio course was aerated in Mid may. We didn't have any issues last week. People rave about the Jones course. But, it is expensive and more recently aerated. We had no memorable food there. I've played Shipyard in the past. It is just ok.But, it has a convenient location. Not familar with Eagle Point. The trip to Bluffton is not bad.
  5. Back from my trip. Played Palmetto Dunes Fazio course and it was great. Although, many holes do look similar, the course is in great shape and it made up for it. For those who slice the ball, you can do that and play from the parallel fairway. We only played 9 and the guest rate was 35 each plus tax. We stayed at Turnberry Village and the condo overlooking the course was perfect. Our second round was at Island West in Bluffton. It is a course that is rough around the edges. But, worth the $25 morning rate with a $10 coupon found in one of the Hilton Head small magazines. The trip to Bluffton was not a long drive and we also went to the Tanger outlets. They had great prices at Adidas. Hilton Head National was closed this week as they were aerating their greens. I thought I was in Wally World, as I told my family, I drove 6 hours and I want to play this course, lol! The food was disappointing. Despite some of the rave reviews for Skull Creek Boathouse, I would disagree. The food was cold and over priced. The area outside of the two restaurants (the other is Hudson's) is not the best and a bit of a drive from most placed on the Island. The same is true for Nick's Steak and Seafood; average at best. These places get away with it since they have so much traffic. The food was average at Hilton Head Diner and we had a very long wait for food. NYC Pizza in Shelter Cove was ok. The service was very good. But, they are far from NY Pizza. Legendary mini golf was way overpriced and too crowded. Don't do it! The only meals we liked were Java Burrito, Stacks for pancakes and grilling hot dogs on the condo's deck! Hope this helps anyone planning a trip to HHI!
  6. I played them a few times now and didn't see much of a difference. They are a decent ball. If you like a yellow and firm ball, it could be a good choice at 20 a dozen.
  7. Have you played any other courses? Will be going to HHI in a week. Golf course and restaurant recommendations are welcome!
  8. Thanks, @RandallT.
  9. My trip to HHI is coming up in three weeks. Do you guys have any course and restaurant recommendations? I am looking for green fees in the area of $40-$60 and high handicap friendly. What's the current course conditions? I have previously played Shipyard and Port Royal Barony. They were ok. A former NY'er here in the south, so we are looking forward to trying Grubey's. Thanks, SG
  10. Thanks, man. Any others you recommend that are scorable?
  11. Any other mid or high cappers play Dolphin Head GC and Bear Creek GC, lately? I am going there in June. I am going to stay at Palmetto Dunes. I will pay the higher green fees there one time. But, I am looking for a lower cost and family friendly option for my second round. Thx.
  12. Did anyone see Martin's school of golf show tonight? I was trying to pay attention to the swing sequence he was describing. But, I was distracted by Blair, lol. He said, the swing sequence is, swing, turn and shift. Then clearly he said, the downswing started with a shift - then it is turn and swing on the follow through, correct. Thanks, SG
  13. Agreed, in the end it comes down to the ball strike and playing from the right tees, the same is true about clubs. I had my short love affair with urethane balls as I never spun the ball before. The first time that happened, man was that fun,. But, after a while as a high capper, the ball would check up too soon and I couldn't see the benefit. So, on occasion - there will be a fun factor. Not everything we do in golf is about lowering the score. So, the MG ball sounds appealing to have a little bit of fun. SG