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  1. Sandhills Golfe

    Cheap, 3 Piece, Yellow Golf Balls

    Q star tour in yellow, next month Duo Professional, comes in matte green, yellow. Not cheap, but not too expensive,
  2. Sandhills Golfe

    My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 25 yrs My current handicap index or average score is: 97 My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat shot, slice, ball landing short of target
  3. Sandhills Golfe

    My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    Thanks, guys!
  4. Sandhills Golfe

    My Swing (Sandhills Golfe)

    Updated swings:
  5. Is there a Trail knee friendly backswing, something I can change at address and or backswing? I have been to an ortho and he doesn't see any problems. I do have exercises which help. But, this problem comes and goes, I assume it is something I am doing while playing or practicing. Any recommendations or video would be appreciated. Cheers, SG
  6. Sandhills Golfe

    Trail knee friendly backswing

    Thanks, iacas. I will update my swing.
  7. Sandhills Golfe

    Trail knee friendly backswing

    My trail knee got better. Now, it hurts again. Just reaching out in case there's any new sandtrap members who have a suggestion on any tips for a backswing that won't stress my trail knee. Thanks, SG
  8. Starting to really like the Srixon ball product line - like the Z star, QST and Soft Feel. Anyone else game the Srixon's?
  9. Sandhills Golfe

    Srixon Golf Balls

    I'd recommend the QST. For 8-10 bucks more, you get to watch them spin on the green.
  10. Sandhills Golfe

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    Those are great balls for the price. I was too attracted by the soft ball craze. After a few more years of sampling different balls, I have found I prefer golf balls in the mid compression range. Yet still soft. Those are Bridgestone extra soft, TM Project S and slightly firmer, Q Star tour.
  11. Sandhills Golfe

    Looking for a New Golf Ball

    +1 on the QST 2018. They come in yellow. Nice feel, decent price and if you watch for a sale, it's even lower. It took some time getting use to the greenside spin. But, now I love it. Us hacks can spin it like a pro. I think I finally found a replacement and upgrade to the Gamersoft. The Z stars are on sale now. So, it's kind of weird to stay with the QST at the same price. But, I find the z star a bit too firm.
  12. Sandhills Golfe

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Q Star or QST? You've got to try the QST for the green side spin.
  13. Sandhills Golfe

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Played the QST again in 60 degree temps. It felt great and there was plenty of green side spin. At DSG, they have 6 ball trial packs at 10 dollars, which can't be beat. In the very cold weather, I will be going with the soft feel.
  14. Sandhills Golfe

    Best ball for swing speed under 90 mph

    +1 on the NEW Srixon Soft Feel, feels good at a good price. Runs out a bit on the greens. On some of my shots, that's a good thing. Looking forward to getting these in yellow.
  15. After a lot of reading and research, it seems that starting the downswing is a swing key essential. However, when you see videos from teaching pros on tv and on line , in my opinion, you rarely hear it mentioned. On tonights Skill Code, Cameron just talks about curving the ball. Which is a topic for another time, lol. The question is, is a lower body swing key essential. Such as a hip bump or swing from the ground up? Cheers, SG
  16. Anyone just accept their swing? As I approach age 60, I was thinking of just giving in and accepting my flawed swing - especially while I am working. Perhaps, in retirement, I might feel differently. I have made some improvements over the years, changed equipment and have taken lessons. In the end, my score isn't too much different than 20 years ago. Perhaps, it's time to stop wondering if I will magically find something that really works in the next round and just start enjoying the company, beautiful surroundings, do some traveling and play new courses etc.
  17. Sandhills Golfe

    Anyone Just Accept Their Swing?

    There's almost a relief in acceptance of your swing. I am a higher capper and sr golfer, but, this can apply to anyone's swing. I'm looking forward to the next round of golf. Also, great replies, guys. It's nice to have the support without getting flamed as you will find in other forums. For once, no one suggested lessons and just debated the topic with their personal in-put.
  18. Sandhills Golfe

    Cheap, 3 Piece, Yellow Golf Balls

    I'm in the same boat. With the gamersoft gone - not sure why? I've been on a search for a similar 3 piece and yellow ball. There's a few similar choices if you can deal with white. Such as the Cut golf white or Wilson Duo Soft Spin. I've tried the E6 soft. They are ok. But, they are not cheap. In my opinion, you might like the two piece Top Flight D2 Feel in yellow. If you can get over the amount of pieces, they have the same look at the Gamers, have a decent yellow color, feel and are always 2 for 25. On Black Friday, they will be buy one get one free. I tried the Taylor Made Project S and they were ok. I am not a fan of the matte color and feel of it. Also, I highly recommend you buy sleeves, whenever possible. Go to your local golf shops and I know Edwin Watts sell by the sleeve. You can buy trial packs on Cut Golf. Why get stuck, if you don't like them?
  19. Sandhills Golfe

    Mixing swing methods

    I realize this is not the norm. But, does anyone use different swing methods depending on the type of club you are using? I was thinking of trying a best of, of swing methods. For instance, I swing from the ground up with driver on the through swing and short irons and chips, I pull it through with my left hand. The opposite doesn't work. I can't pull the hand through with the driver nor can I swing from the ground up with a 9 iron. Don't flame, me. Just thinking out loud, lol!
  20. Sandhills Golfe

    Golf Ball ...Help

    There are many options. As said, before certainly as a new golfer, you will lose balls. So, something cost effective is a good idea. Wilson 50 Elites at Walmart are cheap yet have a nice feel to them. Academy Sports usually have balls on clearance. They also have used recycled balls. Keep Dick's sporting good balls in mind for Black Friday 2 fer sales. As an example, you can get Top Flight D2 Feels 2 for 1. So, 2 dozen at 17.99. You can also get good deals on "consumer direct balls" sold on line. Cut Golf's White (3 piece) and Red (2 piece) are 15 and 10 bucks per dozen. and MG (Master Grip) C4 balls are premium urethane balls at 20 bucks a dozen.
  21. Academy Sports usually has a clearance section. You can get great balls often at 20-40% off. As an example, I picked up Wilson 50's for 10 a piece. Also, wait for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, great time to stock up. Often there is bogo at Dicks.
  22. Many seem to believe Adam's position at the top as a model backswing. So, I thought why not copy him. Is it as simple as a wide one piece turn? Also, he stresses a good set up. I haven't heard of a hip tilt (towards the ball before). http://www.golf.com/instruction/adam-scotts-tips-better-setup-and-big-power-boost
  23. Sandhills Golfe

    Flying Right Elbow

    I would love to get rid of my flying right elbow. Yes, I know about Jack and Carl Peterson has one, too. But, If I could learn to tuck my right elbow it would flatten the shaft out nicely on the backswing. Any ideas on how to get there?
  24. Sandhills Golfe

    Flying Right Elbow

    Thanks, Bill. With this thought, it creates a nice triangle. When I get into this position. It's hard getting the up in the backswing.
  25. Sandhills Golfe

    Help with ball selection

    Larry, What ball did you go with?

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