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  1. Question about my driver

    Why would a 5900 be a bad choice? The square head or because its a newer driver? Im thinking either 10.5 or 11.5 for sure because i know the 9* loft angle is not right. But i still dont know to get reg or stiff flex
  2. Question about my driver

    Well it varies..... Usually between 215-260 but mostly in the 230 range... I know that is what bothers me is something is not right in my drive. Probly my swing lol.
  3. Question about my driver

    Thank you i appreciate the advice. Im sure there is something wrong in my driver swing that is causing my slice but it just boggles me how i can hit all my other clubs perfect lol. I guess ill look around before i do a shaft change.
  4. I started golf about 2 years ago but i only get to play about 2-3 times a month. When i first started my dad gave me his driver. I know now in retrospect it was a bad thing to start off with. But its a original Nike SUMO 2 (460 or w/e its called) Stiff shaft with a 9* loft angle. I would say about 75% of the time i slice the ball about 30-40 yards either in the rough or way off the fairway. About 5-6 holes in a 18 round ill hit it dead straight about 215 yards or so. I shot a 93 this weekend on a par 72 with only a few fairway drives. Ive gone to the range and practiced many times but still the same outcome when i play. I can hit my 3 hybrid (20* regular shaft) about 190 yards perfectly straight about 90-95% of the time. I hit everything in my bag irons, hybrids etc. deadly straight with no slice. I was talking with a friend and he said i should get the new nike 5900 SUMO 2 with a regular shaft and either a 10.5* loft or a 12*. He said he thinks my swing is great but that my shaft is to stiff for me and my loft angle is too low. He is a golf instructor at a course and has about a 5 handicap so i think he is a pretty reputable source. What do you guys think? My swing speed is always around 90-100.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Im still rather new to the game..... but shot a 93 this weekend. I cant wait to get better and get into the 80's
  6. Hello from Miami Fl

    Im from MIami too! Welcome as i just joined the forum too. Started the game about 2-3 years ago and im only 22 so hopefully ill be able to progress quickly.
  7. New Drivers cause hearing loss?

    LOL i have the original Sumo 2 and everyone always snaps their heads and looks at me when im teeing up or at the range.